Wednesday, February 28, 2007

People and US Weekly talk about Kevin and Britney


Kevin Federline Gives Britney Spears an Ultimatum

Britney Spears caused a case of mass whiplash when she bolted from rehab after less than 24 hours – then checked back in days later. The reason for the quick turnaround? An ultimatum from Kevin Federline, a source tells PEOPLE.

Upset by the news that Spears had checked out of Promises in Malibu on Wednesday, Federline scheduled an emergency hearing to seek physical and legal custody of their sons Sean Preston, 18 months, and Jayden James, 6 months, says a source.

Ultimately, Federline, 28, gave his estranged wife a choice: Either she got back into Promises that night or Federline would go to court in the morning, says the source.

(Spears, 25, had since January had custody of the boys, with visitation for Federline, thanks to a temporary court order issued after she filed for divorce in November.)

At about 7 p.m. that night, Spears, driven by a friend, showed up outside Federline's home in Tarzana, Calif. – followed by some 20 paparazzi. Federline failed to appear, so she left.

When a photographer followed her to a gas station, she became enraged and began whacking his SUV with an umbrella. Later that night Spears's mother, Lynne, 51, who had flown in from her home in Kentwood, La., to be near her daughter and grandsons, took Spears back to Promises. Says a friend of Federline's: "Britney scared everyone real bad."

On Friday Federline – who, sources say, also played a role in persuading Spears to enter rehab in the first place – spent an hour visiting his ex at Promises; the next evening he also brought the boys, and they were joined by Lynne.

"Kevin is working closely with Lynne to let Britney know how serious it is that she gets help," says one family friend. A source close to Federline notes that "Kevin loves Britney ... nothing has changed about that."

Right now the boys are "being taken care of by Kevin," says a source. "Lynne is helping." Eventually, says a Spears family friend, Federline, who will turn 29 this month, "would like [Britney] to have the kids because he thinks she is a good mother."

But to make that happen will require hard work. A typical stay at Promises lasts 45 days – and Spears "is getting no special treatment," says her manager Larry Rudolph. "She has a regular room, a regular routine. She is doing exceptionally well."


Kevin's Side of the Story
Wednesday February 28, 2007

Britney Spears’s current rehab stint has already had one positive outcome -- Kevin Federline's transformation into Super Dad.

A source close to the former back-up dancer says he's currently put his life on hold while he works overtime to care for his two sons (Sean Preston, 17 months, and 5-month-old Jayden James) and bring his family back together.

“He’s devastated and cries all the time,” a source close to Federline, 28, tells Us. “Kevin wants to get back together with her. He is her biggest supporter."

The former Mr. Spears may be Mr. Responsible now, but he wasn’t always the picture of perfect fatherdom. In the days before Sean Preston was born, Federline was seen partying and smoking marijuana in L.A. and Las Vegas.

But his experiences with Spears seems to have transformed him. And he might be helping the pop star get back on track, too.

It was at least partially at his urging that Spears entered rehab at the Crossroads Center on the island of Antigua. And when she checked out a day later, Federline and Spears’s mom, Lynne, took the drastic step of taking her children away from her. Federline reportedly told her she couldn’t see her sons again until she went to rehab.

It’s unclear how Brit will fare in all this, but one thing is clear: K-Fed is emerging as much more than a punchline for late night TV fodder.


Anonymous said...

For the love of God...KAPLAN CONFIRMED NO ONE SCHEDULED ANY SORT OF COURT APPEARANCE! These people are just going off of tabliod reports!

I do find it funny and odd that Kevin's camp is the only one talking and basically the only one saying "He loves her and is saving her from herself"....It makes it a little hard to beleive considering Kevin and his camp are the only ones tooting off.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Kevin. Britney needs help. He still loves her, and the kids deserve a sane, drug-free mother.

Anonymous said...

"In the days before Sean Preston was born, Federline was seen partying and smoking marijuana in L.A. and Las Vegas."

Super Dad right there.

Anonymous said...

I would like to post this point that someone else made because they have a point and if you really think about it, it has a lot of merit as much as I hate to admit it!:

The idea that he is some grand guy who is just misunderstood is laughable considering his past transgressions and the fact that he himself has stated numerous times "he is who he is"....he chose not to actively participate in his home life and instead focus particularly on his "career" I have no sympathy for him. I also have no sympathy for the fact that he is 20 something, has four children, doesn't have a stable job, and this is the first time he has had fulltime parental responibilities...because he should have stepped up long ago!!!!! I do concede that the media/fans were harsh, but to beleive that he didn't bring 80% onto himself is the thinking of a delusional person. If he had shown this new, "real Kevin Federline" or half the care and consideration he has in the last two one would have been as harsh on him!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me? It's amazing how words get twisted. And I do realize that many times it is by the tabloids themselves, including this time.

But it's amazing how many times Kevin's comment about being busy with his career right now and not being able to spend as much time with his kids at that moment as he would like has been twisted around. Let's ignore all the times when he said how much he loved his kids and would always be there for them, and how important it was to be close with them the way he was with his dad.

