Monday, August 27, 2007

Video: Kevin At LAX Airport

Fed-Ex was shipped back to Los Angeles from North Carolina yesterday after filming a guest role on the CW series "One Tree Hill." Return to sender!

A quiet K-Fed arrived at LAX accompanied by a bodyguard, which is now understandable after seeing the saucy stares from a lady outside the airport.

The always ballin' rapper former backup dancer left the airport in style -- by hailing a cab! Kevin's bodyguard opened the door for him, but didn't join him for ride. He must pay the guy by the hour!

Watch video here



Anonymous said...

LOL, he looks good. The weird life of being a celebrity, he looks like he's handled it a thousand times (which I'm sure he has).

Samantha said...

i think thats my fave pap video of himm. haha.

Lashun said...

Guess it's my favorite pap video too of him, too.