Saturday, March 10, 2007

National Enquirer rumor about reality show

Alison's note:

I haven't posted anything about this sooner, because I personally don't think there is much chance of it being true. In my opinion probably the two worst sources out there are National Enquirer and News Of The World - they both have made up so many stories. There have been rumors of a reality show in the past however, back just a few weeks after Kevin and Britney filed for divorce. So I think it's possible there may be a reality show at some point, just probably not the one described by National Enquirer.

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Source: National Enquirer, March 19, 2007 and


Anonymous said...

Pimpin out his sons for the camera.

Anonymous said...

Poster 10:38pm Best reserve your assine comments until it happens.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it is true.

The full wit and wisdom of Kevin Federline was revealed in his aria, Popozao.