Wednesday, July 25, 2007

People talks about custody of Sean and Jayden

Britney's Latest Bizarre Behavior Sparks Concern
WEDNESDAY JULY 25, 2007 12:00 PM EDT

Skivvy-dipping, soiling an expensive outfit and sailing with her sons sans lifejackets – it was a wet n' wild week for Britney Spears.

And this time, PEOPLE reports in its new issue (on sale Friday), her antics could have some serious consequences.

On July 18 the pop star, 25, and her unidentified blonde gal pal stopped off in Malibu for an impromptu afternoon dip (with Spears wearing only her skivvies!) before a crowd of photographers.

Her erratic behavior continued the next day when, after filming a new video (self-funded, according to a source), she reportedly had a "meltdown" during an ill-fated photo shoot for Ok! Magazine.

In the course of the session she apparently fretted that the ceiling might cave in, she allowed her newly acquired puppy to soil the floor and she wiped her hands on a couture gown after scarfing down fried chicken.

Finally, on July 20, Spears drew another wave of criticism for going boating with sons Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months – without life jackets. (Turns out they're not required by state law on such a large craft.)

Spears, who has no manager or personal publicist and has been without her BFF Alli Sims lately, "won't listen to anybody," says a family friend. "[Her family] is frustrated with the situation – and worried about the children."

Also worried, it seems, is their dad, Kevin Federline. The would-be rapper thinks his ex is exposing the boys to "unnecessary risk," says a source familiar with the case. "His lawyer [Mark Vincent Kaplan] hopes to get Kevin primary custody – soon."



Kelly said...

I'd like to see Kevin with full custody too, with Britney getting visitation. The thought of her with those boys scares me a little. I think she loves them but she's barely able to take care of herself nevermind anyone else.

9:48 AM<<<

I absolutely agree with you, I was hoping Britney would see the light and realize she needs help, but she's refusing to admit she has a problem and that's the first step to getting help, she pushed away the people that she should have in her corner, family is the most important thing in life and she's without her, and it scares me for those boys, she can't keep having so many different things going on in those boys life, no consistence. The joint-custody arrangement that Kevin and her have is what I was saying such happen, when she got her life together, but it doesn't seem as if she cares much, either that or she really doesn't see anything wrong with the way she's living.

As it is now, I think it would be best for those boys if they live with their dad full-time and only visit mom.

I hope though that Britney will come to realize that she needs help and get it soon, she and Kevin should be as much involve with those boys as possible, children needs both parents.

Kevin, I hope you can stay strong and give your kids all the love and stablity that they need, my prayers are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, be strong always! I am praying to God that he will let you become the sole custody for your two sons.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for your success, kevin!

Anonymous said...

Man oh man brit really needs some help. This is absolutely terrible. What the hell did that guy put her through that she's almost incapable of taking care of herself. Her kids should be taken away for their safety and not given to kevin since he won't even be there for them anyway. But damn, kevin needs to just step up a little. Quit the partying and watch those kids. Brit needs to see a psychologist for her problems. Her mother should be granted full custody.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I hope you get the kids, and you take control of Britney's finances! We trust you Kevin!

Anonymous said...

This is tragic, and you KFed fans talk about how he can get more money stinks.

He is a gold digger, through and through. The only reason why he is suddenly looking for work is to look responsible. Next we'll see a return of "Kevin in suits" pictures, and a cessation of "Kevin is partying" photos. He is a whore-mongering parasite, and Britney's life is worse for him having entered it.

Have any of you people any decency at long last? Have you any decency!?!

Samantha said...

Yeh, brits really gone crazy. I was one of her biggest fans until she dumped kevin.

i hope he gets fill custody

Anonymous said...

babies need the mother more i dont think she done anything too extreme to loose her kids no one cares too much about him his every move isnt documented you cant believe every thing you read the kids arent being abused she is the main provider she takes care of herself and federline to this day once she gets a support staff she will be fine remember kevin also took the boys to vegas

Anonymous said...

^ Going to Vegas is not the issue, going to Vegas with the kids without talking to the other children's parent about it is.

I don't know what Britney is doing. Every time she acts like she has no responsibility to anyone but herself she hurts her case more, especially when it involves the kids.

Anonymous said...

go get your kids kevin, britney is not ok.

put her back in rehab, but for ppl with bipolar or mental illness.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that Britney Spears hasn't "appeared okay" for months now and yet, Federline has taken no legal action! Shit, if I believed for one nanosecond that my child's other parent was in some fashion unable to fully cope with my children I would file a petition of custody in half a heartbeat!!! Federline has NOT done so!!!!

Nor, if reports of going to Vegas without permission are true, has he done DIDDLY SWAT about her being in Vegas for 2 days....IT IS NOT THE WEEKEND PEOPLE, HE COULD HAVE FILED ANYTIME SINCE WED...AND AS IT IS NOW FRI...I'm thinking he knew...or he and Kaplan are stupid (which I know Kaplan isn't)! Taking children out of state without permission is tantamount to kidnapping in most states because all the parent has to say is "I thought she was fleeing with my child and I have no idea where she is going"...thus a court order would have been issued for her to bring the boys back to Cali and hand them over to their father (NONR OF WHICH HAS EVER HAPPENED!)