Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kevin and the kids visit Britney again yesterday

X17's photographers are reported that Kevin Federline took Sean Preston and Jayden James to visit their mother in rehab at ten in the morning yesterday. The family reunion was short-lived, however, as Kevin took the kids home after less than an hour with a downcast expression on his face.

Kevin's visits to Britney seem to be more frequent. In this video, you can see Kevin chauffeured by his bodyguard and X17's photogs say the kids were in the back seat.


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Anonymous said...

Kevin, I wish for you and your kids all the very best, I'm glad you take them to see their mother, I just really hope she's doing what's right, I'm on the outside looking in and I'm hoping that the things that are coming out isn't all true, take care of yourself and the kids and stay strong, ONE LOVE.