Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shar Jackson talks about Kevin Federline and confirms his upcoming movie role

From CNN Larry King Live:


KING: Moving on.

JACKSON: I'm moving on, thanks.

KING: If anyone has to be bitter, you have to be bitter. You have one child, you're pregnant with another and your live-in boyfriend dumps you ...

JACKSON: Yeah, I got dumped. Yeah.

KING: Leaves you for Britney Spears.

JACKSON: Right. I mean things happen. It is what it is.

KING: Let me tell you ...

JACKSON: Oh, I found out, he called me a day before a bunch of pictures hit the magazines and stuff. He was just like, hey, I just called to let you know I hung out with somebody this week and, yeah, that was pretty much it.

I was like, you know what, I don't even want to discuss this over the phone. If you want to make our family work, come back and talk to me and let's discuss it. And he told me, he came home and we talked. And he said he had booked a commercial and he was going overseas to film it and went overseas with Britney and that was it.

KING: How badly were you hurt?

JACKSON: Oh, my God, I was wrecked. I was wrecked. I was pregnant, so I was already emotional. Hormonal. I was a wreck.

KING: How are the children now?

JACKSON: They are fabulous.

KING: How old are they?

JACKSON: They are two and four.

KING: Are they close to their father?

JACKSON: Yes, very much so. He's a good dad. He may not have been the best boyfriend, but he's an amazing dad.

KING: Do you have any particular feelings about Britney?

JACKSON: I don't.

KING: None at all?

JACKSON: No, none the all.

KING: Do you have a dog named Britney?

JACKSON: I did. I did. I had a Yorkie.

KING: Did you give the dog up?

JACKSON: Yes. I don't want to call her name. It was too close to home.

KING: Could have changed her name.

JACKSON: She was five. That's wrong. That's abusive.

KING: What scars has this left?

JACKSON: Really no scars. Just lessons learned. I learned a lot about myself and the person that I am. I love myself so much more going through it. And I am spending more time with my babies. The only negative is he's not my mate anymore and I actually I'm OK.

KING: Do you feel sorry for him?

JACKSON: For what?

KING: He's gone now from her?

JACKSON: Yeah, things happen. Circle of life. Circle of life.


MAPLES: I had a goal. That's like making sure this child knows her mom is emotionally stable and can be there for her and give her the kind of love she deserves.

KING: Shar?

JACKSON: Same thing. I had a brand new baby and three other ones. So I didn't have time to sit around. I had to get a job.

KING: You didn't have time to be bitter?

JACKSON: No, not at all. Not at all.


KING: Do you hate Kevin Federline?

JACKSON: Never, never. I love him to death, to this day.

KING: So you don't feel betrayed?

JACKSON: Oh, yeah, betrayal, yeah, definitely. Never deny that. But I know that he's a good person. People do things, people make mistakes. People just go in the journey the way their life is supposed to go. The way I look at things, everything happens for a reason and the way it's supposed to. He came in my life, blessed me with two beautiful children. I wouldn't take back any of that. I love my kids to death.

KING: Do you worry about Britney at all or care about her?

JACKSON: Why would I? I care make sure she's OK and healthy and all that.

KING: You have no reason to hate her?

JACKSON: No, no reason either way.

KING: You don't say she broke up my relationship?


KING: Were you going to marry Kevin?


KING: You had a date?

JACKSON: I didn't have a date. I figured if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it big, Cinderella style. And we had to wait a little while. When Kevin was with me, he wasn't working much so we had to wait.

KING: Do you take umbrage when people kid him about not having talent?

JACKSON: You know, I just feel like he will prove people -- he is going to prove people wrong so I'm not worried about it. Everything in its time. They will see.

KING: You want him to be successful? He's going to do a movie.

JACKSON: Yeah. He's going to do a movie.

KING: With whom?

JACKSON: Keanu Reeves.

KING: That will be good.

JACKSON: I will tell him, I can be his acting coach. That is what I do.

EVERHART: That's right.


MAPLES: Let me just tell you, I told Donald from the beginning, I'm not here for the money and I stayed true to that and he stayed true to it also.

KING: Shar, do you get your fair share from Kevin?

