Monday, February 05, 2007

Video: Kevin backstage at a Superbowl

Kevin Federline backstage at a Superbowl venue on Miami's South Beach. Britney Spears' ex happily poses for photos and shakes hands with members of the public. K-Fed, who is in town after starring in a controversial advert to be screened at half-time, can be seen just hanging out with his entourage, smoking, drinking and texting furiously. But he is hardly keeping a low profile by picking a table on the pavement of one of the town's busiest roads. He can also be seen walking through the crowds on Ocean Drive.



Anonymous said...

For the third time... Kevin gets along with everyone.

Anonymous said...

I know, everybody who has ever met him, always has all nice things to say about him, that's very good.

His smile is so beautiful in that pic, lol, I can't help it, he has the most amazing smile.