Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shar Jackson talks about Kevin Federline and confirms his upcoming movie role

From CNN Larry King Live:


KING: Moving on.

JACKSON: I'm moving on, thanks.

KING: If anyone has to be bitter, you have to be bitter. You have one child, you're pregnant with another and your live-in boyfriend dumps you ...

JACKSON: Yeah, I got dumped. Yeah.

KING: Leaves you for Britney Spears.

JACKSON: Right. I mean things happen. It is what it is.

KING: Let me tell you ...

JACKSON: Oh, I found out, he called me a day before a bunch of pictures hit the magazines and stuff. He was just like, hey, I just called to let you know I hung out with somebody this week and, yeah, that was pretty much it.

I was like, you know what, I don't even want to discuss this over the phone. If you want to make our family work, come back and talk to me and let's discuss it. And he told me, he came home and we talked. And he said he had booked a commercial and he was going overseas to film it and went overseas with Britney and that was it.

KING: How badly were you hurt?

JACKSON: Oh, my God, I was wrecked. I was wrecked. I was pregnant, so I was already emotional. Hormonal. I was a wreck.

KING: How are the children now?

JACKSON: They are fabulous.

KING: How old are they?

JACKSON: They are two and four.

KING: Are they close to their father?

JACKSON: Yes, very much so. He's a good dad. He may not have been the best boyfriend, but he's an amazing dad.

KING: Do you have any particular feelings about Britney?

JACKSON: I don't.

KING: None at all?

JACKSON: No, none the all.

KING: Do you have a dog named Britney?

JACKSON: I did. I did. I had a Yorkie.

KING: Did you give the dog up?

JACKSON: Yes. I don't want to call her name. It was too close to home.

KING: Could have changed her name.

JACKSON: She was five. That's wrong. That's abusive.

KING: What scars has this left?

JACKSON: Really no scars. Just lessons learned. I learned a lot about myself and the person that I am. I love myself so much more going through it. And I am spending more time with my babies. The only negative is he's not my mate anymore and I actually I'm OK.

KING: Do you feel sorry for him?

JACKSON: For what?

KING: He's gone now from her?

JACKSON: Yeah, things happen. Circle of life. Circle of life.


MAPLES: I had a goal. That's like making sure this child knows her mom is emotionally stable and can be there for her and give her the kind of love she deserves.

KING: Shar?

JACKSON: Same thing. I had a brand new baby and three other ones. So I didn't have time to sit around. I had to get a job.

KING: You didn't have time to be bitter?

JACKSON: No, not at all. Not at all.


KING: Do you hate Kevin Federline?

JACKSON: Never, never. I love him to death, to this day.

KING: So you don't feel betrayed?

JACKSON: Oh, yeah, betrayal, yeah, definitely. Never deny that. But I know that he's a good person. People do things, people make mistakes. People just go in the journey the way their life is supposed to go. The way I look at things, everything happens for a reason and the way it's supposed to. He came in my life, blessed me with two beautiful children. I wouldn't take back any of that. I love my kids to death.

KING: Do you worry about Britney at all or care about her?

JACKSON: Why would I? I care make sure she's OK and healthy and all that.

KING: You have no reason to hate her?

JACKSON: No, no reason either way.

KING: You don't say she broke up my relationship?


KING: Were you going to marry Kevin?


KING: You had a date?

JACKSON: I didn't have a date. I figured if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it big, Cinderella style. And we had to wait a little while. When Kevin was with me, he wasn't working much so we had to wait.

KING: Do you take umbrage when people kid him about not having talent?

JACKSON: You know, I just feel like he will prove people -- he is going to prove people wrong so I'm not worried about it. Everything in its time. They will see.

KING: You want him to be successful? He's going to do a movie.

JACKSON: Yeah. He's going to do a movie.

KING: With whom?

JACKSON: Keanu Reeves.

KING: That will be good.

JACKSON: I will tell him, I can be his acting coach. That is what I do.

EVERHART: That's right.


MAPLES: Let me just tell you, I told Donald from the beginning, I'm not here for the money and I stayed true to that and he stayed true to it also.

KING: Shar, do you get your fair share from Kevin?

JACKSON: You know I...

KING: You weren't married.

JACKSON: We weren't married. But you know like I said he takes care of his kids. I don't want anything from his personally. As long as he takes care of his kids is all that matters to me.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, Shar, this question is for you. How did you feel when you saw pictures of Britney Spears with your children? And has Britney Spears ever tried to contact you?

JACKSON: As far as her contacting me, no, not really. I mean we really don't have too much to talk about. So I mean we're cool. We're social if we see each other. But we don't reach out and have tea or anything. And...

KING: How about seeing her with your kids?

JACKSON: ...I mean it was hard. It was hard seeing, you know, the new woman with my kids. But I'm a trooper, you know what I mean and I knew their dad was there and they were in good hands.

KING: How did he explain it to you? Did he just say, "I met another person?"

JACKSON: I mean it really wasn't explained. Honestly, Larry, you know, I read it in a magazine, kind of. I mean -- it really wasn't...

KING: So when he came over the house...

JACKSON: It wasn't explained. When he came to the house, it was a different story than what it was.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just want to say you all look fabulous. And I was wondering just in the recent months there seems to be a huge slew of celebrity divorces. And having come from high-profile relationships yourselves, how much do you feel the media tension really does play into the demise of these relationships?

KING: Shar?

JACKSON: Yes, it's not sexy. I mean seriously, the media adds so -- it's already a hard situation to go through and then to have people making up stories on top of it and saying what they want and covering...

KING: A lot of what you read is untrue.

JACKSON: Yes, most of it is untrue.

KING: Most is untrue.

JACKSON: And it's insane. It makes things so hard.




Anonymous said...

This pretty much matches everything she's been saying, just more of a complete picture than we've seen before. Glad the movie rumor is true, can't wait to see it!

ObviousGirl said...

Mother of christ, could she contradict herself anymore than she already has and is?

TT said...

meadia whore

Anonymous said...

ahahah he is doing a movie???? i bet in two years he will do nothing.shar is an attention whore like kevin is.
and she condradict herself

and he lied on her.he is a loser and pathetic man.

Anonymous said...

That is a great pic of Shar!

Anonymous said...

Told you, you stupid bitches.

Kevin dumped her, while she was pregnant with his second child. All because he found someone with more earning power than Shar.

Anonymous said...

Kevin in a movie role? Let me guess: He'll play a wigger again. What dramatic range.

Anonymous said...

2:21pm--and if you could, you would play the role of moron and it would suit you to a T!

Anonymous said...

kevin's single now and he still doesn't want her back. get over it shar, he aint coming back.

Anonymous said...

I think Kevin will always be fond of Shar and of course there is the connection with the children but I don't see him getting back with her.

Anonymous said...

Shar just "outted" Kevin by mentioning that he was being cast within a movie. Since he obviously wasn't offered even a tiny role, she just exposed (and embarrassed) him professionally.