JACKSON: You know I...

KING: You weren't married.

JACKSON: We weren't married. But you know like I said he takes care of his kids. I don't want anything from his personally. As long as he takes care of his kids is all that matters to me.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, Shar, this question is for you. How did you feel when you saw pictures of Britney Spears with your children? And has Britney Spears ever tried to contact you?

JACKSON: As far as her contacting me, no, not really. I mean we really don't have too much to talk about. So I mean we're cool. We're social if we see each other. But we don't reach out and have tea or anything. And...

KING: How about seeing her with your kids?

JACKSON: ...I mean it was hard. It was hard seeing, you know, the new woman with my kids. But I'm a trooper, you know what I mean and I knew their dad was there and they were in good hands.

KING: How did he explain it to you? Did he just say, "I met another person?"

JACKSON: I mean it really wasn't explained. Honestly, Larry, you know, I read it in a magazine, kind of. I mean -- it really wasn't...

KING: So when he came over the house...

JACKSON: It wasn't explained. When he came to the house, it was a different story than what it was.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just want to say you all look fabulous. And I was wondering just in the recent months there seems to be a huge slew of celebrity divorces. And having come from high-profile relationships yourselves, how much do you feel the media tension really does play into the demise of these relationships?

KING: Shar?

JACKSON: Yes, it's not sexy. I mean seriously, the media adds so -- it's already a hard situation to go through and then to have people making up stories on top of it and saying what they want and covering...

KING: A lot of what you read is untrue.

JACKSON: Yes, most of it is untrue.

KING: Most is untrue.

JACKSON: And it's insane. It makes things so hard.



Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rumor: Kevin working on second album?

Posted by Janet Charlton on May 29, 2007 10:51 PM

Kevin Federline is NOT giving up on his musical career. He is investing his OWN money to produce a second album. The fact that his first album Playing With Fire was received with little enthusiasm hasn't deterred him. He's consulting with friends he's made in the music biz, like Scott Storch, but basically he's doing everything himself in his home studio. Nowadays he says he only leaves home if he gets paid to do it. No more clubbing.


Video and more coverage of Kevin and Wilmer

Video: Kevin Federline and Wilmer Valderrama

Freestylin' with Fed and Fez!?
Posted May 30th 2007 12:04PM by TMZ Staff

Nothing says hardcore hip-hop like ... Kevin Federline and Wilmer Valderrama?

The pair of wannabe rappers took to the mic at TAO in Las Vegas over the Memorial Day weekend, dropping their own vocals to whatever the DJ played. Where my dogs at?

Rumor has it that K-Fed invited Wilmer to appear on his next album. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.


Rumor: Kevin lands role in movie 'Night Watch'

BRITNEY SPEARS' ex-husband KEVIN FEDERLINE is embarking on a movie career after landing a part in KEANU REEVES' new film. The dancer/rapper will play a "small but notable" role in the thriller Night Watch, opposite Reeves and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, according to In Touch Weekly magazine. It won't be the 29-year-old's first acting job - he appeared in an episode of TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which aired in America last year (06).


Others set to appear in Night Watch include Naomie Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean), Cedric the Entertainer, Hugh Laurie (House), and Chris Evans (Fantastic Four).

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kevin Parties At Tao

Kevin was out at Tao with Wilmer Valderrama at the weekend.

Click on images for full size.


E!Online - New BFFs: Fez and the Fed

We miss the old Wilmer Valderrama. He has always had a bit of an edge, but back in his '70s days, he was as suave as his costar and best bud Ashton Kutcher. But now, the stylish fedoras and blazers have disappeared, giving way to a harsh buzz cut and big, blingy neck chains. Remind you of anyone? Hint: Throw in a grungy wife-beater, and we’re sure you’ll get the picture.

Well, that Kevin Federline channeling reached a crescendo this past weekend in Vegas. After Wilmer munched on sushi and Kobe beef at Tao Asian bistro (ironically, his ex Mandy Moore was spotted at a nearby Sin City hot spot looking her wholesome self), he headed upstairs to the club, where he emceed the bash and helped DJ Reach select records. And who should show up at 2:30 a.m.? His spitting image—K-Fed, of course.

