Sunday, February 25, 2007

Can you handle Kevin and Britney's truth?

Alison's note:

... because there are people desperately trying to tell us. All of you Britney fans out there who have said they would stick with Britney no matter what, here's your chance to prove it.

Here are some anonymous comments from

by stop saying that @ 25 Feb 2007 04:30 pm
he did not go out and party every night he was with britney, Maybe at most once a week he went to a club but that was usually for WORK you friggin idots who dont work in the music industry don't udnerstand how these things work.

He has been around his kids every single day since they were born. He went to Las Vegas 3 times. 3 TIMES!! and a couple times were with Britney and the kids.

You idiots need to stop repeating the same lies over and over.


by I do know @ 25 Feb 2007 04:44 pm
actually i do know
I am ALOT closer to this situation that most of you


by kevin @ 25 Feb 2007 04:51 pm

everyone else should shut the hell up cuz no one KNOWS how their relationship is behind closed doors.

there is entertainer kevin and kevin the human being.

you go kevin !!


by stop hurting Britney @ 25 Feb 2007 04:59 pm
Its sad that Britney fans dont believe she did drugs and is a mess because HER FANS are the biggest reason she is the way she is, because people wont let her be the REAL BRITNEY that's the MAJOR reason she turns to drugs again and again

The real britney likes to experiment with drugs and experiment with lesbianism
Her fans won't let her be the REAL her

Wouldn't it be shocking to you all if she ASKED Jason and Isaac to tell the world the truth, so that people would stop having her on this huge pedestal?
And then she sees that no one believes the TRUTH or no one wants to accept the TRUTH and it makes her feel WORSE
it makes her feel inside that the public can't handle who she really is

get out of denial

its better for britney if you get out of denial

stop hurting Britney by not believing the truth about her!

And comments from People - Kevin visits Britney again, this time with the kids:

In The Know
You guys have NO idea whats going on in this situation

you have no idea how kevin was in regards to his children when he and Britney were not seperated
you have no idea what business he was taking care of when he would go out to clubs
Kevin is NOT mentally unstable

you have no idea how much he helped britney when they were together
you just have no idea
so you should stop writing

Anonymous said...

I am quite aware that there are always going to be people who will believe the worst about Kevin.

That can't be helped.

He will never stand up for himself publicly, he has too much going on to really care what people who don't know him think about him.

However taht does not mean that it does not affect his family and friends to read the horrible names that people call him. People who have no clue of what he is about.

Kevin is not greedy, very far from it. In fact you would be surprised at the gifts/ bribed that he's turned down.
You'd also be surprised at the amount of gifts hes returned HIMSELF because he didnt want the gift being held over his head.

Unfortunately it took him some time to realize that these gifts were attempts to manipulate him.

By the time it really sunk in that these gifts were used as manipulation attempts, people were already accusing him of using britney for money. FAR FROM IT.

Contrary to what has been printed in the media, he still had access to quite a bit of money and gifts AFTER the divorce was files and he wanted nothing to do with it. He said he would make his own money and buy things he could afford himself that no one could use to hold over his head.

The whole spousal support and full custody issues are completely legal maneuvers. Lawyers see green more often than their clients do. The divorce courts are full of people whose lawyers have convinced them that the RIGHT thing to do for their children is to request spousal support. Both male and female divorcees.

In fact a lawyer can convince a client that if he doesnt ask for spousal support it can be used against him as a judge may not see his own seperate finances as being enough to care for 2 children

Kevin loves his children and would never use them as "lottery tickets" as so many Britney fans are quick to accuse him of.

In fact Kevin complained several times during his marriage that his wife was using the children as posessions and that he didnt agree with the way she used and treated the children like they were a prized toy that she could throw in the closet when she was done playing with. He was VERY upset about the instability that she displayed around them. He knows that she loves the kids but because of her mental and emotional state, she just is not capable of beign a single parent and it bothered him immensely that she would file for sole custody knowing she does not have the tools psychologically to be a sole parent.

Kevin wants his kids to grow up normal and have a normal family and not have to start off life with all this disfuntion.

These are the things that are stressing him out and really affect him.

