Friday, January 12, 2007

Kevin's date was not Rebecca DiPietro

On New Year's eve, Kevin's date at the Mansion nightclub in Miami was "a mystery blonde woman," who according to different publications he was holding hands with and kissed at midnight. US Weekly identified her as "Rebecca," and we speculated that it may be WWE Diva Rebecca DePeitro. reports that Rebecca DePeitro has denied that it was her. "No, it's all a rumor. It's online and I'm not happy about it. I met him a few months back when we had the Supershow, but that was the only time I had an encounter with K-Fed. I only saw him that one time." I have no clue how WWE came up with that one as I don't think it's even been discussed on a message board. For the record, Rebecca is dating SmackDown star Batista.

So the mystery blonde remains a mystery.


Anonymous said...

LOL, I figured, Kevin seem much too private.


Anonymous said...

look for this unidentified female under "E" for escort services...if a hobag like lohan will be repulsed by the fed-ex...