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People - Chad Michael Murray: Kevin Federline's a 'Nice Guy'

The jury is out on his custody battle, but the verdict is in on Kevin Federline's guest spot on One Tree Hill: He's actually a nice guy.

"He was very kind and cordial with the whole crew," Chad Michael Murray told PEOPLE Thursday night on set in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Federline began filming last week. "I think that he enjoyed it here, and I know he's coming back again. We're all looking forward to it."

Although the two didn't share a scene together, Murray said Federline was a pleasant addition to the team, and even helped celebrate Murray's 26th birthday.

"We had a big celebration," said Murray. "He was a nice guy ... He talked to everybody."

Federline arrived Thursday for the shoot on Friday, after which he joined the One Tree Hill cast and crew at Sin Sin Lounge for the birthday party. He stayed past last call, chatting with party-goers and playing Ms. Pac-Man downstairs, according to a bartender.

Federline's character is a "cocky, enigmatic frontman" for a rock band, but a crew member told PEOPLE he was quite the opposite when the cameras stopped rolling.

"He was the nicest guy ever," said an assistant who was on set when Federline filmed. "He was so professional and polite to everyone. He was way different than I expected."

Federline's character also appears in the next sequential episode of the CW series and he will be back in North Carolina to film that in the coming weeks.

The work will be helpful for the slacker-turned-actor who, according to documents released Thursday, "has no net income after business expenses."


US Weekly discusses custody document

Documents from Monday's Federline v Spears hearing were released today after both parties agreed on what elements to remove from public record.

At the August 27 hearing, lawyers for Britney Spears asked a judge for a continuance on the former couple's custody case in order to give both parties more time to "conduct and complete their discovery." Kevin Federline is seeking primary custody of sons Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months.

In her letter to the court, Spears' attorney Laura Wasser says that Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, had scheduled depositions with the subpoenaed witnesses despite being aware that she would be unable to attend. Additionally, Wasser submitted a letter written to Kaplan on August 15 asking for the offices to cooperate in "the service of third-party subpoenas," explaining that it would eliminate "the need for either office to chase potential witnesses, which would only cause more unnecessary fees and unwanted media attention to this matter."

The letter was written after lawyers for Federline had served Alli Sims, Daimon Shippen and Shannon Funk.

In Kaplan's opposition to Wasser's request for a continuance, he claims he had already offered a continuance, under certain restrictions, which was rejected by Spears' team. Kaplan also states that Spears did not attend a scheduled deposition on August 20 because her lawyer was on vacation. Despite requesting that the meeting be rescheduled, Kaplan alleges that he never heard back. He goes on to accuse Wasser of "stonewalling" the discovery with her difficult schedule.

The documents reveal that in addition to the witnesses already served, Federline's team plans to subpoena Christine Hallet, Spears' former nanny, and Dr. Betty Wyman, her "designated sober companion."

Finally, Kaplan requests that Spears cover Federline's legal expenses, citing her average monthly income of $737,868 dollars, and the imminent end of Federline's $20,000 dollars a month in spousal support, on November 15, 2007. According to the documents, Federline "has no net income after business expenses."

A decision on the request for continuance will be made when both parties are next in court, on September 4.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

TMZ reveals documents from custody hearing

TMZ has obtained documents from the Britney/K-Fed hearing last Monday, where it was revealed the popwreck rakes in an average of $737,868 a month.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, claims in a declaration filed last Monday that Britney "is clearly the 'monied party' in this case." Kaplan is asking Brit to front $50K for expenses in connection with the custody hearing, claiming his bill will be in excess of $40,000.

The documents reveal K-Fed is receiving $20K a month for spousal support but the payments end on November 15.

As we first reported last Monday, the documents reveal that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is investigating Spears for allegedly neglecting her kids. The allegations -- poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits. The portions of the documents relating to DCFS have been totally redacted.

The heavily redacted docs include the names of the people who have been or are being subpoenaed in K-Fed's move to grab 70/30 custody -- Alli Sims, Promises Treatment Center, Dr. Betty Wyman (Brit's designated sober companion), Larry Rudolph (Spears' former manager), Daimon Shippen (former bodyguard), Shannon Funk (former assistant) and Christine Hallet (former nanny).


Larry Rudolph has been subpoenaed

Britney Spears's ex-manager, Larry Rudolph, who has admittedly been hiding out in fear of getting served, has been found. Perez Hilton reports that Larry was caught inside a Sunset Tan location in West Los Angeles and handed a subpoena. He was ordered to appear in court as a witness in the ongoing custody battle between Brit and her ex, Kevin Federline.

Larry had released a statement to, earlier in the week saying:

"As her former manager, I know and understand Britney better than anyone, I know what makes her tick and I understand everything she's going through. With that being said, my loyalty will always stay strong with Britney. I have consulted with my lawyers and I do understand that eventually the time will come when they will find me, but until then, I'm trying to avoid being brought into this mess. She's going through so much right now and I wish Britney the best."


