Friday, February 23, 2007

Promises - where Britney is getting help


If you or your loved one is need of alcohol rehab or drug rehab, we are glad you found Promises. We are here to assist you in all facets of getting yourself or your loved one into treatment. Part of that assistance is answering some questions you may have about how the addiction recovery process works. Please take a moment to review the information below:

Rehabilitation and recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction is a lifelong process. The highest chance for sustained sobriety comes from seeking professional help – help that Promises has been providing addicts and alcoholics for almost 20 years. Professional, experienced addiction specialists effectively guide recovering addicts from detoxification through ultimate treatment which identifies and changes old habits.

One of the initial goals for any addict is to detox – a process which cleanses the body of the toxins that come from drug abuse. A professionally monitored detox program ensures the most safe and comfortable management of physical and psychological symptoms. During the medical detox period, a physician is present to ensure the safety and comfort of the detoxifying individual. A quality program also includes counseling and analysis of the psychological root of one’s addiction and serves as a transition to primary treatment.

When an individual admits to Promises, our goal is to directly address the disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Our approach involves professional addiction treatment such as psychotherapy, family therapy, support groups, and other counseling services. It also includes other activities designed to strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Our experience has shown that when traditional therapies are combined with specialized treatments, the result is a sizable increase in graduates achieving sobriety and coping with changes. The Promises comprehensive approach ensures a smooth reintegration into mainstream life including socially, professionally and personally.

At Promises, our alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation programs are available in various forms and locations to accommodate the financial and scheduling needs of each participant. Currently, we offer the following programs:

* Residential treatment (Inpatient treatment)
* Outpatient treatment
* Extended Care
* Day Programs
* Sober Living



Anonymous said...

Best wishes to her. As dramatic and chaotic as things have been the last few days, at least she's now in a place where she can get help and things are finally out in the open. It may have been a painful experience but it needed to happen if things were going to get better in the long term.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:23 - I totally agree. A very painful experience for all concerned but one that needed to happen in order for her to start getting the help she needs. As hard as it will be for her to get through this, it will also be hard for her family, especially Kevin and the children. We wish her well.