Friday, March 16, 2007

More info about Kevin's birthday parties


March 21, 2007: Now that K-Fed is Suddenly Respectable he's expecting a big turnout at the birthday party he's throwing himself next Wednesday. It's at a West Hollywood place called Eleven. In plugging the place, the club's publicity people say "Fridays and Saturdays are when things get out of control. We won't spoil it, but hint: it has something to do with a trapeze and a fiery Vegas-inspired water show." And bring the kids! Also, K-Fed is inviting potential guests to go by Rudy's Barbershop and get a Britney-style buzz cut for the occasion.


March 24, 2007: H-HEF VS. K-FED

It is uncommon to see Hugh Hefner and Kevin Federline in the same column as having anything well, in common except this is Vegas and the two newsmakers will have competing birthday parties on Saturday, Mar. 24.

While LUXE LIFE doesn't expect the same level of party competiiton as Mariah Carey's and Janet Jackson's parties from last year or Pamela Anderson's and Kid Rock's soirees over New Year's Eve, it will be interesting to see which stars turn out for which party. Hef will be entertaining at his Playboy Club at the Palms while K-Fed will be VIP at Pure in Caesars.

Hef should have game, set and match as an entire weekend party is being thrown in his honor and hosted by his lovely 'Girls Next Door' that includes a Sunday Playmate sleepover. K-Fed is sponsoring a search contest where prizes include entry to his parties in Vegas and LA.


Anonymous said...

Happy 29th birthday Kevin! All the best in the upcoming year.

Anonymous said...

using the searchwithkevin search engine yielded the following results:
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