Britney Spears's Former Manager Served in Custody Fight
By Kristin Boehm and Ken Lee

Britney Spears's former manager, Larry Rudolph, felt the burn during a visit to an L.A. tanning salon Thursday – he was subpoenaed in the singer's escalating custody battle, PEOPLE has confirmed.

Rudolph became the seventh target of Spears's ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Court documents released Thursday revealed Federline's team has also served – or intends to serve – her "sober companion" and a former nanny, her assistant, a former bodyguard, a former assistant and records at Promises rehab center.

The heavily redacted documents also disclosed Spears's income: $737,868 a month.

Federline receives $20,000 a month in spousal support and "has no net income after business expenses," the papers say. The payments end in November Spears is "clearly the 'monied party'" in the dispute and should pay $50,000 for her ex-husband's litigation expenses, Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, argues in the papers.

Rudolph was served Thursday afternoon, said Erin Tietsort, the assistant manager at the Sunset Tan (of reality show fame) in West Los Angeles. "He's employed here. He's part-owner," she said.

Tietsort described the process server as a 5'8" brunette in black slacks and a buttoned-up shirt.

"We asked her who she was but she just said she had a meeting with [Rudolph]. After he walked in he said, 'Can I help you?' and she just handed the papers and left. He had no idea. He then said [to himself], "Oh, okay. Yeah. They've been looking for me. This is for Britney Spears-Kevin Federline.' I was like, 'Really?' And he just stared out the window. You could tell he wasn't too happy about it," said Tietsort.

Rudolph had tried to not get served because he felt his testimony under oath could hurt Spears's case, Ryan Seacrest – who was in contact with Rudolph over the weekend – said Monday.

"He's actually on the run," Seacrest reported. "After all they have been through he is still loyal to her."

Rudolph, whose subpoenaing was first reported by, is just the latest person handed a summons to appear in court in the pop star's fight with ex-husband.

Spears's former assistant Shannon Funk, bodyguard Daimon Shippen and pal Alli Sims have all been served in the past month.

Kaplan, is behind the subpoenas, which will be used to compel those close to Spears to discuss her parenting style. The custody battle over Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months, began on Aug. 8, when Kaplan filed for primary physical custody.


Shar Jackson appears on MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar, premiering live tonight

Premieres Live August 30th at 10:00pm Eastern

Show summary:

The stars are literally lining up for Celebrity Rap Superstar. There's a seemingly endless supply of notables out there who want to be hip-hop superstars and are eager to show off their skills on the mic. Now MTV is going to give eight lucky celebrities hailing from the worlds of music, TV, film, sports and more a chance to compete in a thrilling winner-takes-all rap battle.

Who will be able to bring the heat? Can blogarazzi blabbermouth Perez Hilton out rhyme rocker Sebastian Bach? Will it be Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson, Laguna Beach/The Hills bad boy Jason Wahler or actress Shar Jackson who can drop mad science? Or will it be actress/singer Countess Vaughn, actor Efren Ramirez or former NFL player Jamal Anderson who proves they have what it takes to bring the noise?

And what's in it for them? Six figures worth of street cred, that's what. Yup, the winner is gonna walk away with mad money and mad respect!

Every celebrity will work on their lyrical delivery by performing classic hits and poppin' new tracks written just for them. But they won't do it alone. They'll have mentors by their sides to teach them the art of hip-hop. Who, you ask? Why, only some of the most well-known rappers of all time, including Redman, Warren G, Too Short, Bubba Sparxxx, Tone Loc, Bizarre and MC Lyte.

Over the course of eight weeks, each celebrity will learn their verses and practice their flow with their mentors. Then, the pressure will be on as they stand in the spotlight to spit rhymes in front of a studio audience and an expert panel of judges made up of industry heavy hitters DMC (Run-DMC), rapper Da Brat and radio personality Big Boy. Will these Celebrity Rap Superstars step up to the mic with impressive skills or will they trip on their tongues and find themselves mad dissed on live TV?

And you'll play a part in the whole thing, too, because who wins isn't just up to the judges. Viewers will vote, vote, vote for their fave celebrity rapper, weighing in on who should stay and who should go! Then, based on what the judges think and how the audience votes, there will be celebrity eliminations until the winning Celebrity Rap Superstar is crowned. It's gonna be off the hook!

Hosted by actor/comedian Kevin Hart (The Big House, Epic Movie, Soul Plane), Celebrity Rap Superstar has a talent lineup like no other. And if eight aspiring celebrity rappers, eight established hip-hop mentors and three respected judges weren't enough reason to watch, there will be plenty of surprise guests, behind-the-scenes battles, sensational showdowns and a never-ending supply of blunders and beef.

Any way you slice it, finding the first Celebrity Rap Superstar is gonna be one wild ride!

