Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kevin Federline's friend interviewed by 24/sizzler

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS! Inside Kevin Federline’s Child-Proof House! How He Spends Time With Sean and Jayden! PLUS: K-Fed’s NEXT Album: He’s Already Recorded 2 Tracks!

In an exclusive interview with, a close friend of Kevin Federline reveals that Britney Spears‘ ex has mastered the art of safe parenting. “The house is child-proof, except for the recording studio,” Kevin’s friend, who visits Kevin and the kids at his home, told Monday afternoon. “There are gates at the top of the stairs [to prevent children from going down the stairs], the plugs are covered. All of that stuff is in the house.”

The friend, who spoke on condition of anonymity as to not add to the legal drama unfolding, tells, “The second you walk in the house, there’s no mistaking that kids are there. The house is 90 percent for the kids. There are toys everywhere. There are children’s books and videos everywhere, and those little toys that kids play with. Each has their own room.”

And Britney may be his ex-wife, but she does have a presence in the house, for the sake of the kids: “There are pictures all over the house of the kids,” the friend says, “and there are pictures of Britney too!” And the friend adds that Kevin does not bad-mouth Britney in the kids’ presence. “It’s not like he’s wrecking Britney with them.”

Kevin’s friend tells that Kevin is also picky as to who he has over, when Sean Preston and Jayden James are over. “When Kevin has the kids, he doesn’t have people over that aren’t close to him.”

In fact, the friend says that Kevin has transformed his partying ways over the past year, unlike Britney. “In like just the past year, he’s gone mature,” says the friend. “It’s like pulling teeth to get him to go out now. He doesn’t want to go out. He just wants to stay home with the kids.”

The friend maintains that Kevin’s latest legal salvo is about getting more time with his sons — not money. “It’s really just about being around them. He really want to be around them. He already got good money from [the sale of] the house. He wants to spend more time with them, and they seem to be happy with Kevin.”

As for Kevin’s future, the friend assures, “He’s still about the music. He’s going to be coming out with another album. He’s recording in the studio. He has a couple of tracks down.”

And will the album be similar to Kevin’s debut album? “He’s working with a different producer. It’ll be different. It will be more mature. The subject matter will look a little more mature.”



Anonymous said...

"He already got good money from [the sale of] the house."


Those are Britney's money from her work. He should work for his own money ... in case if he's a real man but I guess he's not.

Samantha said...

Yesss!!! I'm so haoopy now. that just made my day! I cannot wait untill his other album!!!!

Fuck the haters! Hes the best dad EVER

I bet Jimmy took the interview. Sounds like his tone. haha.

Go Kevin!

Anonymous said...

That made me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope this is true, it makes Kevin sound very good, just what I hoped he was. I'm not keen on having a new album though, the first one didn't do well, I'm sure another would do worse! I'd love him to do more acting.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kevin releases another album! I just love the way that talentless jackass humiliated himself repeatedly to empty auditoriums... Go KFUCK!

Samantha said...

^ Its pretty sad you think that way. There can never be a post without an idiot like you commenting it.

Anonymous said...

This is cool... KFed can tour and spend his own money for a change. OOPS, it'll be Britney's child support money. I guess 'she did it again.' LOL