Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kevin and Justin greet each other - Feb 9

Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake greet each other at the Verizon Wireless & Rolling Stone party on February 9
(last third of video)

Source: Extra TV - Feb 12th, britney.cl
YouTube link


Anonymous said...

Okay, not only was that not an awkward moment for Justin, but it wouldn't have even happened if he hadn't bumped Kevin with his elbow after Kevin walked by to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

The video tells a million times over what the pictures did not and this video does NOT in any way show Justin NOT wanting to greet Kevin or being uncomfortable in any way. Justin himself made the first move - so for all of those Kevin bashers who overly analyed the pictures, here's the video peeps! Live with it! I'm not saying they are best friends but it does show that Justin has no ill feelings toward Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Justin's jealous of Kevin, as he couldn't marry Britney. Kevin is also riding high from that Nationwide insurance commercial, so Justin is just trying to get some free publicity

ObviousGirl said...

I don't think Justin's jealous of Kevin for marrying Britney. Seeing what Kevin's going through he's probably relieved, right now, that he wasn't ready to marry her. I think he sees that Kevin's not the enemy and that they're both in the same boat. So why hate each other when they've done nothing wrong to each other?

Granted I can't stand Justin; but it is nice to see him being friendly with Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Justin is just trying to get some free publicity

Justin doesnt need K fed for