Monday, September 17, 2007

Pic of "secret witness" arriving at court today

TMZ was in court today as the so-called "secret witness" arrived.

The witness, who from the look of him could have worked as a bodyguard, walked into the courtroom, ostensibly to testify in the ongoing Britney Spears/Kevin Federline child custody case. As of now, the court has been closed by the judge, and this "secret witness" is sitting in the hall with his attorney, Gloria Allred.

Who is this mystery man?


The forum has located some pictures of him with Britney:

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I used to work with that guy. His name is Charles Watson... he's a bodyguard.
Posted at 1:18PM on Sep 17th 2007 by John

Incidentally, TMZ is also reporting that "Laura Wasser will submit legal papers formally withdrawing as the singer's attorney. Sources say Spears' new lawyer will be high-profile attorney, Marci Levine."


Anonymous said...

I hope he's got some concrete evidence against her. He should if he was in close proximity of her through all this time

Anonymous said...

His dumb ass should've said something when he saw it.

Anonymous said...

The whole secret witness thing is turning their custody battle into an even bigger fiasco. By orignally saying she had a secret witness it just drew more interest into the bodyguard's life and brought more media attention if he would have just submitted a deposition to Kaplan originally it wouldn't have been such a fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Someone pop the cork out of that fat elephant's ass.

Anonymous said...

he'll never work in hollwood again,

Anonymous said...