Friday, September 14, 2007

Kevin spends a night out, Lynne watches kids

Video: Kevin at Hollywood clubs, Kevin leaving in Lamborghini

According to TMZ, Kevin was spotted at both Vice and Opera last night. He had no comment about Britney, and drove away from Opera as a passenger in a canary yellow Lamborghini.

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In the meantime Lynne spending time with the boys at Kevin's house:

X17 also posted these pictures of Kevin's backyard, one with Kevin and a couple with Lynne and Jayden. They are giving Kevin (and Lynne) a hard time because there is no fence around the pool.



Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly sure of the laws or the exact structure of the house (if they walked out the back door would they be in a fenced in area?), but there's certainly nothing wrong with an extra fence around the pool, I'd be for anything that makes it safer.

I'd guess this is nothing Kevin's and Britney's legal teams haven't thought of, so my guess is that the arrangement of the back yard is already acceptably safe.

Anonymous said...

My mom works at the hospital and I've heard horror stories about little kids drowning because there was no fence around the pool or the fence door was open even when someone is around.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm a little nervous about pools and small children in general, as the previous poster said, it's an extra danger that the adults always have to be aware of (even if they have a fence). I know all these big beautiful houses have one... but I might be tempted to drain it and cover it for a few years until all the kids are big enough and know how to swim.

Kelly said...

I can't say I know anything about a fence around a pool, we didn't have any when I was growing up, then again that's Jamaica, I have no clues how the law is in US.

Anyways, on to something better, I think I spot Kori, and I can't believe they have a bounces about in their back yard, man, that's the best, I like that lynne gets to spend time with her grandkids, I'm proud of Kevin for providing such a family base environment for his kids, Keep it up Kev!!!!!

Kelly said...

Btw, if you watch the video of Lynne and the nanny pushing the kids in the car thingy, you can see Jamie lynn was also there, with a friend it looks like.

Anonymous said...

what a loser,he left the kids to party



Anonymous said...

Sad everybody is commenting on how great he is... If this was her they would ripe her a new one for not having anything around the pool headline would be "Kids in danger no fence around pool" No matter what, in the public's eye she can do no right... Leave her alone...