Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rumor: Britney Spears' parents Lynne and Jamie spend time with the grandkids at Kevin's

With former son-in-law Kevin Federline away in North Carolina shooting his appearance on One Tree Hill, Britney Spears' parents Lynne and Jamie, stepped in to care for their two grandchildren, an eyewitness tells OK!

On the evening of Aug. 24, the proud grandparents took Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months, for a walk in red strollers shaped like motor cars near Kevin'’s rented $3 million mansion in Tarzana, Calif., 25 miles north of Los Angeles.

A bystander tells OK! Sean Preston kept telling Jamie “"I love you pa, pa."” Jamie replied "“You love your pa pa, don't you? Yes, u do!"

At one point Lynne had a hard time keeping dry as she chased after Sean Preston, sporting matching camouflage shirt and pants, as he ran laughing into a the spray of a garden sprinkler.

The boys also enjoyed petting a neighbor’s Chihuahua dog. "“It was a really happy scene,”" says the eyewitness. "“You can tell the boys really enjoy spending time with their grandparents. They looked healthy and their hair was nicely combed. Lynne and Jamie were bursting with pride.”"

After 20 minutes, a nanny emerged from Kevin’'s home and said it was time for the boys to go to bed. Afterwards, Lynne and Jamie, who are divorced, left at the same time but in separate cars.



Anonymous said...

What a shame it has all come to this. I'm glad the boys were happy.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, kevin!!!