Also, that trip to Vegas is another instance were one thing is repeated over and over as proof that he's a horrible person. Maybe he needed to get out of there for a bit after one of Britney's sessions where she "slapped him around." Or maybe there was some business in Vegas.

I think we've established now that Britney was never the sweetheart of a wife that she was made out to be. While Kevin may not have been perfect either, lets quit with whole "Kevin ruined Britney" routine okay? He obviously loved her, and she obviously loved him too.

Anonymous said...

^ I think the point is that he obviously knew something wasn't right with her thruought her second pregnancy, yet he continued to put the main focus on his "career", when any other "concerned" spouse wouldn't give two shits about the career and instead focus on the family unit and helping the wife get better.

I can sit until the cows jump over the moon and say that I love my children and my fiance...yet when my actions display otherwise....what are most people going to beleive? I've no doubt that he loves his children and wants to be a good father....yet these past few weeks are the only time he has really stepped up and taken a severe active role in raising them! He said himself, he wasn't around as much as he wanted and he left the majority of the childrearing to the women, as well as the fact that he was gone for the most part....all of which doesn't look that great, especially if you know the person caring for your children and the person you "love" is clearly having issues and you do nothing until the last hour!!!

There are numerous pictures of Kevin out and about for their two year marriage and pregnancies...where he is out clubbing with his boys and carrying on like his is the shit! Don't act like he only went out once in a while...when there is pictorial evidence to prove otherwise!

Anonymous said...

There is also proof to take the People story as a grain of salt because Sands (Kaplan's rep) has stated that there wasn't any plans for any sort of court appearance and likely won't be for some time.

It is kind of difficult to beleive everything because it all comes basically from one's just repeated and restructured over and over.

Anonymous said...

I personally think the point is that we really shouldn't be depending on these stories for information.

For example, if Shar hadn't spoken up we would never have known Kori and Kaleb visited this week-end. X17 is all over the fact that a woman with the cell phone and clipboard visited, to the point of claiming they know what it was about when they have no clue. But NOBODY gives us pictures of Shar, Kori, and Kaleb coming over. Shar says Kevin visited them close to once a week. I'm sure there were paparazzi around taking pictures. But how many of them did we see? We can't have THAT in the tabloids every week, Kevin might be cast in a good light and that would ruin the fun.

But if he goes to the club once a week? Something that pretty much has to be done to get into this business, although it could be for fun sometimes too. NOW we have a story. Let's post THOSE pictures all over the place, and if so much as looks at a female, bonus, now we can print a story about his scandalous affair. Never mind the rest of the time when he's home with his kids.

We have all been manipulated, including Kevin. And I suspect a lot of it was done by Spear's people. What better way to make Britney look better than to make Kevin look worse. Considering what was really going on, distracting the public was pretty important.

Anonymous said...

^ Shar stated numerous times that Kevin saw the two children a couple times a month...not once a week! She also stated that he didn't spend a lot of time with them in the first place.

No doubt everyone has been manipulated by the press at one point or another, but there is no real point in saying "so and so" did it because we don't know! The point is that it can be proven that Kevin did not spend very much time with Spears last year and that he did go out a few times a week and jet off to here and there, regardless of the reasonings behind it..he did it! While his wife was going thru issues he knew she had so looking back on it...if he knew she was having problems, why didn't he step up?

Anonymous said...

Shar said 3 or 4 times a month, which is "close to once a week."

And no, it hasn't been proven that Kevin didn't spend a lot of time with his kids. He was pretty busy when his CD was released, just like Britney will be if or when hers is. But that was a temporary situation.

Anonymous said...

^What about before the CD promoting? I bet you can't answer that one lol.

Anonymous said...

exclusive stories...a source close to...
all these judas's are selling their stories to the tabs...

Anonymous said...

He was pretty busy when his CD was released, just like Britney will be if or when hers is. But that was a temporary situation.

So he was releasing a CD for two years? Because he was super busy partying and carrying on with his boys and taking trips to Vegas every 3 or so weeks during 2 years of marriage...I'm glad that got cleared up! It's okay to spend very little time with your family and to support your pregnant wife when she needs you, especially when you can tell something is long as your "busy". Being busy "working", "playing", "chilling after a fight with the spouse".... it doesn't matter as long as you can classify it as "work related" or "stress related"! Gee! Thanks for clearing that one up! It shouldn't have matter what he was doing or when he was supposed to do it....If he was any kind of man he would have put "everything on hold" to take care of, support, and fix his family!!!

Anonymous said...

^ to not support yoyr pregnant wife

Anonymous said...

You people have obviously made up your mind. But I have already talked about how Kevin's going out to the club once a week was very often related to his career and how it got blown up by the media.

Just remember, Britney wanted it to. She put him in her My Prerogative video before they were even married. She convinced Detail magazine to put him on the cover and did a joint interview with him. She recorded several songs with him, including one that made it on his CD. She often was there when he was working, for example at his model shoots for Five Star Vintage.

Anonymous said...

And then the Bitch ditched him while he was on tour, while being filed for Canadian TV.


Anonymous said...

maybe she should have "fed-exed" the divorce papers to him...