You should see this man cry over his children before you go and state things about him that you have NO idea about.


Anonymous said...

It has always bothered me that people can be so insensitive toward others. The name calling (both of Kevin and Britney by the different fan sides) is disturbing. Think about these people (not the public persona but the personal and private one) and how they and their families feel hearing such awful things about them, Kevin especially because he is the one who has taken the most hits. As a mother I have to say that it would hurt me so much to have someone say such hurtful things about my child. You may not like the man but that does not give you the right to say such mean and hurtful things about him. Didn't your parents ever teach you that if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything? I know we are all free to express our opinions and you can do that without the name calling. So you don't like his music, fine say that and move on without being hateful. How would you feel if you were in his shoes taking all the hits - would you be able to stand proud like Kevin?

This last comment is from someone at I don't think they necessarily are close to the situation, I just like the comment:

Deb said...

Kevin looked bad because the media wanted to make him look like an ass. We all fell for it. Think about how they control how we feel about a person....Woody Allen married his daugher, that was OK. Jerry Seinfield met his unemployed wife while she was on HER honeymoon, Robin Williams married his babysitter, Nic Cage is with a buy me drinkie girl he met at a karoke bar where she worked, MAtt Damon married a waitress, Julia Roberts a camera man, JLo once married a back up dancer....But Kevin they crucified him from day 1.


Anonymous said...

yes i can, brit used drugs and likes to play on the other team and k-fed played along with it...can you accept that this a fan site for a no-talent poser...
sure it's a game to posture and "front" but music consumers are a lot smarter than the suits in charge think and they saw thru k-feds fake "street and edgey" facade...
this whole concerned father/husband dog and pony show is another example...

Alison said...

I have not seen one person who claimed to be close to the situation, or gave information that showed they were close to the situation say Kevin was a bad parent. Not one. They all say the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Even Shar Jackson, who probably had more reason than anyone to want to say bad things about Kevin, has always said that kevin is/has always been an awesome Dad. To me, that says alot.

Anonymous said...

ive' never seen pics of kevin being carried out of clubs, pics of him so drunk that his eyes arent' even focusing, have any of you ?.. NO!! but we have seen pics of her this way.. and please dont' even start to deny ok. ? kevin never sold her out, he could of after the divorce, he could of made shitloads of money, but NO, he didnt' do that, because hes' A MAN AND LOVES HIS FAMILY, UNCONDITIONALLY. its' all you brit fans that are making him out to be the horrible person he is cuz YOU BRIT FANS DO NOT WANT HER TO BE WITH ANYONE, YOU ARE ALL SELFISH AND YOU WANT HER ALL TO HERSELF, DEMANDING A COMEBACK, DEMANDING A NEW CD, DEMANDING THIS, YOU ALL THINK YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR HER, WHAT SHE SHOULD DO WHAT SHE SHOULDNT' DO.. did you ever think just for 1 minute that she filed for divorce CUZ THE WHOLE WORLD WAS TELLING HER HES' A LOSER, WHEN IN FACT, HES' NOT, WHAT IF SHE REALLY LOVES HIM AND WANTS TO BE WITH HIM, but her fans wont' let her be.

this is the problem, its' everyone telling her what to do.

kevin is a good guy, the reason i say this is BECAUSE IN THIS TRAGIC SITUATION HE IS BEING A MAN AND STANDING UP.

please brits' fan, get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Alison for that, I for one is very guilty for doing some of the name calling they've stayed, I don't know anything about these ppl and I think I got caught up and was out of line with some of my comments.

I wish for Kevin, Britney, their kids and family all the very best.


Alison said...

That's nice Kelly, I've certainly made my share of mistakes as well. We're all human and I guess it's human nature to react in whatever way relates to our particular situation. I've been wanting the truth in this situation, and to be honest I got more than I bargained for. But I think maybe I've learned to be a little more open and a little less judgemental in the process. All I see now is a bunch of people that got caught up in something, and all deserve compassion. And truth. I think for everyone's sake people should hear the truth, warts and all, so that hopefully the people involved will one day say - hey, people know this about me and there's still people around that accept me for who I really I am. It reminds me of a lyric from a Jewel song:

"In the end, only kindness matters"

Anonymous said...

so in deb's opinion all asian women are buy-me-drinkie girls?
and she forgot to mention sandra bullock married jesse james[west coast choppers owner]...

