Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kevin Federline's Lawyer talks to US Magazine

As Britney Spears' parenting skills are coming under fire, Kevin Federline's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan talks to about the finalization of the former couple's divorce, their current custody situation, and his client's concerns about the safety of his children when with Spears. Is Kevin happy with Monday's court proceedings finalizing the divorce?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: I think that he was pleased that that phase of the case could be finalized.

Us: How does he feel about the current 50/50 shared custody agreement?
MVK: I think that Kevin would like to have as much custody as he could get because he feels that the children would benefit by that. I'm sure Britney wants more custody as well. I don't think anyone should draw any presumption or conclusion from the fact that the judgment was entered on Monday, that everything is fine with everybody as of Monday.

Us: Is the question of custody still open?
MVK: The judgment could be filed but it might not relate to the current circumstances, it might relate to prior ones, and there's always an ability to at least apply to the court that you need to change in the interest of the kid.

Us: What's Kevin like as a father?
MVK: I don't want to talk about the kids, but I can say that he is a hands-on dad and I think that he is a very focused parent who believes that any kids, but especially kids of this young age, need to have structure and consistency and that he has always provided that and wants to make sure that they get the benefit of that as much as possible.

Us: Is he concerned about what happens when they are not under his care?
MVK: Well I can't say how he feels about it, but I can say that all of these things that come out [about Britney], if true, are things that would concern me. He is someone who has gone out of his way to protect his kids as much as possible. I don't recall ever seeing a picture of him with his kids in tow out in public because he feels that could subject them to an unnecessary risk and doesn't benefit them. His desire is that these kids have a chance to grow up free, in as normal an environment as possible. He's somebody that never has tried to boost his appearance in public through his children.



Anonymous said...

I have always thought of Kevin as the more stable person, even back when they were married and he was being trashed left and right. Britney's web site posts and actions often left me with an embarrassed and uneasy feelings, and that's when I was a huge fan of hers. Kevin was trashed by the tabloids, but in his interviews he came across as someone with his feet on the ground and someone who knew himself and what was important, even as he was sometimes playing up his image.

As far as Britney "parading the kids around" I see both sides of it but I don't blame MVK for saying what he did. It is true that Britney gets followed around A LOT, I've seen the videos and photographs to prove it. But it is possible to shield the kids far more than she does. When Kevin was taking the kids to visit Britney in rehab there were huge numbers of photographers camped out, yet with the help of tinted windows, etc., not one picture of the kids exists from this time.

I really don't think it's good for the kids to be exposed to the chaos of photographers crowding and yelling, and you can see it on the kids faces in so many pictures. Britney knows where these pictures are going to end up, and I do think she chooses what's best for her and her image over what is best for the kids sometimes. There seems to be such a lack of respect from her towards just about everyone, it's not much of a stretch to think she just isn't thinking about her kids best interests either. She could do much better with them than she is.

As far as I am concerned, Britney should be in counseling. Rehab was a start but she's nowhere near where she needs to be to truly be healthy. Someday I hope she gets there, but right at this moment I trust Kevin to do right by those kids far more than Britney.

Anonymous said...

So he is implying that britney flaunts her children for publicity? what??? they want her to stay at home ALL THE TIME??? poor brit. Will a truck hit the Baster aldery

Anonymous said...

I do respect the principles of Kevin and I hope Britney will listen to him. I hope Britney will stop using her kids for her own publicity, she is putting the children to danger always.

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Anonymous said...

10:55am - well said and I agree 100%!!

Anonymous said...

The questions remains: Why does KFraud spend time with his kids from Britney, but little with his offspring with Shar? While he was married to Brit, he didn't bother, which Shar mentioned several times.

It's all about the money. And now he's having his PR firm smear Britney, in hopes of full-time custody. Full time custody would double his child support payments.

What a disgusting excuse of a human being. He's a welfare bitch, springing kids and raising them for money.