Shar Jackson's blog:

All I’ve known lately is being a mom, taking care of my kids, finishing up my album. Which by the way is not a rap album, but more R&B and pop music. I love a challenge and being that I’ve never rapped a day in my life, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. It’s just something I’ve never done before and put myself to the test. Also, other members of my family decided to rap… I thought I would give it a shot too…

So yes, the show is so out of my character that I had to do it. I figure if I could learn how to rap then I don’t have to pay any guest stars on my album!!! Can you imagine? Here’s Shar Jackson featuring MC Shar J!! Ha!

In all honesty, I’m getting over a fear. I’m terrified. I’ve never rapped. I’m not trying to embarrass my kids, they gotta go to school! I don’t know what’s going to happen but my kids have already said to me, “Mommy don’t do this stuff…” and I say to them, “You’ll be singing a different tune after I win damnit!”

In life, the person I truly look up to is my mom, and I think that’s important. Your parents should be your number one mentors. In my case it’s my mom. She’s the most awesome chick in the world although she’s never appeared on ‘Celebrity Rap Superstar’… I thank her for that : )

Life is too short to be unhappy. I want to be a mentor to a new generation and get down to them and tell them that they should focus on their education, work hard and get whatever they want. If the world wants a legitimate reason to laugh at me, this is it. So you reading this post, you should watch the show. Don’t miss it. I’m telling you, if it scares my kids you should definitely watch.

I’m diving in headfirst to have a lot of fun, so have a lot of fun with me and get ready for this ride!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One year ago...

Kevin Federline performs at the Teen Choice Awards
August 20, 2006

YouTube link

One Tree Hill Exec: Kevin Federline is “Humble and Sweet”

There’s a new resident coming to Tree Hill, and his name is Kevin Federline.

For his second TV appearance (he got his feet wet in primetime on CBS’ CSI), Federline has traveled to Hill’s North Carolina set to begin filming for his two-episode stint. But, as executive producer Mark Schwahn tells Us, if K-Fed plays his cards right, it could turn into a long-term gig once the show returns mid-season. How has Kevin performed thus far?
Mark Schwahn: We’re thrilled to have him- he was a great fit for us. This role is tailor made for him. It’s still very early in his acting career and he’s doing really well. Hilarie Burton ran lines with him and Kevin came very prepared. The climate on set has been great.

Us: Given all the media attention Kevin has received, has he surprised you?
MS: I have lived under a rock for five years making the show. I had a cursory knowledge of Kevin - I saw the Super Bowl commercial and knew who he was married to. People know a more bombastic version of him, but he seemed very humble and sweet to me - hardworking and well-intentioned. He’s been pretty fearless in the face of [media scrutiny].

Us: How many episodes has Kevin committed to?
MS: Two, but it’s open-ended. We have along history of being soap-esque and serialized—of having characters go away and then return. It won’t be based on fan reaction. If we have stories to tell for his character and the dates line up, he’ll come back.

Us: What did you think of the attention you got by casting him?
MS: I wasn’t nervous - I was surprised by it. [On the show], we’re comfortable creatively. We have this unprecedented idea of jumping ahead four years [in terms of character development]. We don’t need to invite Kevin in for the promotion or the press. It was about him being a good fit for the character. There was a time on this show when we might have chased that for attention. But we don’t need the attention – we’re not even on the air right now.

Us: Was the role of Jason written for him?
MS: My writers’ room is very pop culture-centric. They started saying ‘Kevin could do this.’ He guest-starred on CSI and [the team] thought he was great. I figured having been a dancer and a musician it would be an easy transition for him.

Us: Will he put his musical talents on display as well?
MS: He has a couple performance scenes on stage. He’s fronting a rock band.

Us: Is he actually singing?
MS: All that is prerecorded. We’re using an underground band, Pilot to Gunner, who agreed to do a couple songs for us. So he’ll be lip-synching. Kevin’s character has to have more swagger and presence than anything else.


Kevin Federline on "One Tree Hill"

New pics - click images for full size.



Actress Sophia Bush stopped to talk to reporters at yesterday’s Teen Choice Awards where she won three awards- Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thriller for The Hitcher, Choice Movie Actress: Comedy for John Tucker Must Die and Choice Movie Breakout: Female, but had little to say when asked what she thought about Kevin Federline’s guest-starring role on her show One Tree Hill. “I haven’t met him,” she insisted. “I know nothing about him and it’s rude to judge a book by its cover, so I don’t have any comment about that. I know nothing about it. We shoot in North Carolina. Apparently he auditioned here in LA, so I’ve had not even a moment’s contact with him.”


New information about Sam subpoena incident

New Criminal Investigation in Britney Fight
Posted Aug 28th 2007 12:18PM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned there's an official criminal investigation in the Britney Spears custody saga -- but it doesn't involve Britney or K-Fed.

Last night, at 6:09 PM, LAPD officers responded to a street in Venice, Calif. Aaron Cohen, a former member of the Israeli militia -- attempted to serve a subpoena in the custody case. Cohen, who works for K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, spotted Sam Osama Lufti, who may have some association with Spears, but we don't know exactly what.

