Monday, August 20, 2007

Kevin At Tao Nightclub

Kevin was spotted over the weekend dancing with friends at Tao Nightclub in Las Vagas.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, professional baby daddy Kevin Federline’s “gone mature.” That’s what reported from a source last week. As in “He doesn’t want to go out. He just wants to stay home with the kids.” But when the wannabe rapper isn’t working on his newfound squeaky-clean, responsible parent image or serving serial subpoenas to everyone remotely associated with Britney Spears, he still craves a good time.

It seems the former Mr. Spears got a little stir-crazy this past weekend and decided to hit Las Vegas where he relived his glory days. “He was drinking straight from the vodka and Jagermeister bottles. I didn't see him with a drink in his hand that much, but he drank out of the bottles a few times,” an eyewitness revealed to People.

And it sounds like Federline’s back to his old playa form, too. “He was grinding up on a few of the girls," a source told the magazine. “He had a flashlight and was shining it on some of the girls around him.”

Who knows? Maybe nine months from now there’ll be a whole new batch of K-Fed Jrs to fight over!

Anonymous said...

He likes to go out and have some fun. He's sharing 50/50 custody of Sean and Jayden right now, he couldn't be with them if he wanted (and he does want it). Kori and Kaleb are well taken care of. A week-end out where he lets off some steam isn't going kill anyone.

If Britney went out once in a while with a bunch of friends it wouldn't be a big deal either. The issue is how she is spending time with the kids when it's her turn to have them, what she is exposing them to, etc.

Samantha said...

we went out with his bodeyguard mike and mikes gf. i cant make out if jimmy is in the pictures or not

he really does looks good. =]

Anonymous said...