Monday, August 27, 2007

Kevin Federline: some tabloid reports

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From OK! Magazine - September 3, 2007:

K-Fed cuts loose in Vegas

After months of keeping a low profile, it was time for Kevin to let off some steam. So just before heading to Las Vegas on Aug. 17, he delivered his sons to Britney at her Beverly Hills home - where Criss Angel has just spent the night. "Kevin wasn't at all happy when he found out Britney had a guy sleeping over, with their boys in the house and the ink barely dry on their divorce," a source close to the aspiring rapper tells OK!. "But at least she was home for a change, rather than hitting the clubs."

Meanwhile, Kevin did just that, partying at the Venetian hotel's Tao Nightclub that evening. "K-Fed was chain-smoking and surrounded by girls," an eyewitness tells OK!, adding that he requested that the DJ not play any Britney songs. "He stayed pretty much till the lights came on."

The next afternoon, Kevin and his posse of about 10 people lounged in a VIP cabana at Tao Beach before making their way to the Tao Asian Bistro, where they dined on sushi, Kobe beef, chicken pad thai and lobster wontons. That evening, it was back to the club, where Kevin and crew drank Patron and Grey Goose and partied until 5 a.m.

But despite these rare evenings out, Kevin remains dedicated to his kids. "He's an amazing father," his ex Shar Jackson told OK! at the Aug. 18 Hot in Hollywood event. As for whether she would ever reunite with Kevin, who is the father of her daughter Kori, 5, and son Kaleb, 3, Shar says, "I'm happy with being friends now. The whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing didn't work out. Kevin calls every day. We see each other because of the kids."

From In Touch magazine - September 3, 2007:

Oh, no! Kevin's partying too

"He spent most of the time with the boys, but at one point he was between two girls dancing," a witness at Tao Beach says.

Kevin Federline hit Las Vegas hard in what he called his "big finale." Britney's ex turned up on the Strip with 25 buddies on August 17. "They got wasted constantly for two days and two nights," says a witness. The fun included Patron and Grey Goose shots by the pool at Tao Beach, lavish dinners of Kobe beef and lobster wontons, and more drinking and dancing into the wee hours. Kevin, who has signed on to appear in two episodes of One Tree Hill, "will not be returning to Vegas for a long time," an insider says. "From now on, it's nothing but the straight and narrow. He didn't mention Britney even once."



Anonymous said...

I like Shar's statement. It's funny though, no matter how many times Shar says what a great father Kevin is there's always someone to say "but what about his other kids?" Kevin's other kids are doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

^She wasn't saying Kevin was a good father when he left her ass. Go look at those interviews. Shar is a lying bitch. She's a name dropper now. That's the only reason she's in the media.

Anonymous said...

Shar wasn't happy with the way Kevin left, she still isn't. But she never once said Kevin wasn't a good father.