Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shar Speaks Out Again

"She's definitely keeping busy!" exclaimed actress Shar Jackson, the mother of Kevin Federline's two oldest children, when she saw the newest issue of OK! featuring Kevin's soon-to-be-ex-wife Britney Spears on the cover.

But when asked whether she'd ever leave her two small children Kaleb and Kori with their former stepmom, Shar wasn't so evasive. "No... [Britney] was connected to Kevin, not me."

As for her relationship with somewhat reformed bad boy Kevin, Shar explains that they are still "great friends. He made choices that were different." The two continue to share custody of their children, and Shar explains that she doesn't have to worry about Kevin being around.

Regarding the false rumors that she was pregnant again, Shar, who has also dated Britney's one-time husband (before the marriage was annulled) Jason Alexander, says she was told of them in a very peculiar fashion. "It was on the radio and my kids came in and said 'congratulations.'"

Source: OK!


Anonymous said...

How the hell would this bitch know Jason Alexander, much less date him?

I never believe a word out of Shar. I don't doubt for one second she launched the pregnancy rumor. She's still bringing it up, at some desperate attempt at generating more publicity.

Anonymous said...

Bitch needs to get her a job. That'll keep her busy.

Anonymous said...

Shar, please don't make comments about Britney because you don't know her. Remember she is the legal wife of Kevin and you are not. Lastly, look for a man who is willing to marry you and not just be used to make babies.

Anonymous said...

poster # 1 - umm, there were pics all over the place of shar and jason together. if they had something romantic, is only RUMOUR, soo.. heh.

i do believe shar has jobs, that arent' in the " paps " eyes.

so what if they arent' " blockbusters " , like brit is now. ? LOL

poster # 3 a marriage certificate MEANS NOTHING now, sad to say, so living common law, or a marriage, its' all the same in the eyes of the court. soooo ..

dont' forget brit took kevin from shar, she bought him, she promised him, and dont' even go there, ANY MAN would of GIVEN UP EVERYTHING to f*** britney spears.



Anonymous said...

Shar, don't use Kevin and Britney's name to be popular or get attention to public.Just do what ever you're suppose to be doing. Don's throw yourself to Kevin, he already found a new love.

Anonymous said...

Shar is just sooooooo jealous of Britney. I laugh everytime she makes comments about her Kevin and his wife Britney. Boy, she is jealous becaus the other girl is so rich, famous and lastly, married legally to hir ex.

Anonymous said...

I believe you got the right adjective for Shar, Jealousy!
Girl, don't be jealous ok!

Anonymous said...

Jealousy is a sickness, please get help, shar!

Anonymous said...

Shar is jealous???? I don't think so. Maybe she is just having pity parter because Kevin found a new love.

Anonymous said...

Shar is beautiful and I don't think she is jealous. Keep up the good works and hopefully you will find a man who is rich to marry you.

Anonymous said...

Desire for a man who will marry you, girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh come on now. what ? is the 1 person posting, maybe 2, like really.

shar is using this as publicity, oh god. LOL !!

when was the last time you heard about shar in the news. ? think hard now.. heh oh yeah ! the fake pregnacy rumours that brit started. oh yeah !!

really, how can you all say shar is in it for the publicity, when we never hear SHIT ABOUT HER ?!?

jealous of britney ? what is there to be jealous of ? should i show my twat in public like she did ? should i hang my tits out ? should i put my children in harmful situations so i can be in the public ? really what is there to be jealous of ?

her fake hair, her fat body, her neglecting to put on proper clothes

again, go back to the delusion


Anonymous said...

Gosh, After reading the different comments, I think Shar is just jealous because she could not get a get a good break. She has been in the business for years, yet she remains unpopular. Because of Kevin, she became known.ha? If I were she, I will thank Kevin and Britney for this opportunity.

Anonymous said...

she is known for as much as she wants to be known.

she could be arching her back, and acting crazy, and getting the media attention.

i think shar is doing just FINE !!

Anonymous said...

why cant this bitch shut the fuck up stop using britney & fed ex loser for publicity nobody cares about you bitch BRIT ALDERY BOUGHT YOU A HOUST

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kevin, be strong in the Lord, We will be praying for your success.

Anonymous said...

Think twice about who you knock up next time, Kevin. One's a publicity whore, the other a psycho.