Tuesday, September 04, 2007

DCFS child abuse claims may be closing soon

From tmz.com:

TMZ is reporting that there were 3 anonymous child abuse claims reported to L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services the week of July 2 against Britney Spears. Two were immediately closed out, one remains open with allegations including problems with dental care, eating habits, and not having the kitchen cabinets babyproofed. According to TMZ Britney's cabinets are babyproofed. DCFS has not gone to dependency court and filed a petition.

Today in court, the judge asked if County Counsel representing the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services would be present. They were not, although according to TMZ Britney's lawyer "pretty much made it clear" that DCFS had closed the investigation, and said they were not coming. Media were cleared out by Kevin's lawyer before further discussion took place.

From usmagazine.com:

Lawyers for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were back in a Los Angeles court Tuesday, where a judge granted Spears’ request for a continuance. Brit’s lawyer Laura Wasser told reporters outside the courtoom that the next hearing would be held in late November.

Despite reports that the city’s Department of Child and Family Services is investigating allegations of child abuse by Spears, no one from the DCFS was in the courtroom today. When Commissioner Scott M. Gordon asked if they should be expected, Wasser said, "I spoke to [DCFS attorneys] Paul Harris and Doug Hunter, who both said they are not going to pursue anything on this." Later, she told Usmagazine.com, “I don't think they [the DCFS] had anything to appear about."

On Wasser’s explanation of today’s DCFS no-show, Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told Us at a post-hearing press conference, “I don't know if that's true and I don't know if that's untrue. I think the best person to talk about that is DCFS.”

Wasser asked the court for a continuance on the case on August 27, citing an insufficient amount of time for discovery. At the time, Kaplan rebutted that it was simply Wasser's vacation schedule that prevented the case from going forward as planned. He also asked that Spears, being the "monied party," pay for Federline's legal costs.

From ok-magazine.com:

OK! has learned that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services will not pursue any possible child-endangerment charges against pop queen Britney Spears.

In open-court discussion with L.A. County Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon, Britney's attorney, Laura Wasser, said, "I spoke several times last week" with the county child-welfare counselor assigned to Britney's case. "It does not appear the county will pursue further action at this time," says Wasser, who appeared with fellow attorney Dennis Wasser, her father.

Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, abruptly cut off Wasser before she could speak another word in open court, asking the commissioner for a closed-court hearing. The commissioner promptly agreed and ordered spectators to leave. The hearing began at 9:02 a.m. and ended at 9:05 a.m.

UPDATE: "It went very well," Britney's attorney, Laura Wasser, told OK! as she left the closed-courtroom hearing later in the day.

Commissioner Gordon set the next "order to show cause" hearing for Sept. 19.

From people.com:

Britney Spears's lawyer said Tuesday the singer has been cleared of recent complaints to child welfare workers.

"It does not appear the county will pursue any action at this time," attorney Laura Wasser said at a hearing in Spears's custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline. The hearing then went into private session.

After the hearing, Wasser told PEOPLE she doesn't know who complained. "But I am trying to find out," she said.

Officials at the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services refused to comment. Wasser declined to describe the nature of the complaints.

Court officials say there will be at least three more court hearings this year in the custody dispute between Spears and Federline, including appearances Nov. 26 and Dec. 18 to review independent evaluations by the court and to consider Federline's request for primary custody of sons Sean Preston, 2, and 1-year-old Jayden James.

In the meantime, Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan is seeking the depositions of people close to Spears, including her assistant, former bodyguard, former manager and former nanny.

Meanwhile, Spears's bodyguard was charged with misdemeanor battery in the scuffle with photographers in Las Vegas, according to a court spokesman.

Julio Camera allegedly punched a photographer on July 26 at the Wynn Las Vegas in an altercation that broke out after one of two photographers attempting to get a picture of the singer bumped into the bodyguard, who was holding Spears's son, Sean Preston, police say.

The pop singer's next album is scheduled for release Nov. 13.


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that there is something major behind the report (it could have been reported by anyone), but of course Britney's lawyer is going to downplay it. I would be more convinced if DCFS had actually shown up in court. If it is dropped I imagine we'll hear about it soon enough.

I'd more interested in hearing what Larry Rudolph, Alli, Shannon, etc. had to say, but if the media blackout is granted as Kevin's lawyer requested, we'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Good news for Britney today, assuming her lawyer is correct that the DCFS investigation will be dropped.

Now to get to the real stuff, the testimony of those around Britney.

Anonymous said...

kfed is full of shit u all are cheering on a loser.dont u guys see what hes doing ,his spousal support ends very soon,pimping the kids to get more money and u guys want to support someone like that.give me a break.

Anonymous said...

One piece of good news is enough for Britney fans to forget a whole year, actually a few years. I'm certainly glad if there is no major abuse going on, but I still don't see Britney as mother of the year. Kevin's still doing the better job.

Anonymous said...

how is he doing a better job ,had he been there for her i would have helped her a great deal,instead dude wanted to become famous,like 50cent said his ass should of sit back and let britney take care of buisness just be a husband and father.britney has done a lot of things i for one did not believe she abused her kids ,all of u people have fallen for this guys crap about him sinserely wanting those kids,everthing thats being printed in the press i would not be surprise if team kfed is leaking it

Anonymous said...

He did help her, both while they were married, and even after she filed for divorce. He and everyone close to her tried by getting her into rehab. Unfortunately she doesn't seem ready for help yet.