Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Videos: Kevin in Las Vegas celebrating his birthday

Daily 10 - March 26th

Source: britney.cl
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From Splash-video.com:

(1) Kevin Federline is with family and friends at his birthday party at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas. He is sitting with a beautiful lady in the private vip area drinking and laughing with her. Paris Hilton is also seen leaving the Hard Rock.

(2) Kevin Federline is seen walking to the gambling hall of Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Kevin then proceeded to blow a few thousand dollars on craps, blackjack and two slot machines before cashing out his small winnings and heading back to his hotel suite where his children were.


Anonymous said...

Better Headline: "Casino Confirms Federline a Loser"

Anonymous said...

umm who does this loser think he is, he is not special, he isnt famous, he cant sing, taco bell fired him, and when the divorce is final, his ass will be broke, WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE HIM. when i saw he had a fansite i just had to check it out, and by reading all the comments on here, this really isnt a fansite, 90% of the people hate him, haha, one girl wants to masturbate to his picture, come on, ONE, yeah thats fucking nasty, this site is a JOKE, who ever runs this, god bless you, i hate kfed but if you like him its kewl you have a website about him, but im sorry nobody else likes him! byebye kfans or kfan (without the s)