Monday, August 27, 2007

Pics: Britney's parents babysit while Kevin was filming in North Carolina

These pictures backup the story from OK Magazine. They were taken days ago, I find it interesting that they are only being shown now. I guess they decided since the story was out anyway they might as well show them. I suspect there is a lot of filtering when it comes to what they decide to show us and what they don't.



Anonymous said...

So adorable!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that when Kevin and Britney are grandparents there'll be scenes like this.

Kelly said...

Those pics are just so absolutely beautiful, Sean and Jayden look so adorable, I love the first one where Sean thinks he's actually driving himself and turning the steering wheel and the eight one where Lynne and Jamie is pushing them off the side walk and Sean and Jay looks like they're talking to eachother, so adorable, I love it.

Kelly said...

Btw, Alison you're absolutely right, they do show what the want to show, if you notice there or pics of Kevin at the airport but x17 didn't show not one also I just saw some pics of Britney with Sean and Sean is standing right next to her hand with a lit cigarette in it and I betting x17 will not show those pics, but I bet if it was Kevin they would be more than ready to point it out.

This is the site I saw them on

The person said they're from yesterday(sunday) but I think they're from a set of pics back in july when Sean was in the pool.