TMZ has learned, according to the police report, Lufti recognized Cohen and then gunned his Silver Mercedes SL, smashing into Cohen's Buick. We're told Lufti then reportedly smashed into a Range Rover.

LAPD sources say they are investigating. We're told Lufti is the suspect, and the allegation on the table is assault with a deadly weapon with a vehicle.


Police Investigating Britney Subpoena Run-In
TUESDAY AUGUST 28, 2007 04:00 PM EDT
By Ken Lee

Police are investigating a car-ramming incident that occurred Monday night when Kevin Federline's legal team tried to subpoena Sam Lufti, a long-time friend of Britney Spears.

Aaron Cohen – the former Israeli commando who previously served Spears's assistant Alli Sims, among others – attempted to serve papers near Lufti's Los Angeles home.

According to one version of events from Federline's camp, Lufti apparently became alarmed, and repeatedly rammed his silver Mercedes-Benz SL500 into Cohen's black Range Rover and his assistant's Buick Park Avenue. The impact caused at least one tire on Cohen's Range Rover to pop.

However, Lufti tells PEOPLE that he was "surrounded by three cars and was hit from the front, back and right side of my car. If I did hit anyone, it would have been in self-defense. I was just trying to get to the police."

The incident "is being investigated as an assault with a deadly weapon with a vehicle," says Los Angeles police Officer Mike Lopez. "Detectives are still looking into the case."

Cohen had no comment at the scene.

This was the latest of several subpoena attempts by Federline's legal team, headed by attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. Sims, Spears's former assistant Shannon Funk, bodyguard Daimon Shippen and an executive administrator from the Promises rehab facility have all been served.


Federline vs. Spears Case Takes Violent Turn
Tuesday August 28, 2007

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears aren't the only ones clashing in their custody case. has learned that Federline's subpoena-serving attack on Spears' inner circle took a violent turn Monday night when Aaron Cohen, a process server for K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, attempted to serve a subpoena to Spears pal Sam Lufti, only to have his car rammed into by Lufti himself. A source tells Us that Lufti, seeking to avoid being served, spotted Cohen's parked car and drove into it before leaving the scene.

The L.A. Police Department confirms to Us, "On Aug. 27 at about 6PM, the LAPD received a radio call of a traffic collision in the area of Beethoven and Venice Blvd. in the Mar Vista Area of Los Angeles. Upon officers arrival, an investigation revealed that an Assault with a Deadly Weapon (with a vehicle) occurred. A police report was taken and the suspect was a male, driving a Silver Mercedes SL500. Pacific Division Detectives are handling the case and an investigation is ongoing."

There have been no arrests made yet in the case.

Meanwhile, a man identified only as “Sam" and described by Britney Spears fan site as “an all around good guy and friend to Britney” has claimed that it was Aaron Cohen who initiated last night’s violence. In a video recorded by x17, he says, “We were just on our way home, and right before I pulled into my driveway, I was surrounded by three of their cars. From the rear, from the side, from the front, the car in the front rammed into me, the car in the back hit, the car in the side scraped...the damage on the car speaks for itself.”

He added, "I was afraid for my safety."

Still, a source close to the case attempts to cast doubt on “Sam’s” story, telling, "Whomever [the subpoena] was for, if they had nothing to hide, why not just allow yourself to be served and go to court to speak the truth. What exactly are they hiding?”


Monday, August 27, 2007

Kevin Federline's legal team attempt to subpoena Sam a.k.a. "Jeff"

Here are three different versions of this story:


What Are They Hiding???

Uh oh! Major dramz!

Sources reveal exclusively to that a major incident happened in the ongoing baby battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

Aaron Cohen and his team of Israeli military-trained commandos were trying to serve papers to another Britney insider Tuesday afternoon when all hell broke loose.

The person - a man close to Spears by the name of Sam - was arriving at his home in Venice when he noticed Cohen and his team and freaked out.

“He drove into Aaron’s car and sped off,” a source tells us. “He didn’t even obey the nearby stop sign!”

The man was not served.

Police went to the scene to speak with Cohen and investigate the hit and run.


Jeff In Head On Collision With Kevin's Team

"Jeff," all around good guy and close friend to Britney, was just in a head on car crash with Kevin's legal team / servers. They were trying to (you guessed it) subpoena Jeff and were willing to stop at nothing.

An inside source tells me these men were "aggressive and dangerous." Luckily, the source says "Jeff" is ok: "He's fine, but the car isn't."


Video: "Sam" speaks to X17

X17 XCLUSIVE - Is Kevin's Legal Team Terrorizing Britney's Friend?

Britney pal and mystery man "Sam" has spoken to X17 exclusively to tell us a strange story of entrapment and assualt by five men he believes to be on the payroll of Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Sam claims Kevin's lawyer wants to subpoena him to testify in the custody battle waging between the former couple. He says a team of process servers, including one he believes to be the former Israeli militia man Aaron Cohen (who served Alli Sims just weeks ago), blocked his entrance to the parking garage at his apartment today as he returned him, surprising him with three cars driven into the path of his car, forcing an accident that left thousands of dollars of damage done to his new Mercedes.