Anonymous said...

to the above poster, give it up already.

you want to talk about who is a disgusting human being ?

brit herself. and you know what is the most disgusting about her ? is that she HAD IT ALL, and she BLEW IT and still continues to.

she has the class of a soap dish. and the brains to go with it.

naked in public. THAT is just the beginning so do not get me started, talk about disgusting.

Anonymous said...

12:16pm - I totally agree with poster 1:59pm - as all you Kevin bashers are so fond of saying, no one wants to take pictures of Kevin so how in the hell would you know if he spends time with his children with Shar? You have no idea about that and just because you don't see pictures of it doesn't mean he doesn't. Stop posting crap just because you don't like Kevin.

Kevin loves his children. ALL his children so give it up!

Anonymous said...

Kevin doesn't care for Shar's kids. They're not cash cows.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

He's always provided structure and stability....what about the first year of Sean's life where on handfuls of occasions he wasn't even around Sean. Or how about the fact that he admitted he was too busy to spend quality time with them....this is PR, ladies and gentlemen at its best! Lets just overlook Kevin's past and praise him for what he is doing in the last 5 months.

Anonymous said...

Let's not twist the facts here, Britney and Sean Preston often joined Kevin on his gigs, and of course he was busy, he was about to release an album. He knew it would be busy for awhile, but it was a temporary situation. He said he'd work hard for a couple of years so his kids would know he wasn't the slacker he was portrayed to be, and then relax his schedule. Couples do this kind of thing all the time. He didn't know Britney would file for divorce a week after his album came out.

Anonymous said...

^ Federline doesn't have a good track record though. Shar Jackson has stated numerous times that while he is a good father while he's around...he only comes around 2-3 times a month.

Not only that, but it doesn't matter if you are super busy or make quality time for your children. He admitted he went days without seeing them b/c he went to the studio in the morning and came home after they were asleep....that isn't being a stable force in your infant's life...that is being virtually absent. While Spears took the children to see him in studio a few times and on location...he didn't spend actual quality time with them. In fact, for SP whole first year he was always with his mother. No wonder (if reports of PPD are true, which given the number of markers she meets it wouldn't surprise me) she has issues. If I didn't get support while I had an infant and was pregnant...b/c my husband was off "working" I'd go batshit crazy too!

Anonymous said...

yup, kevin was off working for 14 - 16 hours a day and he left his wife at home with the kids, yup, like a normal family, yup,i have friends that do that.

what about the doctors and lawyers, and other famous ppl that leave their families sometimes for DAYS, WEEKS, in the care of whatever spouse is gone. ? do you see that wife or husband for that matter, going batshit crazy ? no.

the problem is britney herself cannot HANDLE being alone, nevermind caring for 2 children, or 1, and being pregnant, AND SHE HAD ALL THE HIRED HELP SHE WANTED, and more.


Anonymous said...

^ I have friends that leave their children behind for work also, but they also make it a point to spend all available free time with the children....unlike what Federline did. He went to Vegas every other weekend with his boys, he went out to clubs 4-5 times a week (and this started BEFORE anything with his so called career and when he already had 2 young children), he spent his free time away from his children by choice. Hell, he even admitted that he had so much "going on" that he didn't see his children. There are such things as priorities and schedules...if every other up and coming celeb father can manage to spend time with their children, why couldn't Kevin?

Not only that, but lets look at all four of his children. Shar Jackson stated numerous times that he sees his two 2-3 times a month....that is about once every 8-10 days. Not very conclusive to being a "stabilizing influence/great parent" now is it? Good parenting isn't "every once in a while" it is a constant. Especially when he could have spent any time with those two. Let alone how much he wasn't around for the first year of SP life.

Those parents who are required to leave their children for a time because of work, once again, spend almost every other available minute with their children...not running around with their boys pretending they are the shit!

From every medical account I've heard (starting when she was evaluated at Promises), Spears suffers from PPD, which given the markers, her situation, and her behavior prior to rehab....I'm leaning towards it being true. In fact I'd go so far as to say she suffers from Postpartum Psychosis. She actually fits that bill to a tee.

