Thursday, February 22, 2007

Britney says she's doing 'Great', and more


After checking out, Spears arrived at the Bel-Air Hotel on Wednesday. When asked by PEOPLE how she was doing, she replied, "Great. I'm great."

From AP (Associated Press):

Popping in and out of rehab centers is not a smart move for someone involved in a child custody battle, said New York-based family law attorney Joshua Forman, who is not involved in Spears' case.

"That's ridiculous. Wherever you are and whatever your problem is, you go through the program the place offers and you do what they tell you to do," Forman told the AP. "Checking in and out for one day doesn't show the court anything."

Federline's agent, Allison Joyce, said the 28-year-old aspiring rapper and former backup dancer would have no comment.

Britney's agent, Jason Trawick, referred inquiries to her manager, Larry Rudolph, who referred them to Gina Orr, the publicist at Jive Records, Spears' label. Orr did not respond to e-mail and phone messages, and Spears' Web site, where the singer once posted messages directly to fans, was all but blank on Wednesday. A message on its home page simply stated: "Stay tuned! Britney's new Web site is in the works."

Whether her recent behavior will damage her recording career is hard to say, said Vibe magazine music editor Jon Caramanica, although he suggested a way to minimize damage would be to quickly and candidly discuss the situation.

"The thing worth noting is that the reason this is such a big deal is that many people really cared about Britney to begin with, and that shouldn't be taken lightly," he said.


So what's going on with the pop princess? "There's a good chance that we could witness a nervous breakdown," New York-based psychologist Dr. Cooper Lawrence, Ph.D., who doesn't treat Britney, tells Star. Dr. Lawrence says Brit may have a condition called aggressogenic cognitions, which "means that your brain just acts out and doesn't go through the process of thinking things through." Dr. Barry Lubetkin, Ph.D., who doesn't treat Brit either, says that, judging from her wild mood swings, Brit could also be bipolar.

"Bipolar depression has two phases: a depressed phase and a manic phase," he explains, noting that such celebs as Jane Pauley and Margot Kidder also suffer from the illness. "It sounds to me like she is in the manic phase, epitomized by reckless behavior like shaving your head, checking in and out of rehab and exposing yourself in public."

It seems some people inside Brit's camp have long suspected that something is wrong with the star. "You're seeing the real Britney," another insider tells Star. "People who used to do shows with her said she used to put on the best show, but behind the scenes she would be off the wall. People are really worried."


Anonymous said...

Now people are claiming she left rehab and went to the lawyers because she discovered what Kevin, Lynne, and his mother were up to regarding the hearing today. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I really think it had more to do with getting help with the paps. Just my opinion. We'll have to wait and see. Sad.

Anonymous said...

that doesn't really change the fact that this poor woman is running around on the street when she should be getting treatment...
let the court assign a guardian and give every one a breather period to sort this mess out...