Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kevin Parties With Paris Hilton

Kevin Federline was seen at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas with Paris Hilton on Friday night. The club was hosting Jason Stauss' birthday party.

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Anonymous said...

where are the kids??

he is still ugly and loser!!

Anonymous said...

okay im pissed! when britney goes out to the friggen grocery store people hound her calling her a terrible mother and asking her where the kids are but no when fedex goes out several nights in a row and with PARIS HILTON no one says a word! DOUBLE STANDARDS! this creep is going right back to his old ways even though I never thought he left!

Anonymous said...

^No one says a word? You should read the comments on here and the ones on X17!

Dee said...

FIrst of all she is wearing face powder that is supposed to match her skin tone in the winter. From the neck down she is tan. It does not match her face ya'all. She need to go to the makeup counter and get a match up foundation for the summer with sunscreen for her face to match her tan. Her boy toy is cute especially with those blue eyes of his but for her to be partying with "Kevin Federline" is such a slam to Britney. Period! I thought they were friends or was that an act for the media? PHOTO OP anyone! Or is Paris the hollywierd town tramp or is she the blind item mention on This picture is worth a thousand words: Look at Kevin taunting Britney with that googa look, like unhuhhhhh look at me! I might be doing Paris for the night and know one can stop me but that's for you to figure out. If I was him, I would flee from that infected, diseased and prejudice troll, he might catch herpes and only God knows what else. This young lady got some serious issues going on right now and everybody knows it. I guess because she is blue eye and blond with a shit load of money nobody is really paying attention to that disease infested shit! Remeber the Valtrex shit from "Paris exposed", Kevin is better off running back to his x-wife Britney or his other baby momma Shar if he know whats good for him right now. I don't think Ms. Britney or Ms. Shar got herpes or any infected disease going around in hollyweird for that matter. Or has someone heard something differently? huh! I know the baby mommas are through with Kevin's fine ass! Brotha man got some issues and it is okay that Britney and Shar has a flock of children to spread his seed. Britney is a "DIVA" anyway. Hell yah ya'all! It's all good! Stay away from "Paris" if you know what is good for yah. Try to win "Britney" back. f---K the naysayers dude!

Anonymous said...

Where are the kids?

Now that he has Britney's money, he doesn't make the slightest attempt to at least look like he cares about the kids.