Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kevin Receives Balloons and Flowers On His Birthday

To say that Kevin Federline's matured a lot in the public eye in recent months would be an understatement- after all, it wasn't too long ago that his split with Britney Spears was looking to play out as one of the nastiest seperations in history. These days, however, he's more than willing to lay his differences with his ex aside for the common good- even on his birthday!

Yesterday for instance, Kevin turned 29- but with Britney getting out of rehab and returning to her Summit Circle home, he found five hours to bring Sean and Jayden around to visit their reinvigorated mother. Kevin then returned to Tarzana with the kids only to find a deliveryman waiting with flowers and balloons. Hopefully they came from Britney as a token of thanks- Kevin certainly deserves them!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah cool, I hope he had a very wonderful birthday, ONE LOVE, BABE.