Thursday, January 18, 2007

People - Expect a Different Kevin in '07

Kevin Federline says his self-deprecating Super Bowl ad is a sign of a "new Kevin" for 2007 – one who's upbeat and determined to change his image.

"This is just the start of other things to come – '07 is a completely life-changing experience for me," Federline, 28, told PEOPLE at the shoot for the Nationwide Insurance commercial on Wednesday. "We're only a few weeks in, and it's already going in a whole another direction. I'm happy. Definitely happy."

What's his top priority? "Just changing my perception of myself in the public eye is number one," he said. "I'm slowly and gradually doing that."

Some may be surprised by the Nationwide spot, in which Federline goes from rap star to fry cook. ("Life comes at you fast," is the slogan.) But Britney Spears's soon-to-be ex says looking at the bright side is his style.

"I always look at everything positive no matter what," he said. "I've been through a lot of stuff in my life and had to overcome a lot of different situations. I learned at a young age it's not good to be negative about everything. Life's too short for that."

He's also planning to stay in the spotlight in 2007. "The music will always be there," he said. "Clothing deals, we're in negotiations with that. Some overseas stuff. Still going to do a little bit of the club appearances. This is just the perfect kickoff to the new year to me."

And, of course, his kids – Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2, his children with ex Shar Jackson, and Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James, 4 months, with Spears – keep him busy. "I do have to go through the Dora, the Explorer stuff, I do that in the morning," he said. "I do that with the kids."

But it's worth it: "The best thing about being a father is my children. That's it. There's nothing greater in life than that to me."



Anonymous said...

:) Go Kevin.

caro said...

good interview kevin

Anonymous said...

It's really amazing when I read through some of the comments on various sites about Kevin. So many are positive now. I really think his image has improved a lot already.

In a bizarre way I think Britney dumping him in the way that she did may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Anonymous said...

change your priority again Kevin, your children always come before the public. come on man, think!

Anonymous said...

But... then there are people like the last poster who will say Kevin is doing wrong no matter what he says or does. But I suppose that happens with all celebrities.

Anonymous said...

I just think most of the haters could care less about Kevin now. Right after the divorce you are going to get the hardcore peopel bashing both Brit/Kevin no matter what and after time those people won't care what the other person's doing.

Anonymous said...

The general public doesn't give a shit about Kevin, so they won't care about his new image. The only reason I'm here is that I'm a Britney fan, and I enjoy this site because Kevin keeps humiliating himself!

Anonymous said...

So many Britney fans acted like they thought the last two years and Kevin would instantly evaporate after Britney filed for divorce. Kevin's proved them wrong and I think he'll continue to do so.

What's so ironic about it is they sound exactly like the people who keep saying Britney is going to disappear.

Anonymous said...

He has been saying "expect to see the real me not the media created one" and "I'm gonna show you who I really am" for the past 2 years.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, doesn't it sound like his "straight 2008" mantra? What a fool.