Kevin and Britney's attorneys in court today

Pic: Dennis Wasser (Britney's attorney) and Mark Vincent Kaplan (Kevin's attorney)

Here are three different versions of what happened in court today.

From US Weekly (

Spears and Federline Attorneys Back in Court

The custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline continues in court today. Attorney Dennis Wasser, father of Spears' vacationing attorney Laura Wasser, is asking for a continuance on the case, a source tells The next scheduled hearing is currently set for Sept. 4.

A rep for the Los Angeles County Superior Court public information office tells Us: “The hearing was an ex parte hearing – meaning it wasn’t scheduled. It was a closed hearing, and all the proceedings were closed. It happened in chambers, and was closed to the public. The documents received are under seal. There is a pending review for release [of the papers to the public] with the commissioner, but no time factor [for reviewing those.] There is another calendared hearing for September 4.”

While Spears' lawyers are looking for more time, a source familiar with the case tells Us that Federline's lawyer “Mark Vincent Kaplan has been working very hard and has been very focused on gaining primary custody of the boys for Kevin." To that end, he has subpoenaed Spears confidante Alli Sims, former employees Daimon Shippen and Shannon Funk, and an executive adminstrator from Promises Treatment Center, where Spears attended a 28-day substance abuse program earlier this year.

A source tells Us, "Kevin wants to be able to provide a safe and secure environment for his boys.”


Who's Behind the Britney Investigation? -- Plot Thickens
Posted Aug 27th 2007 6:06PM by TMZ Staff

Sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services "abuse investigation" into Britney Spears does not involve physical mistreatment of her children.

Sources say the complaint lodged with DCFS involves allegations of poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits for her kids. Curiously, although DCFS keeps these allegations secret, they ended up in legal papers filed today by K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, suggesting it might have been Fed-Ex himself who lodged the complaint.

And get this: DCFS is all too familiar with the family. We've learned that another anonymous complaint was filed with DCFS on July 2, but it went nowhere.

Sources say DCFS has put both Britney and K-Fed under the microscope in the past. In February, 2006, DCFS famously investigated Britney after the notorious car seat incident with Sean Preston. Ditto April, 2006 (while Brit and K-Fed were still together), after Sean Preston fell out of a high chair -- another DCFS investigation came and went.


Child Abuse Claims Raised In Britney Spears-Kevin Federline Custody Battle?

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 27, 2007) – As Britney Spears and Kevin Federline continue their heated custody battle, have allegations of child abuse entered the fray?

Access Hollywood has learned attorneys for both sides were present at a hearing today in dependency court, which handles child abuse claims, among other things.

Access has learned today’s matter takes precedence in their ongoing custody battle, with all other issues being put on hold.

If the county feels the kids are at risk, they will begin an investigation. If they find either or both parents aren’t capable or unwilling to parent the children, the county will file a petition in juvenile court, Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Steve Cron told Access.

If that happens, Britney and Kevin would be allowed a “full blown” hearing where they can bring witnesses and experts to testify on their behalf. The judge would then decide if the county needs to step in, possibly taking over custody over the kids, according to Cron.

However, all details from within dependency court are confidential and at this time, it is unknown if the concern is over one or both parents.

Kevin Federline: some tabloid reports

Click images for full size.

From OK! Magazine - September 3, 2007:

K-Fed cuts loose in Vegas

After months of keeping a low profile, it was time for Kevin to let off some steam. So just before heading to Las Vegas on Aug. 17, he delivered his sons to Britney at her Beverly Hills home - where Criss Angel has just spent the night. "Kevin wasn't at all happy when he found out Britney had a guy sleeping over, with their boys in the house and the ink barely dry on their divorce," a source close to the aspiring rapper tells OK!. "But at least she was home for a change, rather than hitting the clubs."

Meanwhile, Kevin did just that, partying at the Venetian hotel's Tao Nightclub that evening. "K-Fed was chain-smoking and surrounded by girls," an eyewitness tells OK!, adding that he requested that the DJ not play any Britney songs. "He stayed pretty much till the lights came on."

The next afternoon, Kevin and his posse of about 10 people lounged in a VIP cabana at Tao Beach before making their way to the Tao Asian Bistro, where they dined on sushi, Kobe beef, chicken pad thai and lobster wontons. That evening, it was back to the club, where Kevin and crew drank Patron and Grey Goose and partied until 5 a.m.

But despite these rare evenings out, Kevin remains dedicated to his kids. "He's an amazing father," his ex Shar Jackson told OK! at the Aug. 18 Hot in Hollywood event. As for whether she would ever reunite with Kevin, who is the father of her daughter Kori, 5, and son Kaleb, 3, Shar says, "I'm happy with being friends now. The whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing didn't work out. Kevin calls every day. We see each other because of the kids."

