Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rumor: Kevin's attorney has subpoened female dancer in custody battle

Kevin Federline Plays Lesbian Card In Custody Battle

Kevin Federline’s attorney’s are earning their outrageous retainers. Kevin had them track down a female dancer who claims to have had a lesbian affair with his ex-wife Britney Spears and subpoened her in their ongoing custody battle.

Kevin says Britney hooked up the dancer on a night out with Kevin at a gay club in Copenhagen in 2004. Other club-goers report that Kevin and Britney were both into this mystery brunette that night but it was Britney who was all over her. At the end of the evening they were all seen going upstairs to KFed and Brit’s hotel room together.

Her testimony is just a tiny bit of the whole pie that Kevin is baking against Britney.



Anonymous said...

I honestly don't see how something 3 years ago before she even had kids or was married is relevant to the custody battle. Plus, if Britney is a lesbian/bi-sexual/whatever I don't think that's ground to remove the children from her custody. There are plenty of homosexual parents who are good parents to their children.

Anonymous said...

Who knows if this is true or not, but if this kind of stuff happened while Kevin and Britney were together it does put a different spin on things. Not so much that it was a lesbian affair but that it was an affair. It establishes a pattern of behavior that could back up some other stories that would not be so great for the kids.

Anonymous said...

They didn't even have kids in 2004. Wow, he's reaching.

Anonymous said...

So you mean to tell me he remembers a girl from '04 in another country? I doubt this is true. Is he going to brng up his past from when he didn't have kids yet? I mean, come on.

Anonymous said...

As to the rumor that Kaplan has tracked down the "lesbian tryst" girl from 2004 as "proof" of Spears poor parenting. That was long before she ever got pregnant. When she was hanging out with this woman it was while she was with Kevin and with Kevin's full knowledge... and he still married her, still had planned kids with her, still signed off on 50/50 custody three whole years later. This woman hasn't seen Britney in those 3 years. This kind of witness is just scraping the bottom of the barrel in desperation and it's never going to wash with any judge with an ounce of common sense. A judge doesn't give a crap if she had an emotional issue in 2004. It doesn't make a single bit of difference to Britney's kids if she had a fling with a woman before they were ever born - a judge cares if she's unstable now and if it's affecting her kids NOW! This woman's evidence, if she has indeed been subpoenaed, is totally irrelevant to that because this has no reflection on her parenting skills or any current risk to them.

Anonymous said...

Shame on both KFed and Kaplan. If he cared about the kids, he wouldn't drag Brit's name through the mud like this. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with love or parenting... a fact obviously lost on that money grubbing, parasitic sperm donor.