My party pal tells me the two acted super buddy-buddy, passing the mike back and forth at the deejay booth and imploring partyers to "throw your hands in the air." The pair proceeded to rock the house till 4 a.m.

Now, I don't know whether this was a newfound friendship or the big-chain wearers have a party history, but I sure I hope it doesn't last. One K-Fed is more than enough for me.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Ex-Wives Club w/ Shar Jackson starts tonight

Shar Jackson stars in the hour-long, five-episode series Ex-Wives Club on ABC starting tonight - MONDAY, MAY 28 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET).


EX-WIVES CLUB -- They're rich, famous and gorgeous, but that's not the reason Angie Everhart, Shar Jackson and Marla Maples are doing this new show. They're also veterans of the breakup wars. They bring their "been there, done that" expertise to ordinary women who have suffered nasty divorces, showing them how to get over him, get back at him, and move on. (9 p.m., ABC)

As well, bebexoxo from reports Shar was on Good Day Live today:
  • They keep bringing up that she's Kevin's "ex," and the fact that she has four kids.
  • They show a clip of Shar on the TV show. She says sometimes when you break up your friends try to build you up but sometimes you need to break down.
  • Shar Jackson mentions her kids come first, then her work.
  • They approached her to do the show she didn't go looking for it.
  • She knows she looks like a fool claiming she's an ex wife, but then she says well I was with Kevin for four years and that lasted more than most marriages.
  • She brings up that her dog was named after Britney and she gave it to her godmother. Apparently she had like 5 dogs named after pop stars.
  • She claims Kevin will always be her friend. Also that she would see pictures of kevin during his Britney phase and say thats not the guy I knew, sort of defending him. When the host said do you think he got swept up by the fame and money, Shar responds I don't know he went through something.
  • Mentioned she was six months pregnant when everything went down.
  • Didn't want revenge when everything went down, she said no she had kids to worry about, her priority. Says "I could either have gotten revenge or changed diapers."
  • She's single, she's not ready to date. Again she says her kids are her priority. She's enjoying being single.
  • She told one of the hosts to stop referring to her as "baby mama". She sort of insinuated that the host was calling her baby mama because she's black.
From, Shar will also be on the KTLA Morning Show show tomorrow morning (7 AM).

Friday, May 25, 2007

Shar: Marriage to Brit hurt 'innocent people'

Shar Jackson's life has been a lot less chaotic since last November. That's when Britney Spears split from Kevin Federline, Jackson's former beau and dad to her children Kori and Kaleb (who turn 5 and 3 in July).
"When they were together, somebody was always at my door with a camera wanting to know what I thought," Jackson, 30, says over margaritas at a Mexican cantina. "Once they separated, nobody had to ask me anymore about something Britney did. That made life easier for me and my kids. There were a lot of innocent people affected by their relationship."

She says her older children, preteens Cassie and Donnie, were grilled for gossip, even by teachers. "They've had to change schools twice."

There was another innocent whose life was affected: Jackson's dog Britney — who was named for Spears long before Federline began a relationship with the singer.

"I had a bunch of dogs named after pop stars," she says, "But I didn't want to be calling that name anymore." So she gave the dog to her godmother.

Surprisingly, Jackson seems to include Federline as an innocent in the ordeal. Once he spilt from Spears, Jackson says, "I knew Kevin would get to be Kevin again and have his life. Britney's whole life is not realistic; it's a huge fantasy. And not everybody wants that fantasy."

Jackson now believes she is in a position to advise others about breakups. She's an expert on ABC's reality series Ex-Wives Club (Monday, 9 p.m. ET/PT). Jackson teams with Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples and Angie Everhart (who was engaged to Sylvester Stallone and married to George Hamilton's son, Ashley) to offer survival tips.

"The reason we can help is because we've been through it," says Jackson, who is now happily single. "And we've been through it in the most insane way possible, with everybody in the world watching."

In February, Jackson treated herself to a tummy tuck and is excited to show off her bikini-ready bod in Maui in August, when her parents, who divorced five years ago, will remarry. A romantic reunion with her ex isn't likely, though.

"He will always be a friend, but we don't talk about it going anywhere else."