From In Touch magazine - September 3, 2007:

Oh, no! Kevin's partying too

"He spent most of the time with the boys, but at one point he was between two girls dancing," a witness at Tao Beach says.

Kevin Federline hit Las Vegas hard in what he called his "big finale." Britney's ex turned up on the Strip with 25 buddies on August 17. "They got wasted constantly for two days and two nights," says a witness. The fun included Patron and Grey Goose shots by the pool at Tao Beach, lavish dinners of Kobe beef and lobster wontons, and more drinking and dancing into the wee hours. Kevin, who has signed on to appear in two episodes of One Tree Hill, "will not be returning to Vegas for a long time," an insider says. "From now on, it's nothing but the straight and narrow. He didn't mention Britney even once."


Britney's former manager still dodging subpoena

Britney Spears's Ex-Manager Dodges Custody Fight Subpoena
MONDAY AUGUST 27, 2007 01:00 PM EDT
By Stephen M. Silverman

As an unscheduled hearing behind closed doors took place Monday morning in the custody battle between exes Kevin Federline and Britney Spears, her former manager, Larry Rudolph, got word out that he wants no part of their legal battle – for fear of what he possibly might have to reveal about Spears.

"He said he's doing his best to hide from Kevin's process server," Ryan Seacrest, who was in contact with Rudolph over the weekend, said Monday on his KIIS-FM radio show. "He's actually on the run. They are trying to track him down and serve him with a subpoena and they want him to appear and testify in the custody battle."

Rudolph, who was relieved of his managerial duties by Spears earlier this year, "doesn't want to be served because he said it won't be good for Britney," said Seacrest. "After all they have been through he is still loyal to her, and he doesn't want to have to go under oath and talk about certain things that might hurt her."

The battle for custody of Spears's two children began on Aug. 8, when Federline's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan filed papers requesting primary physical custody of Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months. Among those served to testify so far by Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan are Promises Treatment Center, Spears's former assistant Shannon Funk, bodyguard Daimon Shippen and pal Alli Sims.

Regarding his whereabouts, Rudolph would only reveal is that he is with his children. Furthermore, said Seacrest, the former manager wants it publicly known that he is avoiding being served the subpoena.

"There is obviously a reason why he wants [that information] out there," said Seacrest. "Here is a guy who was with her from the beginning, watched her rise to massive success, was her dear friend and confidante, then was fired and now doesn't want to have to speak in court, because he wants to be loyal to her. There's another chapter to this."


Pics: Britney's parents babysit while Kevin was filming in North Carolina

These pictures backup the story from OK Magazine. They were taken days ago, I find it interesting that they are only being shown now. I guess they decided since the story was out anyway they might as well show them. I suspect there is a lot of filtering when it comes to what they decide to show us and what they don't.


Video: Kevin At LAX Airport

Fed-Ex was shipped back to Los Angeles from North Carolina yesterday after filming a guest role on the CW series "One Tree Hill." Return to sender!

A quiet K-Fed arrived at LAX accompanied by a bodyguard, which is now understandable after seeing the saucy stares from a lady outside the airport.

The always ballin' rapper former backup dancer left the airport in style -- by hailing a cab! Kevin's bodyguard opened the door for him, but didn't join him for ride. He must pay the guy by the hour!

Watch video here


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kevin On The Set Of 'One Tree Hill'

Click to enlarge.

And some more of Kevin arriving at LAX airport.


Saturday, August 25, 2007 reports on Kevin in Wilmington

K-Fed was in full force when he arrived in Wilmington on Thursday.

The former Mr. Britney Spears arrived on the set of the CW’s hit show to start shooting his first of two episodes. And from all accounts, he brought his A-game.

Pics are from Kevin's Axe body spray promotion in April.
Click images for full size.


Rumor: Kevin passes on MTV's "The Hills" cameo

Kevin Federline surprisingly passed on a seemingly lucrative offer from Brody Jenner this past weekend in Las Vegas: To have a cameo on The Hills! But Kevin’s not worried: He just landed a stint on the CW’s One Tree Hill!

On Sunday night at Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Brody and The Hills star Audrina Patridge were partying with their own group of friends, but at one point, they left their poolside cabana to mingle with Kevin’s posse. “Brody invited Kevin over to the Palms to make a cameo in The Hills,” a spy tells “Kevin declined the offer, though, deciding to stay at the Hard Rock.” (Kevin and Brody did bond though: Kevin lent Brody some of his pimp bling for him to pose in a few photos).

According to one Federline insider, Kevin, who’s in need of a gig, made the right decision: “With all the custody drama going on right now, and who’s a better parent, and who’s partying, I don’t think it’s the best idea for Kevin to get too involved with another group of Young Hollywood types who go out every night,” the source tells

Kevin was definitely one of the most popular Rehab party-goers, making the rounds at various cabanas: He made a pitstop at Kevin Dillon’s cabana to wish him Happy Birthday.