Anonymous said...

All of the above comments are from a bunch of you losers who are Team Kevin, and post on this site on a daily basis. Notice how every last one are anonymous, and don't want to show themselves.

We'd appreciate if you morons would stop blaming shit on the fans. If anyone is responsible for Brit's breakdown, it's definitely you morons, and your constant dissing, and trashing. I'm one of the fans who know very well that Britney is not this perfect person. And I'm definitely not begging for a comeback. I couldn't give a shit. The album can wait. Most of us have already agreed that we want Brit to be very happy, and in full recovery before returning back to the music.

I believe it's particially you harsh ass fucking haters, and the horrible media that has driven Brit crazy. And you are all blaming it on the fans. Get the fuck out of here.

And of course you won't catch pics of Kevin sloppy drunk. I mean it's not like it ever wasn't any. It's just that Kevin is a nobody, and what pap would make good money off of him?

Anonymous said...


and if you KNEW anything, brits' problems are HER FAULT, NO ONE ELSES'.

perhaps you need rehab from brit.

Anonymous said...

^ Shut up. You were probably one of the trolls who posted as anonymous on BE. I usually post as "anonymous" on this site, and can definitely come out as myself. Blah.

Don't sit up here and say Brit's problems are her own fault. How in the fuck do you know her problems weren't particially caused by someone else? Just like I said, I'm not a realisitc Britney fan. I do know by now that she isn't perfect. I also don't have my head up her ass like many of her other fans do. I want the best for Britney. It's people like you idiots who probably are bringing her down. You harshly critisize the woman over everything she does. I have never called Kevin a horrible person, and said he's a bad father. You morons have done just that to Britney. Now, you all look at Kevin as if he's some fucking God that can do no wrong. What's even worse, is that you blame this all on Brit.

India said...

Oops. I meant to post the above comment under my real name. Which is India. Some of you dimwitted twats, might just know me from BritneyExperts.

Hello jackasses.

roxi said...

Talking about the drugs problems: Of course she has problems alcohol/drugs/pills ... I don't know I'm not an expert. I really hope she solve these problems and start focusing on her life. I dont care about her album/comeback. I would rather see her happy then listening to new songs.

Talking about the gay rumours: Hmmm that's a little difficult for me because I don't think it's fair to a celebrity to talk about their sex life. If they want to disscuss about their sex life it's cool ... Britney spoke before but it's not right that other people like Jason/Justin/Isaac/Kevin's friends begin to sell their stories to the tabloids. Like I said I dont like to talk about Britney's sex life but reading these comments here's what I think:

- Kevin's friends are saying that Kevin knew about her gay choices so you cant say Britney was hiding from him

- How can his friends say that Kevin is a gentelman or that he doesnt want to hurt Britney when he went and told them that Britney likes gay sex, treesomes or whatever. Of course Kevin knew that his friends were gona sell the stories to the press. They always do that ... selling informations about Britney when she was pregnant or informations about the kids, their problems in the marriage, pictures with them. For example Shar ... everytime she found out an information about Britney from Kevin she goes out in public to talk to win some money. So I think if the rumours from his friends are true than you can put Kevin next to all Britney's exes who sold her out.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's fair that Britney's problems are being blamed on her fans. I believe Brit's problems starting back in 2002 when her, and Justin split up. Then, they started building up from there. K-Fruad fans are very blinded, and they seem to think that Kevin has nothing to do with Brit's problems.

Anonymous said...

there are pic and he went often in clubs.shut up

Anonymous said...

shar said that he forget kori s birthday!!

Anonymous said...

and justin never say about her gay ambition.kevin is an asshole...

Anonymous said...

yeah rag on brit while she's down because k-fuck is such a zero...

the conspiracy theorist

btw i'll be back to signing my posts because i'm rather enjoying myself venting off like this...i find it very therapeutic...