Before K-Fed, Jackson was a successful actress. She started at age 3 and played Neicy (Moesha, Girlfriends) for seven years on UPN shows. "It's a little disappointing that now I'm known for the whole Kevin/Britney thing, because I have worked my whole life."

Ex-Wives, she says, isn't really a career move. "I feel that all the pain that I went through was for something. Honestly, from my heart, if I can help somebody get through that, then this is an opportunity that was placed in my lap."


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kevin Federline gets paid to party

Read New York Post full article to see what other celebs get paid.


Famous for: His rhymes, dawg!

He charges: $25K, but he’d take $10K if you offered. Pure Las Vegas provides him use of its company jet and several hotel rooms at Caesar’s Palace, but he’s been known to fly first-class.

What that gets: Two plus hours partying with K-Fed; he’s been known to stay longer than he contractually has to, all the paparazzi photos you want for the glossy magazines plus interviews with all the media outlets, and cell-phone snapshots for your friends to see. According to a New York club owner, “He’s actually a really great guy and a blast to work with.”


Monday, May 21, 2007

Poll: What would you like to see Kevin doing in the near future?

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Kevin Federline buys some new furniture

Although the source refers to "Allison" as his girlfriend and speculates they are moving in together, it looks like he is with Allison Joyce ("Allie J"), his day-to-day rep, and also a bodyguard.


New pics of Kori and Kaleb

Below are pictures of Kevin's kids Kori and Kaleb from Shar Jackson's official site, along with their older brother and sister Donnie and Cassie.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Video & Pics: Kevin Federline at bowling alley

Kevin bowls at Pinz, a bowling alley out in Studio City, Los Angeles.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kevin Photographed At A Hotel


Sorry, a version without the 'loser' tag is unavailable. The story that goes with the picture is that the woman went to ask him for a photo and he said no because the hotel doesn't allow it. However her friend was standing nearby and took this one.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Pics of Jayden James Federline!

Click images for full size.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Kevin voted 3rd most overexposed celeb

The Most Overexposed Celebrities
Lacey Rose, 05.10.07, 6:00 AM ET

Not all press is good press, no matter what the publicists say.

Consider pop tart Britney Spears, whose every move from club-hopping to head-shaving has grabbed gobs of tabloid ink. But rather than earn her adoration, the recent media onslaught has resulted in eye rolls. And worse.

According to studies by Encino, Calif.-based E-Poll Market Research, which provides appeal rankings for more than 3,000 celebrities, 72% of the U.S. population would use the term "overexposed" to describe Spears in 2007, as compared to only 54% five years earlier.To put that in perspective, most celebrities average between 3% and 7% during the peak of their careers. Worse: During that same period, her "talented" score, the presumed basis for her celebrity, fell from 35% to 25% on the E-Poll index.
In Pictures: The Most Overexposed Celebrities

But Spears isn’t the only star to have worn out her public welcome. Among others who audiences have tired of: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and the late-Anna Nicole Smith's lover Howard K. Stern. And while overexposure may have less to do with the precise number of headlines than it does the public’s perception of the celebrity, the 15 stars on our list have proved that familiarity can, and does, breed contempt.

So who's to blame? The stars, or the tabloids that cover them?

Blame the celebs, says publicist Stan Rosenfield, whose clients include George Clooney and Robert De Niro. "It's like the juggler's lament: The balls go where you throw them," he says. "If you show up at places that are covered by the media, then they're going to cover you. And if you don’t [show up], they won't."

It comes down to how these celebrities choose to lead their lives, adds In Touch Weekly editor-in-chief Richard Spencer. Risk-free lives don't sell magazines. "No one wants to read about the cup of tea and the great banana bread [a star] made yesterday," he says. "What gets exposure? Kissing a guy at 4 in the morning."

And while E-Poll Chief Executive Gerry Philpott agrees that the press can only build somebody up or tear somebody down so much, he argues that the 24/7 attention that the Internet provides expedites the fame trajectory, and the exposure that comes along with it. The result: "You can go from zero to 60 in exposure like that," he says. "And, for that matter, 60 to zero."