The risk factors are: Poor social support- check; multiple stressful life events- check; low-fat/low protein or other poor nutrient diet or severe morning sickness (which depletes the body of nutrients)- check; poor relationship with family- check; early end to breastfeeding- check; high weight gain during and/or poor weight loss after- check; traumatic birth experiences (previous children included)- check; early discharge from the hospital (less than 48 hours)- check for the last one; marital discord- double check; unplanned pregnancy- double check. She actually is only "missing" three other markers for which she could have but I don't know about ( if her mother had PPD, if she has/had hormonal imbalances, if she suffered from depression at any point in her life.)

And in case anyone is wondering PPP (Postpartum psychosis) is a severe case of PPD in which the mother may experience delusions, and or hallucinations, bizarre behaviors and feeling, become extremely agitated and or moody, exhibit poor self care, be hyper social or withdraw from situations, experience sleep or appetite disturbances, and fear of being alone and of being overwhelmed and unable to cope.

I don't know of one young mom with two babies at home who doesn't at least have a mini breakdown...add to that PPP or any type of depression, a failing marriage, lack of support, and the tabloids/paps always on you and you've got your recipe for bat shit crazy.

By the way, hired help is not the same thing as having familial support, which it has been studied AND proven young mothers need. KF was so focused on himself and his "career" that he left his pregnant wife and young baby by themselves. He wasn't there being supportive or helping out. Nor did he appear to want the second child...which is added stress on the mother who already has a baby to take care of.

Yes she has issues, there is no disputing that, but it appears from the last 3-4 months she is getting help and taking care of it. Beyond that, if any of this shit the tabloids were saying were true you better believe Kaplan would have filed a motion so quick your head would spin...yet he hasn't. Neither has Kevin made any legal attempt to do anything. You think that if they had even an inkling to say any of this was remotely true they wouldn't do something about it? If they didn't they would be facilitating the problem and KF would lose his "I'mma great parent" facade. If they had one shred of truth they could get a court to investigate....yet they haven't done any of that. Explain that one to me someone please.

Kelly said...

Anonymous 10:55AM

I completely agree with you, I couldn't have said it better myself, I'm glad there's someone else that see what I've been seeing for so long.

Anonymous said...

Kevin said while on tour that he got to talk to Kori and Kaleb "all the time". People also forget quotes like this one (from an interview a week before Britney filed):

Spears will decide when the couple's 7-week-old will make a public appearance. Federline says he wants to release a photo soon so his family can join him on the road without dodging the paparazzi. "But if my wife wants to have that baby all to herself for now, then she keeps it, because there's not much she has to herself," he says, "not even her own children."

Kevin's a good father. People are picking and choosing quotes, and actually misquoting people (show me where it says 2-3 times a month from Shar - that number has been modified a bit over time).

Anonymous said...

One more thing, some people seem to really want to believe that all the stuff said about Britney is false. Some of it might be. But we all saw her hostile web posts, we saw her blame Larry, her mother, and shut out everyone close to her. We heard her sarcastic comments to X17. This is not a girl who has yet taken responsibility for her mistakes, she's still trying to blame everyone else.

We don't know what evidence appeared in court, we only know the 50/50 joint custody arrangement.

Anonymous said...

^^ Kevin Federline also stated he would never take his wife's money, that he would never get a divorce, that "everything is perfect at home"....when clearly all of that wasn't true. When he said that quote rumors (obviously true) were floating to high heaven that they were having trouble and Spears was considering divorce. And really what else is he going to say other than "Im a good father and I love and care for my kids". He sure didn't use the last 3 years to prove that fact. It wasn't until Jan/Feb that he started stepping up with his last two...and who really know what he is like with his first. We know that he left his 1.5 year old daughter and pregnant girlfriend( or ex depending on which version you use. Shar still maintains they were still a couple!) to go gallivanting around Europe for 2+ months and he wasn't there for Kaleb very much.