Rumor: Britney Spears' parents Lynne and Jamie spend time with the grandkids at Kevin's

With former son-in-law Kevin Federline away in North Carolina shooting his appearance on One Tree Hill, Britney Spears' parents Lynne and Jamie, stepped in to care for their two grandchildren, an eyewitness tells OK!

On the evening of Aug. 24, the proud grandparents took Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months, for a walk in red strollers shaped like motor cars near Kevin'’s rented $3 million mansion in Tarzana, Calif., 25 miles north of Los Angeles.

A bystander tells OK! Sean Preston kept telling Jamie “"I love you pa, pa."” Jamie replied "“You love your pa pa, don't you? Yes, u do!"

At one point Lynne had a hard time keeping dry as she chased after Sean Preston, sporting matching camouflage shirt and pants, as he ran laughing into a the spray of a garden sprinkler.

The boys also enjoyed petting a neighbor’s Chihuahua dog. "“It was a really happy scene,”" says the eyewitness. "“You can tell the boys really enjoy spending time with their grandparents. They looked healthy and their hair was nicely combed. Lynne and Jamie were bursting with pride.”"

After 20 minutes, a nanny emerged from Kevin’'s home and said it was time for the boys to go to bed. Afterwards, Lynne and Jamie, who are divorced, left at the same time but in separate cars.


Kevin Federline L’Officiel Hommes Magazine September 2007


Rumored info about Kevin's role on One Tree Hill

First a quote from Kevin's publicist Marilyn Lopez: "Kevin is extremely focused on his career right now as an actor and is very excited about this opportunity."


And now about the role:

The 28-year-old - who is currently fighting the 'Toxic' singer for full custody of their two children, 23-month-old Sean Preston and 11-month-old Jayden James - will play a singer who tries to help a drug-addict mother win back her kids from social services.

However, it is soon clear that while the mom loves her children she is not suitable to raise them, and sources claim this echoes his thoughts about Britney.

A source said: "Kevin is fighting for sole custody of their sons, claiming Britney's wild lifestyle and bizarre antics make her an unfit mother.

"And art will mirror life to his advantage in this TV role. The poor mom will be shown in a sympathetic light, but it will be clear why she is not allowed to care for her kids. Kevin will appear as the sexy knight in shining armor."

Earlier this month, Kevin, who has two other children from a previous relationship, filed for primary custody of Sean and Jayden - just two weeks after his divorce from Britney was finalized.

He is hoping he can show cause for being awarded primary physical custody following Britney's recent erratic behavior.

A source said: "Kevin is worried Britney is exposing the boys to unnecessary risk. His lawyer hopes to get Kevin primary custody."


Rumor: Kevin's attorney has subpoened female dancer in custody battle

Kevin Federline Plays Lesbian Card In Custody Battle

Kevin Federline’s attorney’s are earning their outrageous retainers. Kevin had them track down a female dancer who claims to have had a lesbian affair with his ex-wife Britney Spears and subpoened her in their ongoing custody battle.

Kevin says Britney hooked up the dancer on a night out with Kevin at a gay club in Copenhagen in 2004. Other club-goers report that Kevin and Britney were both into this mystery brunette that night but it was Britney who was all over her. At the end of the evening they were all seen going upstairs to KFed and Brit’s hotel room together.

Her testimony is just a tiny bit of the whole pie that Kevin is baking against Britney.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Kevin Federline in Wilmington, North Carolina filming "One Tree Hill"

Pic: Kevin at the Los Angeles International Airport with his bodyguard Big Mike. Source:

Kevin Federline Hits North Carolina for One Tree Hill Shoot
FRIDAY AUGUST 24, 2007 04:00 PM EDT
By Mike Fleeman

Kevin Federline wasted no time going from slacker to actor. Just days after landing a TV job, he arrived in North Carolina to shoot his first episode of One Tree Hill.

Federline, guest-starring as a "cocky, enigmatic frontman" for a rock band, came to Wilmington on Thursday and was spending a full day on the set Friday, with plans to leave on Saturday, a source tells PEOPLE.

"Shooting is going well," the source says.

Federline's character also appears in the next sequential episode of the CW series and he will be back in North Carolina to film that in the coming weeks.


TV Tidbits: Kevin Federline to spend several weeks filming in Wilmington
Friday, August 24, 2007
By Tim Clodfelter

Hurricane K-Fed has hit Wilmington.

Kevin Federline, who somehow gained fame by getting married to Britney Spears, is in North Carolina for the next few weeks filming a guest role in One Tree Hill.

He will play Jason, a front man for a successful rock band called No Means Yes that comes from Tree Hill, N.C., the fictional town where the series is set. He will appear in a multi-episode storyline.

Federline has been a fixture in the tabloids since he and Spears got married in 2004. His nickname “K-Fed” was jokingly changed to “Fed-Ex” after the two split.

