Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kevin Federline schedules emergency hearing

LOS ANGELES (AP) — As Britney Spears was checking out of rehab for the second time in a week on Wednesday, her estranged husband was making plans to go to court amid a custody dispute over their two children.

Kevin Federline and his lawyer were scheduled to appear at a downtown courthouse Thursday for an emergency hearing, Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini told The Associated Press. It was not known what issue Federline planned to raise.

Federline and Spears have two sons, 5-month-old Jayden James and 17-month-old Sean Preston.

"Our best information is he will be here; she won't," said Parachini. "But anything is possible."

Federline filed papers seeking spousal support and sole custody of the children after Spears sought to end their two-year marriage last November. A temporary court order issued Feb. 1 granted the couple joint custody until the end of this month.

Parachini said Federline's lawyer would try to persuade a Superior Court commissioner that the matter is urgent enough to be handled on an expedited basis.



Anonymous said...

Bout time.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he is still going to ask for spousal support.

Good he is going to court though. I think it is needed because legally he needs the courts to give him physical custody.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I ain't mad at him. Gotta do wat you gotta do. Shoot, if my babydaddy was actin as crazy as Brit, in and outta rehab twice in less than a week, yeah I want custody IMMEDIATELY!

Anonymous said...

Kevin: get those innocent babies away from that mess!!!!!!!!!!! Far away, until Britney can get her crap together. Which apparently, Brit is unable to do at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Britney needs help and I hope she will get it, it's good Kevin is doing this the boys need a mother in their life, if Britney continues on the path she's on they might not.


Anonymous said...

Kelly thank you for lil compassion on her.Normally ur not but hey this isn't funny and him doin this to her could make her worse those boys are her life.Believe it or not that might be the only thing that making her strong.Besides there are talk she is with her family spendin timetalkin.Sometime that is better then rehab.

Anonymous said... has learned that as Britney Spears continues to unravel in public, Kevin Federline has been working behind the scenes to take custody of their children away from the erratic pop star.

A source tells Us that Federline, 28, and his mother, along with the help of Spears' mother Lynne, have joined forces to aid Federline while he has cared for his sons -- Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden James, 5 months -- during their mother's recent rehab stints, partying and hotel stays.

"He is beyond sad," says a Federline pal. "This is the worst week of his entire life. He doesn't even want to pick up the phone. Things are beyond not well with Britney, and he still loves her."

Federline reportedly is now taking legal steps to protect his children. TMZ is reporting that Federline has requested an emergency custody hearing Thursday before an L.A. judge (Spears had been granted physical custody of the kids at an earlier hearing). Federline's rep couldn't be reached for comment.

According to our Federline insider, K-Fed made a call to his mother, Julie Bleak, on Valentine's Day asking for her to help him take care of the children. Bleak flew to L.A. on Feb. 15 (the same day Spears, 25, checked into the Crossroads Centre rehab facility in Antigua). Our source adds that Lynne Spears has also been present for her grandchildren, offering a helping hand and moral support.

"Britney's family feels that Kevin has been a blessing and they are very impressed with Kevin taking so much responsibility," says a Spears family source. "Britney's family found out from the news this morning that Britney had left the rehab. Britney has not asked to see the kids because she knows she is not well and she does not want to scare Preston. She has no credit cards or cash. She is basically on the run at the moment."

Anonymous said...

First off no one can do anything to her money because is over 18.

ObviousGirl said...

Doesn't matter if she's over 18. If her accountant and whoever oversees her estate, family, manager (I think Larry was over finances at one point in time), etc., think she's spending too much or in this case is behaving irrational they can put a limit or freeze her accounts. She can get new credit cards; but she just won't have access to her money to pay off the bill when it comes in.

I'm sure there are plenty of wealthy people who have closed and frozen many of there (grownup) kids accounts, credit cards, trust funds, or whatever to either reign them in or make them more responsible.

Anonymous said...

You people sure do spend posting up articles on "Kevin's" site, and discussing Britney. Good luck to Britney in the custody battle. The judge shouldn't hold whatever illness she has against her. Anyways...

Rumors: Britney Headed Back To Rehab
February 22, 2007 Rumors

Pop starlet Britney Spears is going back to Rehab after a brief visit to her Lawyer’s office. Spears who was negoating her divorce settlement with her attorney was on strict visit there and back to her Promises Rehab. Spear’s Rep has confiremed that Britney did leave Rehab but for personal reasons and is right now currently back

Anonymous said...

kevin's so sad cause if brit od's, he's prolly not in the will...

Anonymous said...

that's because this site is run by trailer park ho's of the same ilk as k-fuck...
i noticed there isn't a box on the corner that asks what should be fed-ex's next big single off his shit cd "playing with penis"
this fool is so going to get paid
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rollin vip---what?

Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether it is pro Kevin or not but there is no need to be offensive about it. If you want to post your opinion, please do it with a little decorum. Gee.