Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kevin Parties At Tao

Kevin was out at Tao with Wilmer Valderrama at the weekend.

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Source: X17Online.com

E!Online - New BFFs: Fez and the Fed

We miss the old Wilmer Valderrama. He has always had a bit of an edge, but back in his '70s days, he was as suave as his costar and best bud Ashton Kutcher. But now, the stylish fedoras and blazers have disappeared, giving way to a harsh buzz cut and big, blingy neck chains. Remind you of anyone? Hint: Throw in a grungy wife-beater, and we’re sure you’ll get the picture.

Well, that Kevin Federline channeling reached a crescendo this past weekend in Vegas. After Wilmer munched on sushi and Kobe beef at Tao Asian bistro (ironically, his ex Mandy Moore was spotted at a nearby Sin City hot spot looking her wholesome self), he headed upstairs to the club, where he emceed the bash and helped DJ Reach select records. And who should show up at 2:30 a.m.? His spitting image—K-Fed, of course.

My party pal tells me the two acted super buddy-buddy, passing the mike back and forth at the deejay booth and imploring partyers to "throw your hands in the air." The pair proceeded to rock the house till 4 a.m.

Now, I don't know whether this was a newfound friendship or the big-chain wearers have a party history, but I sure I hope it doesn't last. One K-Fed is more than enough for me.

Source: eonline.com


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's good to see him out having some fun. I missed him.

Anonymous said...

loser what a shame fo daddy.he is like this all the weekends loser go home!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's good to see Kevin partying and having fun. We've never seen that before, have we?

Anonymous said...

He gets paid minimum $10k for a lot of his party gigs. He may or may not be doing this one for fun. Either way, he's a lucky guy. I'd love to party with Wilmer myself he looks like fun.