Monday, February 19, 2007

Friend talks about Felicia and mentions Kevin

Pic: Kevin, Britney, and Felicia Cabiero in Paris, 2004.

First, a few more thoughts from Alison:

I knew my last post would get a big reaction from some people, and that's okay. I think we're all allowed to express our opinions. I've been reading various sites trying to find updates on what's going on. There have not yet been any official statements. Britney moved back into the house she and Kevin shared on January 28, however according to E! Britney is currently at Mondrian hotel. Last night, she was at The Roxy in West Hollywood with a blonde wig. Her mom is in LA, and when asked how Britney was from the paparazzi she said Britney was "fine". "Yes, Lynne took a flight to see her a few days ago," Britney's cousin Ernest Spears told The Post yesterday. After Britney shaved her head, she apparently said, "Oh, my God, I shaved it all off. My mom is going to be upset with me." She then got two new tattoos, before briefly checking into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at 2 AM Saturday morning. It has also been confirmed that just before all of this she did check into and out of a rehab facility in Antigua. This was initially denied by a rep from Jive, but they later apologized and said the story was correct. I guess we now just wait to see what happens with two of Kevin's beautiful little boys and their mother.

I'd also like to add a couple more things to what I said yesterday. Number one, I do think Britney needs some help, just not the kind where everyone swoops in to fix her messes. It's time for her to learn how to fix her own messes. A good councilor, who understands what Britney needs and can teach her new ways of expressing herself and coping with life's disappointments, is what I think is going to help.

The second point I'd like to mention falls under the category of Britney fans who are blaming Kevin. I realized while hunting around the web that there are still people who think it's a known fact that Kevin cheated on Britney. It isn't. There were many rumors, especially immediately after the divorce, and there were many times when people close to Kevin, including the female herself who was supposedly having the affair, tried to set the record straight. For example Kendra Jade posted a denial on her official site. But of course this wasn't nearly as sensational and didn't get nearly as widely reported. Where I live there are differences in the divorce proceedings if a person is filing against a spouse who cheated on them. I've never heard anything like that mentioned in Kevin's and Britney's divorce, and I personally think it would have been if there was any evidence of it.

And now a response from Felicia's friend, which appeared in the comments of the Felicia Culotta Finally Breaks Her Silence post at That Other Blog:

Dental Hygiene Friend from MS.
Posted Yesterday - 7:30 pm

I have known Felicia for 20 years. She even once told me that she felt like a light in Britney’s dark world and that she had prayed for a door to open for her ro be taken out of there. Kevin was that door. Fe doesnt have a mean bone in her body and she certainly didnt hang on to Brit for the $. She is just as happy as she has ever been in her life being out of that right now. Sure there was a time when she loved working for Britney but that was before she got so bizarre. Britney is a grown woman, she needs to act like the mother she is. She is not a teenager anymore and it seems like she cant handle that. She needs professional help but unless she decides that noone can push her there. It wont work. I have seen it too many times. Fe is a wonderful person and if you dont know her like I know her then you need to LEAVE HER ALONE. She is a very private person and could not be the kid of person SOME of you are making her out to be if she tried. She is the closest thing to an angel I have ever seen. She has stood by me thru thick and thin and she has for Britney as well. I have heard a lot of the ” rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say. Britney needs help. All of you need to pray that she gets it. Otherwise she will continue this downward spiral that Fe couldnt enable anymore. Kudos to fe for trying as long as she did. I would have bailed long before. But then again, you always have been a better person than me on sticking up for people. LOVE YOU LOTS FE AND HANG IN THERE. You can use our getaway anytime you need it!!!!


ObviousGirl said...

I feel bad for Felicia. She's being unfairly shitted on when all she did was tell the truth from her point of view and express how concerned she is for Britney. She didn't sell her out or reveal anything scandelous. Just how she wanted Britney to get herself together and get help before its too late.

Anonymous said...

I guess I still kind of feel like Felicia sold out. I'm glad she is concerned with Britney's well-being, but she didn't have to write it a letter to someone with a blog. I doubt Rueben is someone of importance in Brit's life and whatever Britney is going through shouldn't be discussed with people who aren't in her life day to day. If she wrote a letter that said I'm always here for Britney, blah, blah and left out intimate details like how Britney is refusing tolisten to her family than I'd be fine. I guess I try to put my self in Britney's shoes and if someone I was as close to as Fe is writing letters to Rueben or anyone else who is a media outlet, I'd feel a little potrayed and paranoid about the people around me no matter how close we were.

Alison said...

