Sunday, January 14, 2007

Congrats to Columbus Short for his #1 movie

Congratulations to Columbus Short for starring in "Stomp The Yard" as a raw but talented dancer at the center of a step competition between rival college fraternities. The movie opened at #1 in the USA and Canada.

Columbus was a dancer in the movie "You Got Served" with Kevin Federline which opened in 2004. Also in common with Kevin is that he was at one time romantically linked to Britney Spears about 7 months before she started dating Kevin. Since "You Got Served" he has continued to act in various TV shows and movies before starring in "Stomp The Yard."

Columbus was recently asked about his career and Kevin's and you can hear his response here.



Anonymous said...

That movie sucked, i'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

That movie did blow and it was number 1?

So he is essentially saying Kevin took "easy street" instead of actually working for anything.

Anonymous said...

And he basically laughed at how he was *thisclose* to being KFed. I mean he had the babymama and everything.

MS. KAYLA R. HOGAN said...

Columbus Short is so extra fine...I want to marry him. i am sure he is perfect in every way imaginable...Not to ever be confused with K-Fed's behavior.

Anonymous said...

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