Anonymous said...

It's funny how k-fag fans ignore his hard partying and drugs and not seeing his own kids while he was with brit. Yea he has changed for the better. But he wasn't doing the "good" thing up until November of 2006.

Anonymous said...

I'm no insider, but I have some lukewarm contacts on Britney's side, business not personal. From what I've heard, Kevin was an enabler, but give him credit for cleaning up after their first. Britney though still wanted life in the fast lane, and got really uptight about Kevin telling her to slow down. That's not what broke them up, but it is what set the stage. There was serious tension.

Anonymous said...

Britney's camp has no idea what lies in store for her if she goes to court. Manic depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, the inability to care for herself, her babies, her pets, and her sexual conduct will be exposed in court, which will ruin any potential comeback.

Anonymous said...

LOL @9:34. You have contacts with britney? lol. Funny how what you just said, i read in a tabloid magazine in December.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we quite speculating what went wrong in the divorce. If people's opinions on Brit/Kev haven't changed yet then they won't no matter how hard you tried. People will complain and call the other greedy/manipulated/whatever but the truth is no one really knows what happened.

Britney wasn't innocent in their marriage and neither was Kevin. They both caused problems in it(I don't care who caused more) It's soon to be over and done with and I'm sure they, along with the rest of their families would appreciate people not speculating on it. I really don't want either one of them to have to answer questions about what went wrong in 5 or so years like Britney and Justin still have too.

Anonymous said...

Amen to 10:45

Anonymous said...

you cant compare Kevin talking to his close long term childhood friends and confidants about the troubles inhis marriage
people going to the press and selling them a story

millions of people talk to their childhood friends about the problems in their relationships, its a normal and healthy thing to do. Most people are encouraged to tell someone when they are having problems. Yes he talked to Britney, but Britney is not exactly rational and can be violent, soemtimes you need to vent somewhere else.

Alison said...

To the person who said "no one really knows", I think that's the whole point. People do know. Maybe they only know part of it, and maybe there are some biases for or against Kevin, Britney, fans, lawyers, parents, etc. because we are all human after all. But... the truth is out there.

The reason it matters this time is because there are two innocent boys who need the truth to come out so that the best decisions can be made for them. It may be ugly, it may not be what people want to hear, but in the end it's better that it comes out. Even for someone like Britney who's been suffering under the burden of too many secrets for too long now.

Anonymous said...

Snipets of what you read in the tabloids are true, anon @ 10:25. I don't know which part you are referring to, I don't read the tabloids.

You will hear more bad things about Britney though. People who dealt with her are more willing to talk, now that it looks like she's fried her career. No one hates her, just the opposite. The problem is that there is no longer a vested interest in keeping her image clean, and the entertainment industry is full of gossips who trade on juicy stories.

Anonymous said...

I think we get your point alison.

Anonymous said...

Why was all of this gossip and speculation posted Allison? You said yourself months ago that gossip, speculation and crap wasn't going to be reported! As far as I'm concerned people's "inside" information is all gossip and speculation!

Plus, it is silly to post all comments that paint Kevin as some great, "savior"-type person... when it is not the case! And I like the guy, but he isn't this amazing person that turned down gifts, was there for his family whenever he was needed, and "saved" Britney. There is evidence to support that he did go out and party a lot in the two years they were married and he said himself that he took himself off to clubs when they were having problems...which doesn't help or fix anything. He also stated that he leaves most of the childrearing decisions up to the mothers, that he wasn't around a lot for the second pregnancy, and that he used drugs...which he admits to in song and in print.

Let's not crucify one parent when the other has made the same mistakes at one point or another right alongside her. If your going to post suppositions and "inside" information perhaps you should post both sides. There are plenty of "insiders" on Spears part that admit that she is going thru a difficult time, but who say that she has taken a great deal of interest and care in her children from day one. They also say that she wanted her marraige and her "ideal" family, but it got to a point where it was obvious that it wasn't working out between the two of them. One thing you can say about Spears is that for two years she went out a handful of times and she appeared very supportive of her husband (at least in the beginning). The oldest child was constantly with her...even when Kevin was not!

