Friday, August 31, 2007

US Weekly discusses custody document

Documents from Monday's Federline v Spears hearing were released today after both parties agreed on what elements to remove from public record.

At the August 27 hearing, lawyers for Britney Spears asked a judge for a continuance on the former couple's custody case in order to give both parties more time to "conduct and complete their discovery." Kevin Federline is seeking primary custody of sons Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months.

In her letter to the court, Spears' attorney Laura Wasser says that Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, had scheduled depositions with the subpoenaed witnesses despite being aware that she would be unable to attend. Additionally, Wasser submitted a letter written to Kaplan on August 15 asking for the offices to cooperate in "the service of third-party subpoenas," explaining that it would eliminate "the need for either office to chase potential witnesses, which would only cause more unnecessary fees and unwanted media attention to this matter."

The letter was written after lawyers for Federline had served Alli Sims, Daimon Shippen and Shannon Funk.

In Kaplan's opposition to Wasser's request for a continuance, he claims he had already offered a continuance, under certain restrictions, which was rejected by Spears' team. Kaplan also states that Spears did not attend a scheduled deposition on August 20 because her lawyer was on vacation. Despite requesting that the meeting be rescheduled, Kaplan alleges that he never heard back. He goes on to accuse Wasser of "stonewalling" the discovery with her difficult schedule.

The documents reveal that in addition to the witnesses already served, Federline's team plans to subpoena Christine Hallet, Spears' former nanny, and Dr. Betty Wyman, her "designated sober companion."

Finally, Kaplan requests that Spears cover Federline's legal expenses, citing her average monthly income of $737,868 dollars, and the imminent end of Federline's $20,000 dollars a month in spousal support, on November 15, 2007. According to the documents, Federline "has no net income after business expenses."

A decision on the request for continuance will be made when both parties are next in court, on September 4.



Anonymous said...

Laura, I thought her dad had taken over. Sounds like there are a lot of lawyer games being played here.

Anonymous said...

Brit better pay up, quick. There side is playing games and she's a bitch.

Kelly said...

This all seem like a whole lot of he said, she said, why did Laura go on vacation knowing that Britney was due to meet with Kevin's lawyer on the 20th and have refuse to reschduled, what kind of games are been played here.

Laura claim she wrote a letter to Mark about cooperating with them with the serving of the subpoenas, but she waited until he had already served 3 of the people, why does she think he would need her help when he's already doing it on his own, get real.

Why is Laura drawing out this whole thing with continuance, Mark said he had offered her a continuance(under certain restrictions) and they refuse, I do think she's 'stonewalling'.

Britney cause all this custody drama, if she was presenting herself as a fit and focus parent there wouldn't be a custody suit, why should Kevin have to pay, she's the one with the destructive behavior.

Daisy said...

I can't beleive how much money she still makes, that's when she isn't working! That's insane!

Kelly said...

She not actually working doesn't mean she doesn't have money coming in, she still has money coming in from all the records/music dvd she has put out, plus from her fragants, and probably from some overseas stuff, she will continue to get that for as long as she lives and maybe even after, though it might not be as much later.

I think it was wrong of tmz to make her finance public, it's nobodys business.

Anonymous said...

she is worked her whole life i think she will be the better parent she can teach her son work ethics if kevin keeps them they will be trust fund men live off brit not want to work if work hard you deserve to get paid that is waht i was taught good work ethic

Anonymous said...

Brit is loaded! Why do people keep talking about how much Kevin is getting? He's getting nothing compared to what she's making.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is working. And it's not the first time he's worked either - people hear the slacker joke so many times they forget the dancing, modeling, commercials, etc. before he ever hooked up with Britney.

Anonymous said...

^Kevin was working at a car wash before he meet Britney,lol.

Lashun said...

^ and he was a pizza delivery man, it's a job isn't it. And I used to work at a car wash too after I graduated from high school.

Anonymous said...

^Which makes you a loser.

Anonymous said...

I think that's a key difference between Kevin and Britney. Kevin doesn't feel like he's above everyone else, he treats people well and "takes care of his own." He knows there's no shame in working as a pizza delivery guy or in a car wash.

Britney, on the other hand, figures she's the center of the universe and above all that (and so do some commenters here apparently).

Who do you think is the better parent?

Anonymous said...

I think KFed is the better parent. By fucking a porn actress, he can teach kids about sex education.