Shar did say he only saw them 2-3 times a month and that he wanted to more. The exact quote from Yahoo news (which got it from some mag interview she did) says something about how Spears "stopped Federline from seeing his kids" (which is pure bullshit b/c she had no hold over what he did with his other 2 kids...and if he wasn't man enough to say or do something well that is on him)...."If he wasn't working he would come over to see the kids two or three times a month."- Shar Jackson.

He could very well be a great father while he has them, but in my opinion if he only has them for a few days a month....that isn't real conclusive to being a "great parent". Just about anyone can watch children for a few days at a time. A true good parent sees their children more than 2-3 times a month (especially when they are physically and legally able to do so)...doesn't leave two kids behind for months so that dad can chase some tail,and doesn't put work and hangin' with the boys ahead of spending time with the family.

I think it is hilarious how everyone has just conveniently forgotten that this "man" is what 28, 4 kids with 2 women, no legitimated job to speak of, a self proclaimed former drug runner and troublemaker who went out and partied since day one. Hell, even when he was with Shar he went out (its been stated in numerous interviews). Not to mention he left his two young babies so that he could catch a money train. And the first year of SP life he spent it being "too busy" doing his own thing.

As far as I'm concerned he and whomever can talk until they are blue in the face, but I've yet to see any proof that he spent any quality time with his Spears 2 prior to Jan. He was always "
busy". He said so himself. And as far as I'm concerned if your "career" and being with the boys is more important than being with your family and ensuring their happiness....then you are not much of a father.

As far as Spears blaming people goes. She may have a point, she may one but her really knows. Either way it goes with Postpartum psychosis as far as the paranoia and bizarre behaviors and feelings. Not that her feelings toward her family and former work associates have any bearing on a child custody case in the first place.

Believe me, if the kids were in the situations like the tabloids are trying to paint, an investigation would ensure led by a child advocate and a court appointed psychologist. If it were anything like its being made out to be, Spears would not have been given even temporarily joint custody. The fact of the matter is....none of these stories have been remotely confirmed in any way... nor has any legal or otherwise action been taken...therefore, I'm leaning towards them being exaggerated and/or lies. Tabloids do do that you know? They make up fictitious, sensational stories based upon .001% truth and make a mole hill into the freaking grand canyon. Spears being a "trainwreck" sells more than anything else does. It's more entertaining and more salacious. No one cares that someone on the set of the OK shoot cleared the air, or that people on the video shoot (which from the pics looks like SHIT and cheap as hell) said she was wonderful, professional, and didn't throw any tantrums, or that people who actually have/had contact with her dispute the things printed.

Anonymous said...

More misquotes and skewed facts. Kevin never said his relationship was "perfect". But he did believe in it. Again, show me exactly where Shar said 2-3 times, I know for a fact that this is off.

Kevin also did not say he was "always busy". He did say the tabloids exaggerated the times when he was in the club, and that often when he was there it was related to work. You seem to believe everything that was said about Kevin and nothing that was said about Britney. How convenient.

Anonymous said...

^^ Hello, she did an interview with WENN and stated it. It was reported out the wazoo when it first came out.
Google the quote and WENN and you will find it.

As far as him claiming his marriage was "great","good", "solid" and "perfect" up until the day she filed for divorce....go read his interviews....all of what I said he said, I got from interviews.

His two-year marriage is "solid", the singer says, with both husband and wife focused on family and career. “She’s recording three or four times a week, and she still manages to be with the kids a lot.” (USAToday a week prior to the divorce)

We're good. Like I said, we have our times and our spats and all that stuff, but other than that we're good. It's a lot of hard work, but we knew it was gonna be that way and we're dealing with it day to day. (This was the night prior to filing for divorce)

As for his marriage to Spears, Federline dismissed all the tabloid reports of trouble in paradise. "It's like I have to look every week to see how my life is going, but it's not true," he said.

