Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kevin Photographed At A Hotel


Sorry, a version without the 'loser' tag is unavailable. The story that goes with the picture is that the woman went to ask him for a photo and he said no because the hotel doesn't allow it. However her friend was standing nearby and took this one.


Anonymous said... reader Lily had a less than pleasant experience with the former Mr. Britney Spears and writes in to tell us about it.

She says, "So I saw K-Fed this past weekend at Mandalay Bay at a coffee shop. I went up to him and asked him if he can take a picture with me (no, I'm not that I'm a fan of his but I wanted to get a picture to send to you guys). He was so stuck up and said to me that he can't take the picture because he will get in trouble (like he's some huge star!!) and then he said the hotel wouldn't let him. I was hoping my friend that was with me took a picture and he did with his phone!"

Anonymous said...

This is what was put on Perez's site.

Anonymous said...

Of Course this site won't put up the description of what the girl actually said because she said Kevin is stuck up.

Anonymous said...

Well this isn't a hate site, why put up a hateful description?

Anonymous said...

A photo labeling Kevin is a "LOSER" isn't hate. It is simply truth in advertising.

Anonymous said...

^Why isn't it labelled on your comment then? :p

Kelly said...

Some ppl don't know when to just fuck off, he said no, what's stuck up about that, and y'all call him the loser, idiots.