Friday, August 24, 2007

Kevin Federline in Wilmington, North Carolina filming "One Tree Hill"

Pic: Kevin at the Los Angeles International Airport with his bodyguard Big Mike. Source:

Kevin Federline Hits North Carolina for One Tree Hill Shoot
FRIDAY AUGUST 24, 2007 04:00 PM EDT
By Mike Fleeman

Kevin Federline wasted no time going from slacker to actor. Just days after landing a TV job, he arrived in North Carolina to shoot his first episode of One Tree Hill.

Federline, guest-starring as a "cocky, enigmatic frontman" for a rock band, came to Wilmington on Thursday and was spending a full day on the set Friday, with plans to leave on Saturday, a source tells PEOPLE.

"Shooting is going well," the source says.

Federline's character also appears in the next sequential episode of the CW series and he will be back in North Carolina to film that in the coming weeks.


TV Tidbits: Kevin Federline to spend several weeks filming in Wilmington
Friday, August 24, 2007
By Tim Clodfelter

Hurricane K-Fed has hit Wilmington.

Kevin Federline, who somehow gained fame by getting married to Britney Spears, is in North Carolina for the next few weeks filming a guest role in One Tree Hill.

He will play Jason, a front man for a successful rock band called No Means Yes that comes from Tree Hill, N.C., the fictional town where the series is set. He will appear in a multi-episode storyline.

Federline has been a fixture in the tabloids since he and Spears got married in 2004. His nickname “K-Fed” was jokingly changed to “Fed-Ex” after the two split.

One Tree Hill is filmed in and around Wilmington. The series is not on the CW’s fall schedule. It will return in mid-season.



Anonymous said...

I hope he has fun, it sounds like a nice distraction from everything that has been going on lately.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, kevin. Wish you all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

As the story says, he is best known as Fed-Ex. He hasn't done shit, other than work over Brit like a parasite.

Samantha said...

this is aweosome,.