Thursday, February 15, 2007

US Weekly's take on the Kevin/Justin exchange

You might think things would be tense between Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake, but apparently it's the opposite.

With both of Britney Spears' exes in Los Angeles last weekend for the Grammys, it was only a matter of time before the two had a close encounter -- which was caught by photographers on the red carpet at the Rolling Stone pre-Grammys party Feb. 9 at L.A. club Avalon.

Witnesses say Federline, 28, appeared caught off-guard when his ex boss, Timberlake, 26, came up behind him and gave him a happy greeting.

"Justin walked right up and they man-hugged," say an eyewitness. "It was clear that they really like each other."

But do they really? Us magazine brought in an expert to analyze the exchange.

According to to body language expert Lillian Glass, the hug was a "sympathetic gesture," and indicates "they're like comrades."



Anonymous said...

Hahaha, 'usweekly' is hilarious, surprise they didn't say they were dating, lol, these ppl are so stupid, last week they said the sat for 20,mins and chatted and laugh, and this week they're analyzing their body language, they're so freakin great.


lashun said...

Knowing "Us Weekly", Justin & Kevin dating would be next week's story.

Anonymous said...

Careful Justin, or Kevin will try to knock you up next.