Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New York Daily talks to Kevin's "pals"

While singer wigs out, K-Fed lies low to win kids, pals say

BY JO PIAZZA in New York
and MICHELLE CARUSO in Los Angeles

Kevin Federline is purposely staying out of the spotlight as estranged wife Britney Spears publicly unravels, hoping her wacky escapades will help him win custody of their two children, Federline's friends told the Daily News.

The aspiring rapper was hiding out in Los Angeles over the weekend as the singer alternately went bald and paraded in a blond wig.

"He is just waiting for her to get worse," a pal said. "She is only hurting herself right now."

Spears and Federline are battling for 17-month old Sean Preston and 7-month-old Jayden James.

Experts warned yesterday that her erratic antics could land her under a psychiatric microscope in the custody fight.

"It's bizarre behavior," said L.A. attorney Nathan Goldberg. "It might raise concerns about where the behavior is coming from. ... What problems is she having, and how might those problems affect her ability as a parent?"

All-night bar-hopping is not likely to cost Spears custody of her kids, especially in Hollywood where "people in the entertainment industry go out at night all the time," Goldberg said.

But in the last week, Spears checked herself into rehab, checked out 24 hours later, and then went off for a head shave and a couple tattoos.

"Shaving your head is bizarre, but it's not illegal," said Loyola Law School Prof. Laurie Levenson, who thinks the shave won't hurt Spears in court "unless you can show that she was out of her mind or on drugs when she did it."

Both Spears and Federline will likely undergo psychiatric examination. Even their households will be studied to see if they provide a good environment for kids.

"The custody evaluator will want to observe each of them interacting with the children to see how they behave with the children and how the children relate to them," said Goldberg.

"You can't get any more raw than seeing people battle over their babies."

Source: nydailynews.com


Anonymous said...

If you think she is so bad take your kids away from her care now. Why even risk the chance your kids get hurt? She'd probably have the same behavior if the kids aren't around so atleast make sure your kids are safe. They both suck as parents.

Anonymous said...

^ I doubt the kids are with Britney right now, and I'm sure Kevin knows exactly where they are. It's part of the temporary agreement.

Anonymous said...

^That's what the fuck i've been saying. Put them kids in foster care. He's sitting there just watching and waiting, while their kids mother is going crazy. What a stupid motherfucker. Get your kids loser.

Anonymous said...

8:38 AM was directed to 8:35AM

8:37 AM you need to wake your ass up.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where Kevin was during all this recent bizare behaviour from Britney. This is so sad. I keep hoping that they can still work it out so that they can share custody of the children. I have no way of knowing what Britney's day to day interaction with the children is like but you know they both love their kids. I hope they can reach an agreement soon.

Anonymous said...

Right now the temporary arrangement says M,W,F 12-4 PM. Kevin can't just waltz in and take the kids whenever he wants. This might help Kevin to get the arrangement changed, however.

Anonymous said...

To:9:37 AM

He can walk in and get those kids if he feels that britney's unfit. I can assure you that anyone with a brain can see britney mental state is not there by her recent behaivor. Have you ever heard of filing for emergency custody? Shame that these kids have two non caring parents. Thank god for the nanny i guess.

Anonymous said...

^ I'm sorry but he can't, it would be against the law. He has to get the temporary arrangment changed first.

Anonymous said...

^Bullshit, show me a law that states that.

Anonymous said...


What do you think a court order is. Guidelines? If Kevin doesn't follow the judges orders now it's going to hurt him when permenant custody is decided.

Anonymous said...

If he feels that she is unfit he can go to the judge and ask for emergency custody until the court date. He hasn't done it so in my mind that speaks volume. I think it'll screw him over that he isn't trying hard to get immediate custody when she's acting like this.

Anonymous said...

As I said before, I doubt the kids are with Britney right now, and I'm sure Kevin knows exactly where they are.

Kevin's lawyer knows what he's doing. It may be better for Kevin to wait a bit for this to play out. We don't really know what's happening, only that Kevin has been very quiet the last few days.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is quite sad that Kevin is just sitting back watching (and hoping) Britney fuck up with only "It will get me custody" on his mind. These are his children. That is their mother. I guess he clearly doesn't give a rats ass about Britney.

I feel awful for these children. They don't deserve a wacked out mother and a father who is all about the cha ching.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are assuming way too much saying that Kevin is just sitting back watching. You do not know what is going on except the few things that we see and read. We don't know what Kevin is doing or saying. For all we know, Kevin's lawyers may already be moving on something. Don't hate on either Britney or Kevin. They are both going through bad times. Britney's just happens to be more visable but that doesn't mean that Kevin is not concerned or hurting as well.

Anonymous said...

You idiots don't know what kind of parents Britney, and Kevin are. You just think both are bad parents, because you read into the tabloid fodder. You read into what the media is saying, therefore you believe it.

If Kevin feels that Britney is unfit, then he would go to court NOW, and get the damn kids. He probably doesn't even see his boys, on the days he is supposed to see them. We all know Britney is the main caretaker. But she's back in rehab, and hopefully this time she stays. At least for the sake of her family. Nevermind the fans.

I think Brit's parents should look after the kids, while she's in rehab. You can't really trust nannies these days. Brit's mother Lynne is with her now. So, hopefully she will look after both boys until Brit is well, and in good health.

Anonymous said...

^ Kevin's smarter than to file for full custody and then not see his sons. Now that Brit's in rehab we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Britney is in rehab because she needs help. You idiots should be happy for her. What is Kevin and his lawyer going to say? Who in the fuck knows. Of course Kevin is going to use all of Brit's foolish antics, since filing for divorce back in November against her. As much as I hate it, Kevin probably has a good chance at winning sole custody of both boys. Even if he does, Britney can always give it another shot, and contest custody by taking Kevin to court again. But the judge will just look at the same shit, so I don't think that would be useful.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Britney being in rehab doesn't automatically mean that Kevin will get custofy. The judge has to determine both to be soundly fit. The judge could just as easily place Jayden James and Sean Preston in the care of grandparents before Britney or Kevin (if lets say Lynne also files).

Never know.

Anonymous said...

all this reminds of is some old cartoon...the one where the cartoon villian goes K-CHING and you see big dollar signs where you usually see his eye balls...Da Big Fresno Pimp is gonna be rollin VIP with some crazy suga mama cash...

the conspiracy theorist

Anonymous said...

And why did you use this picture-- he is high in it Lol