When did this turn into a negativity posting place for Spears and a "hail saint Kevin" area? I think he gets a bad rap most of the time and I appluad him for finally standing up and taking some responsibility for his children (which I think he should have done long ago, especially if he thought Spears has PPD or other emotional issues), but to imply (which most of those 'post' did try and convey him as some sort of amazing person/father/husband) he was this "amazing" person who was manipulated or used is silly and contradictary, given the evidence and the fact that Kevin previously stated he doesn't do anything he doesn't want to and he was just who he was (even while married).

Alison said...

^ show me the inside sources that say that stuff about Britney and I'll post it. I'm not picking and choosing anonymous comments here.

These people that are posting information are not the same as tabloids who are trying to spin a story to get the most money they can. You can choose not to believe it if you like, but I think these people deserve to be heard. You say there's evidence they're wrong - I think there's only tabloid stories. Kevin went out "once a week" to the clubs because that's what you need to do to network and get in there to start a new career. I have a musician brother myself so I know first hand how this works. The tabloids twisted so many things around. I've always thought things were very different than how the tabloids made them out to be. I knew from being a Britney fan how things got twisted. I wouldn't have started back in August, 2006 otherwise.

Alison said...

Also, before you accuse me of being too one sided, remember that I did post JC's comment, and I have left out quite a few - nannies, old friends who have talked about drug use, Jason, Isaac, and more.

Anonymous said...

What about the tabloids about kevin when he was married to brit earlier. Missing his sons birthdays, only seeing jayden 4 times, barely at home, only seeing shars kids 3 or 4 times a month. I know the dude has changed it seems. But you can't ignore what he did in the past. He took a full changed(only to make himself look better imo) in november of '06.

Alison said...

He didn't miss his son's birthday, Kevin and Britney had a nice party to celebrate both Kori (July 31) and Kaleb's (July 20) birthdays. Shar's complaint was that Kevin didn't call on July 20. Kaleb was one year old at the time and they were having a party anyway, but of course it became this big tabloid story. Even back then Shar still said Kevin was a good dad.

As for seeing his kids 3 or 4 times a month, that's not bad. Shar was defending him when she said that. Kevin has also said he talked to Kori and Kaleb "all the time".

As for Jayden, the plan was for Britney and the kids to join him on his various gigs for his CD as they had many times before, but Britney backed out. She said she wanted to keep Jayden for herself. Kevin stood up for her saying how she has so little to keep for herself and accepted her decision. Right after that Britney filed for divorce.

Anonymous said...

^Are you sure you're not Shar behind this name "Alison",lol. You have to know someone in kevin's family. I believe you are a family member or someone close of Kevin. Are ya? You seem to know alot. Not dissing you or anything.

Alison said...

I've never met Kevin, I'm not one of his friends or family. I've sent a couple of messages back and forth to a couple of people that do know Kevin - that's as close as I've come. It's just because I run a Kevin fan site, I read all the interviews, and see many pictures.

If we went over Kevin's life with a fine tooth comb I'd sure we'd find days when he made mistakes and didn't do the absolute best thing, I mean the guy's a human being after all.

But really, I'm amazed at how well he's handled it all. How many people could be married to a emotionally sick, volatile woman who everyone thought was someone she wasn't and continue to stick up for her, despite the fact that you were the scapegoat in the whole scenerio. How many people could handle being manipulated by press and your wife's people and still want to stick it out, and even play up your bad image a bit. How many people could maintain a good relationship with multiple children, between your manipulative wife and your angry ex-girlfriend, who wasn't above going to the tabloids if you did something she didn't like.

And at the height of the bad press, after your wife abandoned you at the worst possible moment and there were a zillion things being said that weren't true - how many people could keep there mouth shut? How many people would be able to step in and do what he is doing for Britney right now?

The guy deserves some credit.

Anonymous said...

^^^Damn right, Kevin deserves so much more for being a real man, for loving and caring, and for putting the interest of his kids before his own, that's a man.


Anonymous said...

^Should been a man in the beginning. He started being a man late 2006 for his own selfish reasons.