Monday, September 17, 2007

Attorneys for Kevin, Britney, DCFS are meeting

Pic: Marci Levine, one of Britney's new attorneys

Update: Mystery Witness in Britney Custody Case Revealed!

Attorneys for Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, an L.A. County attorney representing Child Protective Services, and Gloria Allred are meeting now at LA County Courthouse, hammering out details of the estranged couple's child-custody case. "Council for both parties were escorted by LA County Sheriff's Deputies to an undisclosed room, here at the courthouse," LA Superior Court PIO Alan Perichini tells OK!

"They have some serious issues to discuss. We needed to take some steps to make sure their talks are done in privacy." They didn't talk in the courtroom because "the court has other business," Perichini said. "This is a very high-volume courtroom."

Attorney Gloria Allred, accompanied by a man identified as her famed “mystery witness” -- a former Spears bodyguard named Tony Barretto, told OK! she was heading to the hush-hush meeting. Allred filed an ex-parte motion a few days ago, telling the court she had a secret witness who could blow the lid off Britney's claims of being a good parent. “We’re waiting to see if my witness will testify in court,” Alfred tells OK!

Other attorneys at the closed meeting include Britney’s former attorneys Laura Wasser and Dennis Wasser, and Federline’s legal rep Mark Vincent Kaplan, plus a group of deputies standing guard outside the room. "Counsel wants to confer in private, so that's what the court is letting them do," Perchini says. Melvin Goldsman told OK! that he and fellow attorney Marci Levine will be taking over from Laura Wasser as Britney's reps.


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Anonymous said...

This is the same team that got david hasselehoff full custody after that druken video of him with his kid taping it. Good luck Kevin,lol.