Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rumor: More of "Britney's suitors" will be subpoenaed

9th September 2007
By Mike Parker in L.A.

BRITNEY Spears’ lovers face a court grilling about her steamy sex life.

The singer’s ex-husband Kevin Federline wants the “Dirty Dozen” – including one woman – to give evidence in their child custody battle.

At least two of the people Britney has shared her private life with since she filed for divorce last year have already had witness summonses.

Yesterday a source close to Federline confirmed: “Expect a lot more of Britney’s suitors to find themselves getting hit with legal papers.

“Kevin intends to prove that Britney devotes more energy to partying and pursuing a wild social life than she does being a mom to their two sons.”

In the ten months since Britney, 25, and Federline, 29, broke up last November – they were officially divorced on July 30 – the Toxic singer has been photographed with 12 ‘dates’, including music mogul Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem and American Football quarterback Matt Leinart.

Steamy photos even emerged of Britney and her former personal assistant Shannon Funk topless and apparently tipsy in a hotel pool.

Yesterday a source close to Britney’s mum Lynne said: “Britney’s an adult and she’s an international sex symbol. She’s free to date whoever she likes.

“But racing around town with so many men on the eve of her child custody fight with Kevin is playing right into his hands.

“Any jury is going to study all the photos of her with so many people and wonder just what sort of time she can spare to being a mom.”

Funk and Brit’s close pal Daimon Shippen have already been subpoenaed by private detectives for Federline’s attorney Mark Kaplan.

A spokesman said: “I believe there are a number of other people whose testimony we will be actively seeking.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner has set a court date of September 17.

The full hearing will now go ahead in November.

Lawyers for both sides are expected in court on Friday when Commissioner Gordon will rule on an application by America’s giant NBC television network and People magazine that sealed legal papers in the case be made public.

The hearing is on the same day Britney’s older son Sean Preston turns two. Jayden James is one on Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

If this will help Britney to realize how dangerous she is doing to her life and children, I believe this is a good action to make.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Star is such a great source :rolls eyes:

Since when is there a jury in a custody case?

Anonymous said...

the girl dating does not mean that she is an unfit parent please kevin...remember shar and how you left her u were partying with brit all the time then ...please kevin get a job u know this is all about money. u had the taste of the good life and u want it to a man and live with the custody u have now and get a job to keep your big house u damn fool

Anonymous said...

I hope Kevin gets his kids, and the money.

Anonymous said...

Two losers think alike.

Anonymous said...

I stop reading after the jury part.

Anonymous said...

I love that Kevin isn't even with his kids right now. The weekend he actually has them be would rather be in Vegas partying the night away. How is he an different than what his people claim Britney to be?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Britney is destroying whatever is left of her "career" at the VMAs.


Anonymous said...

after her performance tonite, i think there is something wrong with her, like really.

maybe kevin went to vegas cuz he heard she was doing something, maybe he thought he could see it first hand or catch or her something, honestly, after seeing her this weekend, and her performance tonite, she is truly a mess.

someone help her, kevin GET YOUR KIDS. !!

Anonymous said...

I blame Kevin. Until now, Britney has been able to perform despite any personal problems. But with the real "Team Kevin" reporting her as an unfit mom, serving subpoenas to her friends, and threatening to take more money and custody, she is breaking down.

Fuck you Kevin.

Anonymous said...

^ Maybe Britney should have thought about that before she filed for divorce. She could have a least been nicer about it.

Anonymous said...

9:31 AM

Britney screwed up this performance... all by her little lonesome self. I'm not really a Kevin fan, but you Britney-followers ridic! Everything that SHE does wrong is his fault? Gimme a break! Maybe if she wasn't so busy partying in the days leading up to the VMAs, she coulda rehearsed and not made an a$$ of herself...