^ I understand what you're saying, I have mixed feelings about the letter as well. On one hand it's interesting to hear the truth for once without anyone trying to minimize things or put a positive spin on it. On the other hand, Felicia revealing this has a big impact on Britney and how the world sees her. Britney's commercial image was carefully crafted, and yes it's been falling apart for some time now, but it's different when someone really close to Britney like Fe says it. And I do think it breaks a loyalty that Fe had with Britney for many years.

But now that it's done, maybe it's time the other people around her stopped pretending as well. Maybe Britney will be able to stop trying to maintain an image and just be a human being with some issues that need to be sorted out. Maybe her mom and Larry will stop trying to excuse and explain away and fix the things that Britney does. I haven't seen it happening yet, but I'm hoping for some real and positive changes.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you can kind of see where I'm coming from on the Fe selling out issue. Yes I'm a Britney fan and I think a lot of her fans are a little disappointed in Fe for the reasons I suggested. I don't think Kevin is the spawn of Satan, I just don't think they worked together. You have talked about how they acted on Chaotic... well it seemed that they had hot passionate love one second and were arguing the next...not a very healthy relationship imo. I'm sure both of them still love each other to a certain degree, but realize they don't belong together. Neither one has really said or done anything horrible about each other since the filing(I still don't believe Kevin had no clue the divorce was coming and found out she filed it via text message)so I doubt they hate each other. If the same love/hate relationship they displayed was still happening do you honestly think it was great enviornment for the kids to grow up in? I get that right now it isn't the best enviornment for the kids to grow up in as well, but I think Britney will eventually do what she needs to straighten herself out.

Alison said...

I personally think Kevin was aware of the possibility of divorce, but was hoping it wouldn't happen and didn't expect it to happen the way it did. I think he wanted them to work things out, and who knows, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that they could have. I still think Britney's career was a factor, and maybe someone like her mother influenced her to do it.

I also think until Britney works through some of her issues, any relationship she has is going to be volatile. I would really like to see some real progress. It might be enough to make me a fan again. I've always thought those boys needed two healthy parents.

ObviousGirl said...

Why should she have to leave out the fact that Britney isn't listening to anyone in her family when the main question among her fanbase, and everyone else, is where is her family and why aren't they doing anything? At least now we know they're not sitting idlely by pretending that nothing is going on. At least now we know they were in fact trying to get her help; but she's refusing it.

Yes she didn't have to write a letter to Rueben's blog (would you have rather she wrote to the waste of flesh Perez?); but if she wrote it to a legitimate magazine she runs the risk of them editing the letter to fit there agenda on how they want to portray Britney. (like some are doing now) Ruben may not be of importance in Britney's life; but he obviously did something to gain Fe's trust.

For all we know loyalty could've been lost a long time ago between these two when Britney started behaving the way she did. To me this letter should've shown Britney that Fe, and others truly close to her, do love and care for her (as a person and not product); but she's starting to alienate them from her with her actions. A family member should've went with her when she went to rehab. Not Larry.

Anonymous said...

alison you don t know me or other shut up!!and fe is an idiot!!cause she can talk with britney not wrote to ruben!!!you don t know britney so don t post her news!!

Anonymous said...

I think overall Felicia speaking out publicly on Britneys current state of mind is POSITIVE.
Because her closests longtime friends and family have actually kept alot of her troubles quiet and just informed her privately of their opinions on her behavior she's been able to IGNORE them and tell them to shut the hell up and get out of her life.
Britney has been able to keep many harmful SECRETS and those secrets are HURTING not HELPING her.

Maybe it is time someone who loves her finally said something publicly about it to get her to pay attention.

Felicia didnt say anything HURTFUL about Britney, just that she needs help.

It's about time people including Britney's hardcore devoted fans (of which I have been one) stop trying to protect her and shield her, thats whats led to her behaving the way she is currently.

She thinks she can get away with ANYTHING, she treats EVERYONE including Kevin and her children like posessions.

Kevin has always said that he loves Britney but eventually people were going to find out that she is crazy.

Noone can blame this on Kevin, if anything Kevin was able to help her shield how unstable she was mentally by absorbing some of the blame. Kevin knew he wasnt to blame for her behavior or emoional instability but he let the public berate him and blame him anyway.

To protect Britney.

That's love.
That's the truth.

Anonymous said...


alot of people think that Britney's mother, father, Felecia or other family members wanted her to leave Kevin.

That is so far from the truth its not even funny.

They ALL BEGGED him on multiple occasions NOT to leave her.
They almost got divroced after Sean P was born and her mother BEGGED him not to leave Britney.

There are so many people in her family that thought Kevin was the savior for Britney.

Anonymous said...

^ You sound like an inside source, I believe you.