Federline called Britney a "wonderful mother" and said he ignores the tabloids entirely. MTV

The day she filed for divorce he was sitting there saying things were wonderful and couldn't be better between them. That she fully supported him and their relationship and she herself were wonderful

Now tell me, how can a caring and connected husband and father NOT KNOW that your relationship is going south? BECAUSE YOU DON'T PAY ATTENTION!!!

As far as him saying he was always busy...go read any of his interviews sweetheart. He says that he has been busy and goes to the studio early in the morning and comes home late in the evening....that qualifies as busy...and not leaving time to see one's children.

I'm about 300% positive that ALL the times he went out to clubs (and they are numerous with pics and sometimes video to prove he actually was there and partying) he was not there for work related crap. In fact, I can guarantee you that he only got paid on maybe 20 of those club appearances. And, he went out 3+ times a week prior to starting his "career" (there are pics to prove it). Not only that, but Kevin has said himself that he liked having "boys weekend" and that he went out when he was having problems.....that isn't conclusive to a happy marriage, now is it?

I don't believe tabloids...I read interviews given, look at pictures taken, and watch videos...thus I know that Federline partied a lot, was admittedly not home a lot, and such...not from tabloids, but from interviews and photos. Believe me I believe some stories about Spears also...neither are saints, but I have to have some sort of pictorial and/or interviewing evidence that supports the claims (which in Spears' recent tabloid crap there isn't any, but in fact interviews and pictures to the contrary)

Anonymous said...

Well I checked where you say Shar says 2-3 times a week and it isn't there. Your quote only proves that Kevin did not say his relationship was perfect, but he clearly believed in it. And you don't really know the story behind why Britney filed. You're assuming it was some big premeditated event, like most divorces are. Britney was impulsive and foolish, and Kevin gave her more credit than she deserved.

There's no way you could be 300% sure that all of Kevin's club appearances were not work related. Look back through this blog and you'll find the evidence to prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

i think this is just soooo cool. :) ppl are starting to talk about kevin, wow, you all really wrote ALOT in all your posts. GO KEVIN !! hes' becoming famous. !

Anonymous said...

Kevin is a parasite, and Britney's worse off having been associated with that fucking gold digger.

Anonymous said...

well, i just saw a video of your icon brit brit from x17online and in that video the police are telling the paps to move away, and one of the obviously x17online paps says " its' ok, we have a deal ". !!

brit was starving for attention WAY before kevin, thus her 55 hour hour marriage in vegas, cancelled concerts, cancelled PR " things ", etc, etc, she was falling apart then. stop blaming her shit on kevin, SHE WAS FALLING APART BEFORE KEVIN. put the blame where blame deserves. i saw a video of brit with justin, and she was 17, and all she said was " we are partying tonite, and we are partying hard ", justin just glared at her. *shakes head*

i saw new pics of brit when she went out for dinner, her children, both of them, have a look of TERROR in their eyes, YES, they look cute. but...

Anonymous said...

Terror in their eyes? What are you a body language reader?

Anonymous said...

I remember Shar saying that Kevin:

a) Was still with her at the time he left for Brit, breaking up both relationship and family.

b) Visited the kids only 2 times or so each month, because Britney "wouldn't let him".

But don't denigrate Kevin for having 4 kids with 2 women in the span of a few years. He is just your typical lower socio-economic class, high school dropout. Having 4 kids with 2 different women while you're young and unemployed is typical of someone with his background.

Anonymous said...

Britney wouldn't let him see the kids? Shows how much of a man and a dad he is doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Well I checked where you say Shar says 2-3 times a week and it isn't there.

Google the god damn quote and every source refers back to the WENN interview that she did. Hell...US Weekly did a whole half page article on the sucker!!! It is not my problem that you cannot find it or choose to not believe it...suit yourself, but I know she said it!

Honey I am positive that the vast majority of his partying WASN'T for work! He started partying long before he began to "work"!

Anonymous said...

^Well if you can find like you said. How about you post the link?

Anonymous said...

^Well if you can find like you said. How about you post the link?