He cites American Idol cast-off Sanjaya Malakar, who comes in at No. 11 on our list, as example. Consider this: when we ran this list in early fall, the public knew nothing of the subpar singer or his many wacky hairdos. Some seven months later, the polarizing contestant is lining both the glossies and the blogs, even scoring an invite to the White House Correspondents’ dinner.

That kind of attention can be a turn-off for some, especially those like Tom Cruise or Lindsay Lohan looking for respect as an artist. But for others, like Malakar, that overexposure may not be a bad thing, opines Jake Halpern, author of Fame Junkies: The Hidden Truth Behind America's Favorite Addiction. For them, Halpern says, it's all they have. And more importantly, without it they cease to be celebrities.

"You're only a celebrity as long as you’re in the dialog of popular culture," he explains. And if you don't have your work, be it a movie or an album, to keep you in that dialog, you are forced to rely on exposure.

Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline, who ranks third on our list, serves as another example. Without the music career he hoped would take off--Federline's debut album, Playing With Fire, opened to critical disdain and lackluster sales--it's his tabloid presence that continues to open doors for his celebrity. Among the latest rewards: a gig as the AXE Bodyspray pitchman.

"For certain celebrities, it becomes almost a survival instinct," says US Weekly Editor-in-Chief Janice Min of that need for attention. "And after a period of time out of the press, there's sort of a hunger or craving to get back in."

But how easy is it to win back the people's favor, and thus the press', once you've lost it?

Very easy, according to Philpott. "In this country, we love to build people up, tear them down and then build them back up again," he says.

But Ellis Cashmore, author of Celebrity Culture, argues that staging a comeback is far easier for some than it is for others. The dividing point, he claims, is talent. And without it, he questions what the celebrity can come back with.

A star like Spears, on the other hand, can use her singing and dancing skills to win over fans, he says. What enabled the pop star to rise to fame initially will be the thing that can bring her back again.

In the meantime, Rosenfield offers this advice for Spears and her overexposed cohorts: "How can I miss you if you don't go away?" he says. "Just go away."


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Pictures From Stuff Magazine Party

Click on images for full size.


Kevin's Baby Offer

Kevin Federline offered female partygoers the chance to be the mother of his fifth child.
The wannabe rapper, who split from his wife Britney Spears last year, grabbed DJ Kid Rock's microphone at Louisville's Felt nightclub and shouted out his unusual chat-up line.
Kevin, 29, said: "I got four kids already - which one of you Kentucky girls wants to have my fifth?"
There were no takers for Kevin's offer, reports the New York Post newspaper.

Kevin, who is the father of 'Toxic' singer Britney's two sons, had complained his VIP table was too small when he arrived at the party on Saturday night (05.05.07).
He allegedly told organisers: "Yo, I need a bigger table - I got six b***hes with me."

Kevin had earlier attended the star-studded Kentucky Derby, where actress Brittany Murphy showed off a wedding ring after reportedly tying the knot with new boyfriend screenwriter Simon Monjack.
Kevin left his girlfriend Shar Jackson - who was pregnant with their second child at the time - when he fell for Britney in 2004.
Britney, who recently spent time in rehab, filed for divorce from Kevin in November last year - two months after the birth of their second child.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Kid Rock Offers Advice To Federline

At the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, Kid Rock did more than just bet on the horses – he ponied up fatherly advice to Kevin Federline.

Federline, 29, should keep his sons with Britney Spears (Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James, nearly 8 months), and his two kids with Shar Jackson (Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2), out of the limelight, Rock told him.

"You never see me photographed with the kids," Federline replied, Rock tells PEOPLE.

Earlier that morning, however, it seemed like neither minded the attention. At a party at Louisville's Felt nightclub, sponsored by the New York hotspot Stereo and Pama liqueur, Rock took control of the DJ booth around 4:30 a.m. before engaging in a rap battle with Federline.

"Everybody wanna be a friend of mine – you, you, you, you, you, you and even Federline!" Rock rapped.

"I like calling that kid's name really loud," he joked later.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kevin At 'Stuff' Magazine Party

While in Kentucky for the Derby Kevin Federline attended a Stuff Magazine party hosted by one of Britney Spears' "Crossroads" co-stars, Taryn Manning.

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