Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kevin focused on parenting after divorce from Spears, his lawyer says

With his marriage to Britney Spears officially over, Kevin Federline is focused on giving their two young sons a secure upbringing outside the media glare so they can "pretend they're like everyone else," his lawyer said Tuesday.

Spears and Federline's divorce was made official Monday. In an interview with The Associated Press, Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said his client will shun the spotlight when he cares for the children under a custody agreement.
"When they are with him, he is going to shield his children from unwanted media attention," Kaplan said. "You will not find a picture of Kevin parading with the children out in a public place.

"He's focused right now on being the best parent that he can be," the attorney added.
Kaplan, who specializes in celebrity family law cases, refused to disclose the custody arrangement or other details in the divorce.

Since February, Spears, 25, and Federline, 29, have shared joint custody of their two sons, 22-month-old Sean Preston and 10-month-old Jayden James. Federline also has two children with former girlfriend Shar Jackson.

However, Kaplan said Federline's life as a celebrity father comes with different demands than many other fathers face, including huge expenses. When they go out, Kaplan said, there must be a nanny and security guards.
"There are people you have to pay so your kids can pretend they're like everyone else," said Kaplan. "When you are a celebrity parent, there are financial dynamics that others not familiar with it can't understand. "

Spears and Federline wed in October 2004, eight months after her first marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander was annulled. The pop star cited irreconcilable differences when she filed for divorce from Federline on Nov. 7, 2006.

Kaplan said Federline would not comment on Spears' public behavior. Most recently, she's been accused of threatening paparazzi outside a Las Vegas spa.
"He doesn't want to do anything that would be perceived as taking her down a peg," Kaplan said. "His goal is to keep things between him and Britney private. There's a proper forum to discuss issues with a co-parent. That place is not in the public eye."

Asked if things might have been better for the kids if the couple had made a go of it together, Kaplan sighed.
"In a perfect world, maybe that would be true," he said. "I've seen so many marriages end on that question. But in a perfect world, there are no lawyers."

Source: mercurynews


Anonymous said...

I am on your side Kevin, keep up the good works. Take care of your son and I am praying that you will have full custody on your two son, shaun and Jayden

Anonymous said...

Of course. Those kids are like money in the bank.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Kevin bother with his black kids? Does he think that they're second rate somehow?

Anonymous said...

Hurray, the truth comes out!!!
Kevin will win this custody over Britney.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kevin..You grew up ! You finally ROCK.

Samantha said...

good 4 kevin !

Anonymous said...

wow, what a bunch of gullible people you are.
its sad how things are being told.
how people will do anything for a buck or a piece of the american dream.
never mind the lives you are destroying (britney's and the kids').
if he truly cared about his children's (because britney had nothing to do with bring them into this world)well being, he would be working with britney to make sure all is right-- in a private manner.
instead it seems that he/ lawyer are trying to do image makeovers with one goal in mind--money.

whats worst is that, the public or his fans don't see the truth or want to read between the lines. its all about turning a mother down, so that she makes more mistakes.

so, i say continue to be feed by the machines, continue to feed this media freak show, you zombies.
i hope that the kids are okay and doesn't loose a mother in process of all this extreme media scrutiny she is receiving.

Anonymous said...

In reply to 3:11 PM if you knew either of these 2 people personally you would know who the more suitable parent is. If you knew them you would know that Kevin takes care of Kori & Kaleb whenever possible...they do go to school and live 2 hours away, but weekend time is precious. If you knew Britney, you would know the things she does and what she really cares about. Don't judge people simply by what you read. If you did, you would be very surprised at what you would find out.

Anonymous said...

The kids are better off with Kevin, now that he has money. Before he needed money, so he sold the kids pictures. Now that he's wealthy, he can raise those kids without the media spotlight.

Anonymous said...

3:18, don't know who you are, but i don't base things on tabloid garbage.
britney aint prefect (there is a lot of stuff about life she needs to figure out).
but kevin is fair from prefect and/or innocent, and you know it.

they should work together (in a private manner)
to ensure that those boys are okay.

you should step outside of the box and see the bigger picture.
you and so many people don't see how much this way of thinking(belittling a mothers love) is doing more harm then good.

stop being a zombie. (you too, 3:48)

Anonymous said...

And you, 4:38, have a clue?

Oh, you don't. Then shut the fuck up. This is a public blog where people comment on news events.

Anonymous said...

what i wanna know: When is Kfed gonna get a J-O-B??

Anonymous said...

azy bastard. how does he support his other two kids, ya know the poor black ones? Oh yeah Britney pays for their shit too and Shar's other two kids most likely.

I swear if Britney gets crazy(ier) i hope she goes on a shooting rampage and takes kfed and his lawyer with her, greedy mothafuckas.

Anonymous said...

KFraud is paying a PR firm big bucks for a reason: Rehab his image. Don't any of you fools see what is going on? KFraud is going to make a major strike in the coming months, so that he can take FULL custody and probably DOUBLE his child support payments.

The filthy gold digger is getting ready for Round Two, and Britney is too into herself to read the situation.

Anonymous said...

of course he focuses on parenting she is the one who has to work to take care of that bomb and all four of his kids