Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kevin Federline Denies He Was Offered $25 Million Divorce Settlement

Britney Spears' estranged husband Kevin Federline has slammed reports he turned down a $25 million divorce settlement offered by the pop star. Reports last week suggested the rapper was offered the money, but wanted to hold out for even more cash.

But Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has hit back at the reports, insisting, "Britney's lawyer is too smart to make that offer, and Federline's lawyer is too smart to turn it down!"

Spears, who is the mother of his two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, filed for divorce in November.



Anonymous said...

I'm sure the article meant that Kaplan's spokesperson made the statement because otherwise it doesn't make sense that he (talking about himself) is "too smart to turn it down"!

Which for all intent and purposes is true. Kevin cannot hope to walk away with anything over 10 million, if that because that is pushing it! He is only allotted 300,000 of "alimony" and most reports are saying he only gets a percentage of the sell of the house (if she chooses to sell)...reports state that in their prenup he gets less than half of the worth of the house because she bought it originally...and her people had her safegaurded.

Anonymous said...

which leads to the extortion/disclosure of embarrassing information...