Sunday, January 21, 2007

Introducing Sophia, Kevin's backup dancer

Confirmed by Sophia's myspace, she was one of Kevin's backup dancers during his tour, including the performance on Jay Leno. Here's a picture of her with Kevin:

And here's a picture of her with Allie J, Kevin's day-to-day rep:

And during the MuchMusic performance:

Source: Sophia's myspace,


Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I wish Kevin would stop dressing so ghetto. He's a good-looking guy, but he's not working with his looks when he dresses in a style that 16-year-old hip-hop kids do. Besides, any adult man who dresses like a 16-year-old is pretty sad and needs to grow up. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I thought you knew that was her, haha, I have known for awhile, I saw her a while back when I was going through Kev's top friends, lol.


Anonymous said...

I'd do her, and the other backup dancer.