Saturday, March 24, 2007

More gossip about settlement and custody


Since leaving rehab on Tuesday, Britney Spears has been spending quiet time at home, receiving visits from her children and estranged husband Kevin Federline.

"She's is going to lay low," a friend says. "She's taking care of herself."

In the days since Spears checked out of Malibu's Promises treatment center, Federline and their sons Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James, 6 months, visited the singer once, and the children came with a nanny another time.

Federline, who cared for the boys during the four weeks Spears was at Promises, hopes to continue doing so until he believes her rehab follow-through is working, a source told PEOPLE on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, he's planning to go to Las Vegas this weekend to celebrate his 29th birthday at Caesars Palace's Pure Nightclub, returning three weeks after a visit there with the kids while Spears was in rehab. Spears is not expected at the party.

Before her stint in Promises, Spears was working on a new album for release this year. R&B star Ne-Yo had been slated to work with her, but he tells PEOPLE: "The Britney stuff is on the back burner right now because Britney is fighting her battles and dealing with her demons. I really think if people leave Britney alone for a minute that she'll be alright."

Still, he says, he has heard some of her new songs and "musically she definitely has a chance to come back."

"Now she's got to do what Whitney did," he says. "She has to take the time to get the negativity out of her life so that she can come back and do what people love her for in the first place."


TMZ is claiming Kevin's settlement will not be the $19 million reported by some - "put a decimal point between the 1 and the 9 and then reduce it significantly."

"The divorce is winding its way to a quick end. Britney and Kevin are getting along, and they have agreed in principle to a custody arrangement. As TMZ first reported, there will be a 50/50 custody split for now, but in the long run , Britney will get primary custody.

As for how Britney is doing, we're told she has had an utter personality change since going into rehab. She has become "nice as well as reasonable," according to a source who has contact with her."


Anonymous said...

That's great. I'm very glad that he's not getting that much damn money. He SHOULD continue to take care of the kids, until Britney is ready to resume!

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't care if Kevin gets 19 million or 1 million, he's smart and he's going to be just fine. He's proven to be an excellent parent and I'm proud of him.

Anonymous said...

^ Yeah. All it took was rehab....

Anonymous said...

Right 8:04 AM, Kevin has a bright future ahead of him making pizza deliveries.

Anonymous said...

now lets see if he gives a shit about the other two he has, uh NOT, pleez, once britney gets the kids back i hope he is still in there lives, he didnt seem to care before she went into rehab, if he had any respect for her he wouldnove gone out and got drunk WITH THE KIDS WITH HIM on his bday, lord knows what he did when he got th the hotel wasted as hell, THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMMM.

Anonymous said...

i think kfed will get shot in like two years, by some rapper, like 50 cent, yeah he hates white people, and then shar will be soo sad and get social security for her two kids and live off the government

Anonymous said...

if he doesnt get shot he will dissipear, to the taco bell back in fresno,hahahahahaha