Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rumor: Kevin worried about Britney

US Weekly reports the following story:

Kevin Federline Worried About Britney
Wednesday June 27, 2007

Is Britney Spears in need of help?

Kevin Federline believes so. “He thinks she’s mentally unstable and too young to be a mom,” a source close to Federline, 29, tells Us Weekly, adding that the father of Spears’ two sons (Sean, 21 months, and Jayden, 9 months) “expects full custody of his children one day.”

(The two now share custody, but their divorce is not final.)

Indeed, the pop singer’s life has seemed chaotic lately.

As Us Weekly reported last week, Spears, 25, has been drinking again, and despite Lynne Spears' desire to patch things up with her oldest daughter, their feud continues; in fact, a source tells Us Spears is considering filing a restraining order against Lynne because “she doesn’t like that [Lynne] goes to Kevin’s to see the kids.”

(No paperwork has been filed at presstime.)

Still, Spears’ boys remain a priority: On June 22, she went shopping for them at Babies “R” Us and took them two evenings later to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, to watch the fireworks. And for the moment, Federline will be keeping a close eye on her.

Says a pal, “He loves his kids and, to that extent, he will look after Britney.”



Anonymous said...

yeah okay that is why he was living it up in Miami

Lashun said...

This is just a rumor started by Us Weekly during this bash-Britney phase. I doubt this rumor came from Kevin's camp, but it could have been. I wish they would actually get a name from their source instead of saying "pal" of his.

Anonymous said...

Those pals of his are the ones selling this shit. They've been doing it ever since Kevin meet her.

Anonymous said...

More crap out of the KFed camp to rehab his image. If he was concerned, he wouldn't be out partying non-stop across the country.

I can't figure out who is the bigger publicity-whore, KFed or Shar.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

how you on this blog can support him??he is using stuff like that to bash britney,he and his friend sell craps to tabloids for quick money,he is a user,we can't call him human being for what he is doing,all the stories in the magazine he made by him and his friends.i can't believe there is someone out there that can support this shit of man!

Anonymous said...

and where the hell is suge???britney needs to call him!!