Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rumour: Shar Jackson Pregnant With Kevin's Baby

ABC is not going to like this. Shar Jackson is on a show called "The Ex-Wives Club" where she helps other women and men move past their exes. Well, obviously Shar hasn't moved past her ex, because she's knocked up with his baby! That would make child #5 for KFed! Yup, he's a pimp.

According to Star Magazine Shar is in her 7th week. They report that while Britney was at Promises KFed and Shar got it on again. Shar is apparently sure it's KFed's, because she hasn't slept with anyone else.

A source said, “Shar wants to tell Kevin, but she keeps getting cold feet! She’s really scared of what he’ll say – if he’ll be excited or furious. What if he doesn’t want another kid?’ After all with her two, and Brit’s two, he’s got his hands full already! It would be Shar’s dream for them to get married and have another baby. She’d love to be living the family life with Kevin.”

Someone get a camera over to Britney's crib now! I NEEEEED to this the look on her face when she hears this news. Actually, get her spot at Promises ready, because she's going to be back in any day now.


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Anonymous said...

Are you sure? It might be constipation. Even then, the turd would resemble Kevin.