Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kevin hosts Boylston Street club’s launch

Gypsy crew shares cocktails with K-Fed

America’s Favorite Ex-Hubby Kevin Federline may be single now, but he was on his best behavior the other night at Gypsy Bar, where he made nice with a big bunch of bodacious beauties.

And you know how we hate that!

The once-aspiring rapper, who was just sent packing by pop princess Britney Spears, hosted the Boylston Street club’s launch of its newly renovated VIP room, where gals were encouraged to “Dress for Access” to the roped-off area.

K-Fed was tricked out in his typical post-divorce attire - a stylish button-down under an open striped blazer, jeans, white sneakers and big bling in each ear. Stationed at a spot by the bar, Spears’ ex-spouse posed for pics and chatted up every fleshpot who flounced his way - including the Dice-K Girls.

But talking was as far as any of the young beauties got with him!

“The attention (from women) isn’t that strange,” Federline told the Track. “Boston isn’t even that bad. It’s been worse.”

Well, the Hub ain’t exactly Vegas, his home away from home!

He added that his La-La hometown is the “mellowest spot” in the country, where he can get around with relative anonymity.

Perhaps now that the paparazzi isn’t so interested since Brits kicked him to the curb. We’re just sayin’.

In between cigarette breaks K-Fed, the father of four, sipped on mixed drinks and acted like a gracious host.

“He’s hot,” gushed one partygal, Kaylie, who was celebrating her 21st birthday at Gypsy Bar that night. “And he’s soooo nice. He took a Patron (tequila) shot with (my friend and I) and posed for a picture!”

Right before last call, Federline and his modest posse - his big-boned bodyguard, Big Mike, best bud Eddie Morales, who doubles as Justin Timberlake’s choreographer, and Soul Estates Records’ Dennis Dunphy - ducked out of Gypsy and headed over to its sister bar, Liquor Store. That’s where Kev set up shop by the mechanical bull ring.

Laughing at a fan’s plea to join her for a ride, the host with the most politely declined. Guess K-Fed didn’t want to see photos of him and a blonde beauty on a bucking bronco making the rounds on the Web today. Too bad.

Unlike the K-Fed we knew during his two-year marriage to Britney, her one-time backup dancer hubby made a stealthy exit from Liquor Store at closing time and headed back to the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge to party in private with his pals.

Earlier in the day, Federline eschewed the Hub’s historical sites and chose to do the things that Beautiful People in Boston do - shop at Riccardi and I Boutique on Newbury Street and lunch at Stephanie’s.

Source: thetrack.bostonherald.com

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Anonymous said...

Hah, that girl looks excited to be pictured with him!

Anonymous said...

Nice suit, you fucking liar.

Anonymous said...

he needs to stop acting like he is some kind of a pimp 'cause he's not. is that eddie morales in the back, i find it funny that he is wearing the same jacket just like kevin did on april 13. maybe they are sharing clothes because kevin can no longer spend britney's money.

Kelly said...

Amazing you all claim not to like this guy, but y'all spend all your time on here so y'all can post crap as soon as an update is made, LMFAO, you ppl are hilarious.

Kevin looks amazingly hot and seem like he had tons of fun, atleast he's fine with just chilling and been himself, all my love to him and his kids.

Anonymous said...

'Amazing you all claim not to like this guy, but y'all spend all your time on here so y'all can post crap as soon as an update is made, LMFAO, you ppl are hilarious.'

I know right, rofl!

Anonymous said...

he stayed at the Hotel Marlowe and his entire floor smelled of marijuana

Anonymous said...

eww he disgusts me