Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rumor: Kevin Federline's legal team will subpoena Larry Rudolph

K-Fed’s legal team can’t find Britney’s manager
Larry Rudolph says the folks with the subpoenas won’t be able to find him

LOS ANGELES - As Kevin Federline’s defense team plots their next move in the custody battle with Britney Spears, one potential target has disappeared.

In a phone call with “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush, Spears’ former longtime manager Larry Rudolph revealed he is a long way from home where the folks serving the subpoenas can’t find him.

“Where are you?” Bush asked.

“On vacation,” Rudolph responded.

“What are you doing?” Bush asked.

“Hiding out from Kevin’s processors,” Rudolph said, drawing a big laugh from both of them.

As it turns out, Rudolph’s friends have informed him that K-Fed’s team had been showing up at his office and on his doorstep, presumably in an attempt to make him the latest target of their subpoena smack down.

When he is finally subpoenaed, Rudolph will join Spears’ former bodyguard Damien Shippen, her former assistant Shannon Funk, her pal Alli Sims and even the pop star’s former rehab facility Promises in the list of those who have already been served.

Rudolph jokingly added that it’s all just a matter of time.

“When I come back, I’m sure they’ll find me,” he joked.



Anonymous said...

No question that Larry would be able to provide some information about Britney. It's ironic though, Britney whole career has been about spinning and image and hiding anything that would hurt her career, and Larry has been the one behind that for the most part. Now he's going to have to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how Larry relates to child custody? The custody is based upon how she is when she has them...not how she is when she doesn't!

Anonymous said...

At this point if K-Fed doesn't get custoday after subpoenaing everybody and their mother I'm going to laugh at his legal team and him.

Anonymous said...

Kevin you're nothing but a joke - How could you do this to her your own ex wife - are you this pathetic of a loser - You're nothing? Go to hell -

We all laughed at you and your failed album - Hollywood made a big mistake by having you join in the in crowd -

- When I look at you I throw up

Samantha said...

^ no, Hollywood made no mistake. YOU are the mistake comming on his fansite you idiot.

Anonymous said...

KFraud was never a member of the Hollywood "In" club. He was Brit's hanger-on, which gave him access. Now that those days are gone, you cannot help but notice how he hanges onto every celeb he poses with for a tabloid picture.

He's a fucking whore.

Samantha said...

^ Your mind is greatly infessed in lies and make-believe stories.

No, he didnt hang on brit either. He could have easily sit his ass in the mansion and did nothing. He refused 2 do that. he worked hard on an album, put it out. he did acting, he done interviews, he hosted clubs, he made guest apearances, etc.

Now he is doing more acting.

I'm not sure if a medication is out yet for ugnorant people. Whatever the case is, i hope you find some and take it immediately.(:

Samantha said...

^ *ignorant