One Tree Hill is filmed in and around Wilmington. The series is not on the CW’s fall schedule. It will return in mid-season.


Rumor: Shar Jackson to be a contestant on "Celebrity Rap Superstar"?

Shar Jackson May Take On Hip Hop
Sources Say Kevin Federline's Ex Will Compete On MTV Rap Reality Show

NEW YORK, Aug. 23, 2007

Shar Jackson may become a contestant on "Celebrity Rap Superstar."

(CBS) Kevin Federline's ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson, may be returning to television — as a rapper!

An inside source tells exclusively that the former "Moesha" star will be a contestant on MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar" which premieres next week.

"Celebrity Rap Superstar" is a live competition series that features a group of celebrity contestants, including gossip blogger Perez Hilton, coached by mentors like Tone Loc and Warren G.

Each week, eight contestants will be paired with their own rap star mentor, who will prepare them to master the art form.

The aspiring rappers will perform in front of a live audience and a panel of judges each week, covering popular rap songs. They'll also be creating their own rhymes and battling it out in freestyle rap competitions.

After each week's performance, the viewing audience will vote for their favorites and the contestant with the least votes will have to leave the show. The rapper left standing will be chosen as the winner.

The show premieres Aug. 30 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rumor: Kevin Federline's legal team will subpoena Larry Rudolph

K-Fed’s legal team can’t find Britney’s manager
Larry Rudolph says the folks with the subpoenas won’t be able to find him

LOS ANGELES - As Kevin Federline’s defense team plots their next move in the custody battle with Britney Spears, one potential target has disappeared.

In a phone call with “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush, Spears’ former longtime manager Larry Rudolph revealed he is a long way from home where the folks serving the subpoenas can’t find him.

“Where are you?” Bush asked.

“On vacation,” Rudolph responded.

“What are you doing?” Bush asked.

“Hiding out from Kevin’s processors,” Rudolph said, drawing a big laugh from both of them.

As it turns out, Rudolph’s friends have informed him that K-Fed’s team had been showing up at his office and on his doorstep, presumably in an attempt to make him the latest target of their subpoena smack down.

When he is finally subpoenaed, Rudolph will join Spears’ former bodyguard Damien Shippen, her former assistant Shannon Funk, her pal Alli Sims and even the pop star’s former rehab facility Promises in the list of those who have already been served.

Rudolph jokingly added that it’s all just a matter of time.

“When I come back, I’m sure they’ll find me,” he joked.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Tree Hill Creator: Kevin Federline a 'Good Fit' for New Role

Kevin Federline has landed a guest-starring role on the CW's One Tree Hill.

In the multi-episode arc, the would-be rapper plays Jason, "a cocky, enigmatic frontman" for No Means Yes, a legendary rock band in the show's fictional setting of Tree Hill, N.C, according to the network.

"Kevin came in and (auditioned) and he did a great job," Mark Schwahn, the creator of One Tree Hill, tells PEOPLE. "He really seemed like a sweet guy and I just felt that he would be great in that."

Schwahn acknowledges "people will say this smells of stunt casting" because of Federline's "really high public persona right now."

"I have to honestly say he was a good fit for the character," says Schwahn. "I don't know anything about the kid but he seemed very sweet and very sincere about working hard and embracing the opportunity. It's just about being good in the role."

This is the budding actor's second dramatic role. Last year, he guest-starred on an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as a young thug named Cole Tritt.

For the role, Federline donned a pig mask – and was a part of the episode that scored CSI an Emmy nomination for outstanding non-prosthetic makeup this year.

Of course, in 2005, Federline and his then-wife, Britney Spears, appeared on the UPN reality show, Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, which documented the early stages of their relationship.

And Federline played a fry cook who dreams of stardom in a Nationwide insurance ad that aired during the Super Bowl. As he told PEOPLE at the time, "I was skeptical at first. The whole idea of poking fun at myself – that's where I was iffy."

Meanwhile, Federline's former flame, Shar Jackson, with whom he has two children, is also doing a guest appearance on a CW show: She plays a young mom on Everybody Hates Chris in an episode this fall.


Picture: Kevin With Carmelo Anthony

Kevin pictured with Carmelo Anthony (NBA) at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


More Information On One Tree Hill Appearance

Britney Spears' former husband Kevin Federline is to guest-star in the next series of teen drama One Tree Hill.

The dancer and aspiring rapper, 29, is to play a cocky rock singer in several episodes of the show, a publicist said.

His casting follows a cameo appearance on police procedural series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation last year.

Centred around high school basketball captain Lucas Scott - played by Chad Michael Murray - One Tree Hill is shown on Channel 4 in the UK.

According to showbusiness trade paper Variety, the fifth season will "fast-forward" over the characters' college years and be set four years in the future.
An online diary will fill in the gaps in the plot before the series airs in early 2008.

Federline is due to start filming his scenes this week in Wilmington, North Carolina, where the show is set.