Tuesday, January 09, 2007

K-Fed, John Waters has your back

Moviemaker John Waters, the man behind such cinematic originals as Cry Baby and Pink Flamingos, may be at the forefront of something else truly innovative: he's a one-man Kevin Federline fan club.

"You don't see him out there getting out of limousines and flashing his shaved crotch," Waters, holed up at Toronto's Royal York Hotel yesterday, said of the estranged husband of Britney Spears. "He's been the gentleman since they split up. I hope he gets the kids – he deserves them more than she does."

Waters is such a fan that he ordered his assistant to go out and get him K-Fed's CD when it came out last year. "I consider it a prized possession; I haven't even taken it out of the wrapper. There's something about that guy I like, something very Baltimore and sleazy about him."

Waters, himself a Baltimore native (Federline is California-born), is in Toronto filming the TV show Love You to Death, a show that dramatizes stories of wedded bliss that end with one partner killing the other.

"I'm a big fan of K-Fed – that's who I want to marry," Waters said with a laugh. He was coy, however, about whether he'd ever cast Federline in any future movies. "We'll see," he said with a giggle.

Source: Toronto Star


Anonymous said...

Haha whatever.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought Britney had the gay fans.lol.

Anonymous said...

lol, i like kevin and all but this guy is a nut job

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Anonymous said...


Kevin is popular in the gay community!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Kevin will star in a John Waters movie? Would he eat dog feces?

Anonymous said...


Kevin is popular in the gay community!<<<

I didn't know that, lol, WOW!!!!